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Spiritual Significance of the Supermoon

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the SUPERMOON

Today in my psychic reading editorial I'm writing about the SuperMoon (Perigee Moon) and how the energy of Universal planets influence each other. How is there synchronicity between the magnetic field, the human and ethereal body, and the elements of the world?

Harmony of Gaia

As a human species we can sometimes lose track of our direct connection to the elements, mainly because we allow ourselves to believe in the physical plane more than understanding our direct relationship with the energetic tones of our planet. We can become disconnected to the knowing that all of Gaia's energy is in harmony with our own consciousness.

We can undo the harmony by allowing ourselves to be neglectful of the direct relationship we have with all of the elements, water, air, earth, fire...

Our Relationship with the Earth's Magnetic Field

This disconnection also stops us from understanding how the Earth's magnetic field is interconnected to the ions and atoms and bacteria that are hidden from the naked eye.

We believe we can use the minerals and fossil fuels to the point of abuse, without any energetic consequence to our lives. This is a completely mistaken view and this abuse of the natural Universal Laws is actually cementing climate change and extreme weather in our life time.

The flora, fauna and minerals are energetically aligned to create harmony on Earth and also synergize with other planets in our Universe.

Abuse of the Law of Resonance (the Law of Attraction)

When we abuse the Law of Resonance (Law of Attraction), it disturbs the balance of the Earth in which we have evolved. This is now happening on a regular basis, because countless individuals are being enticed to the teachings of greed by the deceiver manipulators who have chosen to incarnate and provide false teachings.

If you take a step back you can see the Universal Laws working directly with all energies. The Spiritual laws of exchange are about cause and effect. Therefore if we desire more than our planet can offer and if we use the natural resources believing we as humans are the greater consciousness, we actually create the imbalance and disharmony on our planet.

Our Fluid Energy

You may notice the ions change during the magnetic pull on the Earth's atmosphere when there is a full moon. You will see the oceans of our world respond by energetically altering the mass in water to produce tides and king tides. The same thing occurs to the human energy field and physical constitution. Our ethereal aura feels a pull because we are 50-75% water. The aura is energetically connected to the magnetic essence and we can sometimes feel out of balance, hence we have historically labelled cases of mental anxiety, as lunatics.

I am guided that because we resonate with a fluid energy, our health has a direct relationship with the phases of the moon. The women's menstrual cycle is also closely linked to the moon. It is a fluid energetic response and there have always been close associations between menstrual cycles and moon cycles.


The Super moons (Perigee Moons) are different because they are closer to the Earth. This means they are aligning with different magnetic tones. It is like a extra dose of magnetic plasma being sent into our atmosphere. There are two things that can result from a Super moon coming so close to the Earth.

  • If our planet is in harmony it will send energetic tones which will uplift and balance all subtle energies. As humans we would feel full of life and generally upbeat.

  • If our planet isn't in harmony it will escalate moods and escalate extreme weather. The North and South Poles when energetically aligned, send out a pure vibrational frequency, but loss of ice adversely effects this balance.

The Melting Ice

The Arctic has been severely affected due to the abuse of our natural resources by those who believe we must stay with the economic models of the past.

The energetic relationship we have with all subtle energies of the Universe allows us to be in Spiritual balance and perfect health. The Arctic damage and loss of ice is removing our energetic protection. It is not allowing everything to harmonize and this is creating discordant energies.

Short term energy grabs by those lining up to use the remaining fossil fuels, is energetically disturbing the harmony of energies on our planet.

Short term energy grabs by corporations and governments lining up to use the remaining fossil fuels is energetically disturbing the harmony of energies on our planet, as well as the ability for all planets to harmonize with each other.

In February 2013 a meteor hit Russia (The Chelyabinsk Meteor), and in March 2013 two more small asteroids passed close to Earth. On March 17, a 40 kilogram meteor slammed into the Moon causing an explosion bright enough to seen from Earth with the naked eye. The conduits we rely upon to keep our world in harmony are lessening because of the individuals who have abused the natural laws.

I was guided to write about this because the SuperMoon is energetically pulsing strong waves into our atmosphere. Sometimes oceans can respond to these pulses and create massive waves. I am not guided this is occurring this time, but I am warned of the consequences of staying on a dangerous course which doesn't identify the synergy of the Universe flowing between energy planes.

Energy and light can be converted to a large amount of magnetic impulses effecting the vibrational frequencies of mass.

On a spiritual level, Climate Change results from the imbalance of our own fearful thoughts when we allow our minds to be in the energy of lack. The abuse of the Law of Attraction when associated with greed and selfishness brought on by the energy of lack, has set us on a dangerous course resulting in the extreme climate change related weather we have been experiencing around the world.

When you are able to spiritually see, you know that a lot of the things we reach out for are just an illusion. Are you ready to lift the veil and begin to see your direct relationship with consciousness?

Love and Light

June 23rd 2013

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