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Vine is a Spiritual Seer

How do Psychics Connect to the Afterlife? - @VinePsychic Answers Melbourne Client Question

One of my Australian psychic reading clients in Melbourne recently asked me how psychics connect to the afterlife. My first thought was to tell them that I'd prefer to ask: How do Spiritual Seers connect to the afterlife?

Psychics normally don't have the capacity to be a Spiritual Medium (explanation provided in article below), whereas natural-born Seers do. First you have to ask what is a psychic? In this day and age a psychic has been altered to mean anything a marketing company want them to be. But a spiritual seer is a messenger from God.

What is a Seer?

A Seer is born with heightened spiritual abilities and has all spiritual senses radiating at a higher frequency. The Bible actually shares a seer is the breath of the spirit. A seer connects to the breath of the spiritual consciousness.

If you've ever had a genuine Spiritual Medium reading with a Seer, you would have noticed that they didn't require any prior information. A Seer, or spiritual sensitive, allows their vessel to be a conduit, which in turn allows them to connect with the departed without using any type of modality or tool. That means tarot or angel card medium readings and hypnosis, are not legitimate spiritual tools and can't be used to facilitate genuine medium readings.

Many psychic businesses use modalities to pretend to do medium readings and to appear knowledgeable about this heightened sense.

Genuine Seers tune into the Akasha (Akashic Record) to connect to the departed. The aura sends vibrational frequencies that are like seeds of thought and the departed can communicate with a Seer by directing their energy to the medium's aura. The Akasha allows a seer to transcend time barriers (no such thing as time). This is why as a seer, I do spiritual prophecy about the future. I am able to connect to my higher spiritual angelic guardians and also your departed loved ones.

Seeds of Spiritual TRUTH
Your Aura sends out vibrational frequencies, like Spiritual Seeds of TRUTH...

Genuine Medium Readings Bypass the Mind

When a genuine Seer does a medium reading, they bypass the mind and allow their auric field to feel the seed. At no time is the Medium using the mind to hear the message. They use the auric energy to hear the messages of the departed.

As the use of tarot cards requires using the mind to concentrate and read the cards, they cannot be used for medium readings, which must bypass the mind altogether.

If a genuine Seer/Medium were to attempt to use tools such as tarot cards or angel cards, the need to use the mind to read the cards would automatically block out their ability to be in tune with the departed in the spiritual realm.

As a Spiritual Seer and genuine Spiritual Medium, I still my mind to get in touch with the spiritual seeds. Being a seer has nothing to do with intuition or the pineal gland as so many literature sources inform readers. Again that would be the use of the mind and the brain chemistry. We bypass the mind and get energetic seeds coming to us from the auric field.

I hope this has helped you understand how a medium is selected by the higher realms. There is a need for discernment when following spiritual teachings from well intentioned individuals who write from opinion, rather than experiencing the natural gift themselves.

Love and Light

September 11th 2016

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