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Understanding earth Changes

Vine's Spiritual Prophecy - Understanding the Earth Changes Now Confronting Us

This week my psychic reading editorial is about my spiritual prophecy (psychic predictions) and the importance of truly understanding the Earth Changes that are upon us.

I can't start the topic without thanking my psychic prediction followers throughout Australia and the world. Your loyalty has been incredible. I've received so many inspirational emails thanking me for sharing Earth changes spiritual prophecy and how this is effecting the political and environmental climate all over the world. Particularly, you have gone out of your way to send media stories that verify the accuracy of the higher consciousness spiritual prophecies.

I have received emails from people in Turkey about the accuracy of my Syria humanitarian prediction warning (Read Syria Prediction #1 - Read Syria prediction #2). I've had customers book psychic readings in Canada to inform me that the Canadian Psychic Prediction prophecy came true, exactly as guided.

Thank you to all of my Australian psychic prediction followers who verified the prediction about Tony Abbott being replaced as Prime Minister and more women being selected into parliamentary minister positions in the Liberal National Party.

All of this happened approximately one year after the prediction was published online. Depending on your political persuasion you might be rejoicing or commiserating the results of Malcolm Turnbull becoming the next Prime Minister.

Psychic Remote Akashic Visions

When I am shown remote visions of future events, I attempt to consciously record as much detail as possible. At the time I see visions I am unaware of the relevance of the prophecy until it comes to pass. This is why I am stunned how the angelic realm's detailed channeling is so relevant to what is going on in our world. It is crucial to our everyday lives.

Earth Change Prophecy

The most important spiritual prophecy I have received is about Earth Changes and climate change. We all need to be aware of what this means to our lives right now. I know that Spirit is more concerned with the environment and the survival of life on Earth than with politics.

The spiritual realms have stressed that we are already on the precipice of holding everything together. If we lose the ice of the Arctic and Polar Regions, the world enters a devolution stage.

Right now the seeds held in the "Doomsday" Global Seed Vault in the Arctic are required because the Syrian seed vault has been destroyed.

The Arctic is holding all of the world's plant seeds for crops. If they are lost, the world will have no other way of keeping them safe. It was never expected the Middle East would be in dire need of this resource at this time. Any country, like Syria, can be severely impacted by extreme weather or huge environmental losses, and also be in a similar situation.

When doing my predictions, I use my spiritual vessel as a conduit by heightening my clairsenses to angelic channeling. When I do this, I intensely feel the urgency of how crucial this knowledge about Earth Changes is to our world right now.

False Law of Attraction

Sometimes this channeling is falling on deaf ears. So many people are duped into believing that we can manifest infinite economic growth at the expense of the environment we depend on to survive.

Many people who see themselves as knowledgeable about spiritual energy, have been fooled by false Law of Attraction teachings into believing that everyone can manifest everything they desire.

This belief is the height of selfishness and greed, and is the opposite of true spiritual teachings about the Law of Attraction and our direct connection to nature.

Our Intrinsic Connection to All Life

We can't keep relying on financial markets growing infinitely and economies forever exponentially flourishing. We can't keep excessively using nature's resources as if we had a thousand more planets to go to. And we must stop treating other life on our planet as something we can use and abuse with impunity. We are intrinsically connected to all life.

Nature Spirits

The human race has been unable to see that there are other forms of consciousness supported by the higher realms.

The nature spirits have been on Earth since Adam and Eve. They play a crucial role in keeping Gaia in harmonious flow. When you ignore other forms of consciousness that are the caretakers of the oceans, forests, and elements, you automatically desensitise yourself from the Earth and its food bowl and water supply.

Mindless Materialism

As a child, I was spiritually guided that the majority of the people around the world get caught up in ego attractions. The first nation people would be required to educate humanity about our direct relationship with nature.

We can see how this has come to pass, as we witness the material vacuum that consumes the public and desensitises our connection with nature. We chase after mindless material distractions that entertain us and stop us from really connecting to the planet and its consciousness. We even have the spiritual and psychic community caught up in false Law of Attraction teachings about wealth building, not realising that there are deceptive forces behind the false teachings.

Call to Embrace Nature's Wisdom

Have you ever been to a psychic festival that really embraced the knowing of nature? Probably not.

Most psychic festivals are ego driven events that encourage fame above knowledge. It is why I steer clear of platform demonstrations by celebrity psychics and I only connect to the higher realms teachings. We still have a long way to go to understanding the real spiritual arts and we need to move away from the meaningless entertainment psychic festivals. The call to embrace nature's wisdom is too urgent.

Once again, thank you for your phone calls and words of encouragement and realising that the spiritual arts are relevant to our every day lives. We are grateful you are so involved and using your vessel to help us verify the spiritual prophecy.


September 23rd 2015

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