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Climate Change Children - Vine Psychic

Should I bring a Child into a Climate Change World?

My Psychic Reading Editorial this week about a true life reading in which a newly married woman asked me, "Should I bring a child into the world? "

My psychic reading client is one of thousands of people from all different cultures asking the question about the next generation's ability to survive on our Planet Earth.

Action on Climate Change

They are making the huge sacrifice to go childless because they have weighed up the type of Earth their child will be born into. They believe the greatest sacrifice they can offer to the unborn child is not to let them incarnate into our world until serious action is taken on climate change.

My young client was educated, had a good job and a loving husband and was under pressure from her Mother-in-law to have a baby. She was worried about the next generation suffering, because our Australian and world governments were not serious about tackling climate change.

She was concerned our Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt was acting for the fossil fuel companies and making seemingly ridiculous statements about how mining coal would help stop pollution in India and third world countries. She believed Australia was selling itself out and that any child who was born into the next generation would bare the brunt of climate change disasters.

Fear of the Future

I hope that sharing this story may shed some light on why teenagers and twenty somethings are frightened about what the future will bring. They can see that the environmental cost of burning all of our fossil fuel, will have to be paid by their kids. They fear it's an environmental price their children won't be able to manage.

I receive thousands of calls and emails from people all over the world who have read my psychic predictions and warnings from my higher guardians about climate change spiralling out of control.

Our government leaders are aware they must reduce carbon emissions, but they are heavily indebted to the fossil fuel companies like Adani and Shenhua and the trade agreements they have entered into in private settings.

My client is one of the millions of people watching as our governments sell out the environment for the sake of economic growth. Our Governments are still placating fossil fuel companies who had the choice to stop polluting the environment and move to renewable and sustainable technology.

Instead these companies have chosen to thumb their noses at the climate science and stay on their dangerous course of environmental destruction, while they squeeze every last cent out of diminishing fossil fuels.

It's no wonder more and more young people are questioning the morals of their democratically elected governments and the actions of multinational companies who put short term profits ahead of the future of life on our planet.

Oil Companies Know the Problems They are Causing

They are witnessing one public deception after another. For example, the ExxonMobil science findings in the United States revealed how ExxonMobil knew that raising the Co2 levels to dangerous levels would cause spiralling climate change. It has been discovered that Exxon Mobil blocked the science findings and organized paid PR to represent their business interests only.

ExxonMobil tried to keep the science findings secret so they could continue to profit from actions they knew would destroy the environment and climate change. This is also what the smoking industry did in the past. They continued to promote cigarettes and to profit from their sales. They did this knowing the science findings revealed cigarette ingredients caused cancer and serious health issues and death.

Mistrust of Overriding Authorities

No wonder our young generations mistrust governments and companies. They continue on the same course.

Nobody believes the latest bizarre PR hype coming from fossil fuel companies and politicians, that 'coal is good for humanity', which completely ignores the existence of alternative renewable energies.

Young generations in particular, don't trust overriding authorities who take away their freedoms and withhold information.

They seek a positive outcome, but they know it's at the mercy of the older generations who financially support fossil fuel companies by investing in shares and continuing as though it is business as usual.

Paris Climate Change Talks

Young people know that the latest Paris Climate Change Talks (COP21) are tainted by lobbyists for fossil fuel companies. They make the pretence they are looking for a solution, but continue to apply for new mining licenses.

Bringing Children into a Climate Change World

This brings us back to the initial question of why the younger generation is in conflict about continuing their biological offspring. I know that my higher guardians are guiding Generation X customers towards me. Both Generation X and Y are seeking answers about the future of our world.

In my teenage years, my angelic realms guardians guided in this life time I would have no children, so I could concentrate on my spiritual vocation and to raise awareness about earth changes.

I can relate to the questions you have in your mind and also know you are not making this decision lightly. I know you genuinely care about the world you were born into and I know you don't want to burden a child with the responsibility of managing ecosystems that are dying, or to struggle through one natural disaster after another.

The Importance of Free Will

Everybody has free will and Spirit will never interfere with your choices.

Until the majority of the elders show real wisdom and take responsibility for the environment they created, you have the right to make a decision that you will not go along with their image of society. Your free will exists for every decision you make.

Personal Responsibility

My client was told she was selfish after she revealed to her mother-in-law she wouldn't bring children into the world until real action to curb climate change is implemented.

If you are told you are selfish for not bringing a child into the world, sometimes it's best to explain your motivation and hope that others understand. Who knows, you might be motivating them to check whether they have shares in the mining companies, and get them to divest, and to be more involved in protecting their future grandchildren.

Talking about it may also help you to come to a better understanding of the best thing to do.

Hope for the Future

Many grandparents and parents are actively involved in bringing real environmental protections for their children. They are participating in climate action groups and putting pressure on their governments not to subsidise fossil fuel companies.

People's Climate March

Have no doubt there are many englightened elders who are standing up for the right of future generations to be included in the climate discussions in Paris in December. These same elders will be marching in the People's Climate Marches all around the world before the Climate talks.

It can be disheartening to see some elders turning a blind eye to extreme weather and being taken in by climate change deniers and fossil fuel companies who want to keep digging up coal.

My higher angelic guardians have been channeling predictions about the necessity for our world to act. This is why I was guided to place the spiritual prophecy online for the people to see the predictions coming true. Sometimes people have to experience first hand the damage of climate change before they will change the course of their thinking.

We will be walking in the climate march this weekend throughout Australia. Please join us and find your nearest climate march location throughout Australia and the world. Collectively, we can make a difference and force our govenments to act and hold the fossil fuel companies to account.

Love and Light

November 27th 2015

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