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11 11 energy codes

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 11:11 Energy Codes?

There are many different interpretations for the meaning of 11:11. In my psychic reading editorial this week, I describe the spiritual significance of the 11:11 energy code spiritual prayer.

Have you experienced the 11:11 phenomena? It's that moment when you look up at a clock, mobile or website and see 11:11.

Some people see the 11:11 sign more frequently than others. Is this just a coincidence or is there a spiritual reason for people synchronising with the 11:11 sign?

Can you recall how many times you have stopped in your tracks to enter a light trance state after seeing the 11:11 angelic code? Do you see 11:11 daily, weekly or monthly?

Seeing 11-11 on the tram
Seeing 11:11 on one of Melbourne's historical Trams

If you are seeing the energy code daily, it might be because you are in tune with the flow of the Universal Energy. The more frequently you encounter the 11:11 energy code the more relevance it has to your life purpose.

It seems as though time stands still for just a moment. But what does 11:11 mean?

Karmic Numbers

One of the many places you can find meaning for 11:11, is in numerology. Numerologists believe the 11 energy is special and they call the number 11, a master number.

11 is the most intuitive of all the numbers and two 11s make that energy even more significant. The second master number is 22 and it represents the power of all numbers.

Numerology reduces all multi-digit numbers to a single digit number. But the master numbers are not broken down. The master numbers are the karmic numbers.

As in all things spiritual, you can find a range of different interpretations for any subject about the metaphysical or spiritual arts. If you look on the internet you can often find the 11:11 phenomena frivolously marketed by psychic writers as a way of getting what you want from the Universe, by making a wish when you see 11:11.

This 'making a wish' when you see 11:11, is most likely a marketing ploy. It is spin used by psychic and mind body soul business owners to attract you to their website to read why you should make a wish, or to click their adverts. It reduces the energy code significance to frivolous fairy tale status. This is similar to the distorted law of attraction teachings, designed to get you to believe (falsely) that you can manifest anything you desire.

Spiritual Wake Up Call

Another more relevant meaning of the 11:11 phenomena is that it's a spiritual wake up call. When you see it, it assists you to remember why you incarnated on Earth.

When you continually see the 11:11 synchronicity during a busy working day or before you finish off for the night, you begin to ask why you are always looking down at your watch or mobile phone at that exact time.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and if your higher self is unable to reach you on a conscious level, it will use other means to wake you up.

If you chose to incarnate to do significant spiritual work and you are lost in the superficial attractions and entertainment this world holds, the Universe may nudge you to wake up by using the 11:11 energy code.

11:11 and Stillness

Now we come to the 11:11 Energy Code of the Spiritual Prayer of Stillness.

Every year we have an example of the 11:11 energy code being used in conjunction with the spiritual stillness prayer.

When Remembrance Day comes around, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, we consciously pause to be still, and remember. The energy code at this time is 11:11:11.

Originally just for observing the end of World War I, we now take a moment to have a minute of silence to remember those who fought and suffered in all of our wars.

Was it a coincidence that the World War One Armistice Treaty was signed on the 11th day of the 11th month? And why did they choose 11am to sign it? Take a moment to contemplate how significant this day is around the world.

The 11:11 Spiritual Prayer

The spiritual energy code of stillness is the greatest prayer you can offer to the higher angelic realms. When your mind is full of words, it stops the heart connection from being interconnected to all that surrounds it.

On 11:11:11 when we all stop collectively to be in the energy of stillness, we offer the higher realms a moment to know we are connected and omnipresent and in the vibration of pure essence.

We allow our spiritual vessels to collectively raise the vibration of the planet and we show our compassion to all of the souls who lost their lives in wars. It is a Universal code of love that can be felt through the cosmos.

The 11:11 Energy code is more spiritually significant because it goes to the heart of the 'I AM' consciousness. The 'I AM' consciousness allows us to reinforce our spiritual connection to all that is pure in us.

It connects to the memory of our cellular structure and draws us to a spiritually aligned truth that directs our actions. Your higher self takes on a more profound role, to synchronise with nature, your fellow beings on our planet and the subtle spiritual essences surrounding you.

The Message

Remembering who you are in true spiritual form, is the message of the 11:11 energy code. When you enter the light trance of the stillness prayer you emerge into nature and see how you and nature are ONE.

The connection becomes so strong that you wish the 11:11 energy would continue past the minute. But then the clock ticks over to 11:12... and you realise how much work there is still to do on our Earth.

Love and Light

If you are encountering the 11:11 phenomena and experiencing a range of heightened senses and need help to navigate your way around your 11:11 awakening, you can book a psychic reading online with Vine.

Allow Vine to use the spiritual breath technique gifted to her by her spiritual guardians, to help you become accustomed to this spiritual prayer phenomena.

You can find all of Vine's higher consciousness 11:11 spiritual prayer messages on Twitter here.

November 11th 2015

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