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Online Psychic Editorials > How Can You Spot Scripted Video Psychic Testimonials and Reviews?
Fake and Paid Scripted Psychic Reviews

How Can You Spot Scripted Video Psychic Testimonials and Reviews?

My psychic reading editorial is answering a Melbourne readers question about spotting scripted psychic testimonials and reviews.

It appears one well known Victorian psychic service had been misleading their customers by buying scripted testimonials and placing them on Pinterest and YouTube under the psychic reviews section.

I was sent several YouTube videos after releasing my radio tips to help you find the right psychic. I was asked my opinion about the authenticity of the testimonials. When I watched them it was obvious to me that the testimonials were scripted and performed by actors.

It appears the Geelong based psychic service was pushing their customers' tolerance levels by ignoring consumer laws about paid reviews. It is unfortunate that a psychic service would stoop so low as to falsify online video reviews.

Here's how I identified the scripted psychic video reviews:

  1. The reviews are not natural and are too over the top.

  2. The testimonial actors are making sure they spell out the businesses web address, similar to TV and radio announcers in advertisements. (No one genuinely giving a testimonial goes to the trouble of remembering and spelling the web address - that's what you do in paid advertisements.)

  3. The psychic business may be situated in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, but the video testimonials are people from the USA or Europe or using false accents. You would expect that a psychic service based in Australia would have more than one Australian reviewer, considering that's where most of their customers call from.

  4. The testimonials often use similar scripts. For example: Men and women from different cultural and demographic backgrounds all say they've never called a psychic before; they all say they had originally been sceptics; they all read out the psychics domain address; They all appeared to be very confident in front of a camera.

    It wouldn't be a long stretch to think the men and women were trained or well-versed in performing on camera.

  5. One of the psychic testimonial reviewers slipped up, sharing she had "seen the psychic" when the psychic phone line service doesn't do video readings. Several actors failed to read out the name of the psychic service accurately.

  6. A normal testimonial by a real customer reviewer will describe the accuracy of the reading and share if something came true etc. Scripted psychic reviews appear to be more about encouraging you to book a reading than sharing the experience of the reviewer.

  7. Forced reviews and scripted reviews stand out. I have been doing psychic readings for over 32 years and I have never known any customers who want to publicise to their family and friends they are phoning psychics and being prepared to put their face or video testimonial out to the online world.

    The reason my customers call my psychic service is because personal details are kept confidential. Either thousands of people are wanting to be exhibitionists, or the video testimonials are falsified.

  8. Finally, when looking at the video testimonials of the Geelong based psychic service that was pointed out to me, I quite easily found a couple of the actors advertising their services on the internet.

    To check out these video testimonials, first click the actor link, then click the adjoining Testimonial link using the same actor pretending to have used the psychic service:

    Actor 1 - Misleading Testimonial 1

    Actor 2 - Misleading Testimonial 2

This particular psychic Line is just one of thousands misleading their customers with fake reviews on the Internet. It shocks me to think that the psychics you call and thought you could trust, have played you by using scripted psychic reviews with paid actors. You would think an established psychic business would have naturally accumulated real reviews, without having to resort to buying them from actors or marketing engineers.

I know from your calls that you're turned off by psychics who say they are spiritual, but then fail to demonstrate the integrity of the psychic arts they claim to honour.

Hopefully the tips I have provided about how to spot scripted video psychic reviews will help you to be more discerning.

You need to ask important questions and research psychics before believing hyped up testimonials and video reviews.

In my previous articles I've shared how Facebook 'likes' and comments are also not trustworthy. Marketing engineers and SEO companies are hired by celebrity psychics and chat lines to create an impression they are more popular than they really are and they regularly prop up social media pages by using overseas hired comments.

My heart bleeds for Aussie and world customers trying to navigate the maze of psychics online, who use deceptive business practices and regularly change their business personas and business backgrounds to try and draw people towards their psychic services. You deserve better than this.

Love and Light

July 21st 2015

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