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Online Psychic Editorials > Psychic Abuse of the Natural Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction Psychic Abuse - Spiritual Seance

Psychic Abuse of the Natural Law of Attraction

Today my Psychic Reading Editorial is about the abuse of the Natural Law teachings.

The original Law of Attraction teachings referred to by indigenous cultures, are not the same teachings being found in best-selling New Age books in recent times. The original laws are about understanding our direct relationship with nature and respecting, honouring and resonating with this relationship when we live on our planet Earth. The false versions of the Law of Attraction are from lower entity teachings that come directly from the astral planes to people who seek greed and power above wisdom.

The Danger of Using Ouija Boards

The guidance I received from my Spiritual Guardians as a young psychic child was that the Ouija board is spiritually dangerous. And I am not alone in warning of the dangers of using a spiritual board as a way of contacting the departed.

Your loved ones in Spirit reach out from the higher realms if they want to. You cannot summon a famous departed celebrity at your own calling like beer on tap, as many celebrity channellers say they can. Would you want to be summoned at the drop of the hat into any sleazy environment just because someone beckoned you to their seance? Of course not.

Why would you think the spiritually departed would come to the seance when they have no direct relationship with anyone there? They don't. Most of these seances are for show and entertainment and they're not real. The energies that do appear at these Ouija seances and pretend to be famous departed identities, are from the lower astral realms.

There's a lot of misinformation about Ouija boards out there, possibly because there are a lot of businesses that make a profit from selling or using the boards and it's not in their interests to reveal when people have negative paranormal occurrences that bring strange activity into their home. When that happens it's either made out to be a bit of a novelty, or else the user is blamed for not having enough protection.

The entities behind the Ouija boards are not to be trusted.

I'm here to share that the entities behind the boards are not to be trusted. I want to highlight and draw your attention to the dubious nature of some of the best selling channelled material, and where it originated from.

Ouija Boards and Lower Entities

Jane Roberts has openly shared she met a spiritual entity by the name of Seth, while using the Ouija board. Esther Hicks began channelling the entity Abraham after her husband Jerry was influenced by the Seth books and used Ouija boards. Jerry Hicks then used pyramid selling knowledge learnt during his time as a successful Amway distributor, to market the Abraham entity channellings.

The Esther Hick's channellings of the Abraham version of the Law of Attraction teachings are radically altered from the original laws, which are based on our direct relationship with nature.

Many other channellers began teaching the same abused versions of the Law of Attraction after they received information from Ouija boards. They believe their thoughts can alter natural balances and that the Universe is giving them a free reign to have all their desires met.

But just as with pyramid schemes, with the abused Law of Attraction teachings only those at the top of the pyramid can have all their desires met. Whilst the vast majority of people in the world live in abject poverty.

Jesus in the Desert

The false Law of Attraction teachings remind me of the spiritual master Jesus, who was approached by a lower entity when he went into the desert. Jesus was tempted by the devil with "all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour". “All this I will give you,” the devil said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

Jesus immediately saw this for what it was. It was a deceptive energy attempting to get him to follow the teachings of the lower astral realms.

Dangerous Spiritual Teachings

Everyone and everything on our planet is connected with everything else. Even the environment of our planet itself is not a closed system. Energies are continuously entering and leaving and so ultimately we are connected with everything, spiritually and physically.

The teachers of the abused versions of the Law of Attraction state that you can operate in a sort of magic 'bubble' and not be affected by what is going on around you. They teach that everyone, yes everyone, inside their bubble can manifest untold wealth regardless of whether or not nature can physically provide it. And that inside your 'bubble', your life will be complete, even if your friends, neighbours and loved ones, or children in another country are starving.

This idea is nothing more than spiritual babble designed to make more money for the people at the top of the pyramid. Any doubts you may have about being too insular or too selfish are easily removed as you hear the channelled guidance that you don't need to be concerned about your Earth or the people who have incarnated onto inhospitable lands. You're told that you're here to be able to create untold wealth and to be content knowing your wealth will be used to create more wealth from using the resources readily available from the environment.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this channelling.

The False Teachings are Out of Balance with Natural Laws

There are a lot of contradictions in these false spiritual teachings. If you step outside of the insular bubble you will begin to spiritually see how out of balance the teachings really are with the natural laws followed by the native peoples of the world. The native inhabitants of our planet were able to live in harmony with the environment and nature. They walked lightly on the Earth.

The current teachings from the Abraham entity channelled by Esther Hicks, tell us we can ignore climate change. And they label the people who warn against climate change as doomsaying party-poopers trying to interfere with the well being of happiness that you deserve to experience living a life on Earth.

But the Higher Reams have guided that our thoughts have manifested these extreme climate change events, and our out-of-control Fear of Lack has made the human species search for more than our planet can provide.

The Universal consciousness radiates at different frequencies and is not controlled by any single part. But the false Law of Attraction teachings tell you that you can manipulate Universal Consciousness to have whatever you want regardless of all other consciousness and at no cost.

The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) says the exact opposite. There is always a consequence. All of the other individuations of Consciousness must be taken into effect.

The native inhabitants of our planet were able to live in harmony with the environment and nature. They walked lightly on the Earth

The wealth teachings from the manipulated laws are about greedily consuming for the sake of consuming. We live in a world which can no longer support the idea of insular lower entity greed-bubbles. They are causing too much harm just for the sake of frivolous material wants and desires.

The Message from Buddha and Jesus

When you refer to the spiritual teachings of Buddha and Jesus, you discover where the rejigged law of attraction ideas about desires comes from. The Buddhist teachings tell you that desires create foggy minds and are the source of added suffering. Jesus shared that we should reach out to the poor and assist them.

The manipulated laws of attraction coming from Ouija entities is the exact opposite of the message shared by these revered spiritual masters.

The spiritual teachings from the Abraham entity are easily simplified. According to them, you embrace financial lessons learnt from multi-millionaires about looking out for yourself. You forget about the people suffering around you, forget about your environment, forget about how over-consumerism is releasing pollution into the atmosphere and disturbing the natural balances of your planet.

The manipulated laws of attraction coming from Ouija entities is exact opposite of the message shared by the Buddha and Jesus

What a con job is being pulled right before our eyes by the lower astral entities. The people who believe this misinterpretation consider they are only here on this Earth to be spiritually awakened. They fail to see one important thing. You are already a spiritual essence who has chosen to incarnate on this Earth. You don't have to find a sense of enlightenment on Earth, because you are already a spiritual essence in physical form.

So why are lower entities telling us to consume beyond our needs, and ultimately beyond our planet's ability to sustain life? Why are they telling you to be indifferent to the suffering of others and to allow the Arctic Ice to melt and new bacteria and diseases to develop? Why say that everyone can have what they want and be enlightened by abused laws, when in reality many people in developed countries are struggling to survive and the vast majority of people in the world live in poverty with no chance of getting out?

What's in it for them to get you to switch off from your natural surroundings and stop manifesting a more equitable and balanced world?

That's the question you should be asking when you listen to the teachings from the lower astral realms.

Jesus was able to see through the false law of attraction teachings. Can you?

Love and Light

July 9th 2013

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