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Psychic Vine Out of Body Experience, OOBE

Vine's Real Life Out of Body Experience

It happened unexpectedly. I was in an ambulance being taken to hospital when I had an out of body experience (OOBE).

In my psychic reading editorial I am going to share what an out of body experience is to help you understand the energetic mechanics.

It is my spiritual aim to demystify OOBEs, to remove the sensationalised elements and to help readers come to a greater awareness about the angelic realms and spiritual guardians who protect me from harm.

I'll also share how much gratitude I have for my partner, family, friends and loyal customers during my recovery from a recent illness.

Leading Up to My Out-of-Body-Experience...

I awoke to excruciating pain in my body. I'd noticed a sense of lethargy creeping up on me the night before.

The previous day was a normal one. I completed all my phone psychic readings and was looking forward to my friend's Earth Hour party in the evening. We arrived to find that the children had created colourful eco-friendly candle jars. They were watching an environmental educational video (Finding Nemo) by the light of their hand-made candles.

After a while my partner noticed I was tiring and not myself. We decided to leave the party, head home and get some sleep.

The next thing I knew it was morning, I felt a judder from my sleep and woke up in high fever. The room was spinning and I woke my partner and told him I was violently ill. Everything was a blur after that. My partner took control and called an ambulance.

I can hazily recall speaking to the handsome Ambos (ambulance driver and paramedics) as they asked me where the pain was.

They held me up as we went down the lift and after putting me in the back of the ambulance they gave me oxygen and something to help with my nausea and pain.

My Out-of-Body-Experience...

During the ride in the ambulance I felt myself lifting out of my body. I was energetically escaping the pain and toxic environment of my physical vessel. I was flying above skyscrapers in the dark night, thousands of kilometres from Australia. It was just after sunrise in Australia but I was in the Northern Hemisphere above a large Asian city that was still dark. I was also aware that my body was in an ambulance back in Australia and I returned after a short time.

Over the years I've experienced many out of body experiences. As a young child I can recall lifting out of my body at will. I'd float around the room and have full awareness of my body. I remember seeing myself lying on the bed and questioning why I was looking at myself. The next thing I knew I was back in my body.

Fear of Out of Body Experiences

This is how I came to learn that fear of Out Of Body Experiences will stop you from lifting out of the body. In the About Vine section of my website, I share the spiritual OOBE I had in primary school when I was shown by my angelic guardians that every thought and action is soul recorded.

There are many energy sensations you can have with an OOBE. I can recall energy vibrations similar to ocean waves going backwards and forwards from the top of my head, before feeling the sensation of lifting out of my body. Now when it happens, I just slip in and out with full knowing I am in ethereal energy form.

How did I know where I was? By claircognizance, the spiritual wisdom of all knowing. A spiritual heightened clairsense that genuine spiritual light workers call upon when they work with the angelic realms. I could feel the presence of my spiritual guardians as they have been with me since I incarnated.

By now in my fifties I have experienced major spiritual learnings about consciousness and the light and dark. I no longer need the same amount of protection I had as a psychic baby and child.

Yes, these energetic releases are not new to me, they are ingrained in my soul and when I do medium readings, they allow me to help people suffering from trauma and loss, to find peace and direction.

Near Death Experience are
Different from Out of Body Experiences...

My Out Of Body Experience in the ambulance wasn't a Near Death Experience (NDE).

An NDE is different than OOBE. With NDEs you normally encounter a passage of light tunnel through which you rush towards the heavenly realms. You'll also have spiritual visitations of loved ones greeting you as you decide whether you wish to return to your body. If a spiritual being decides they have not fulfilled their life destiny, they will return to their body to complete these lessons.

I know my spiritual work is not done and I can't leave my divine Gaia and all of her creatures while she is suffering now. I cannot cross over until I complete my spiritual quest.

After My OOBE

After I returned to my physical vessel, I saw the love extended from my partner who stayed with me in the hospital ward all day and into the night. I realised how blessed I was to have found a loving partner who entered into my life. He fussed over me, and held my hand when my body was at its weakest. My family and friends from all over Australia contacted me to give me words of encouragement and allowed me to see how much support I had when I needed it.

Spiritual Lessons

By the time I was discharged from hospital, I saw the lesson of my acute illness experience in a philosophical way. I listened to the screams of patients in other wards and realised how precious life really is. On the way home I wound down the car window and breathed in the fresh air and stared at the green trees and knew I was one of the lucky ones. An elderly woman in my hospital room had a stroke and I heard a counsellor advise the family she would never be able to have full mobility of her legs ever again. I heard her tears in the night and sent prayers to help her in her darkest hours.

I learned how the health cuts in our public hospitals are stopping nurses from attending to ill patients who cry out in the night. I saw compassionate nurses on casual contracts for only one or two days a week, working back to help sick patients. There's plenty of work, but due to government health cuts these nurses have little chance of gaining permanent employment, while the wealthiest in our society stash their billions in tax havens to avoid paying taxes. All of these spiritual lessons were shown to me in my four day stay in hospital.

They are invaluable life lessons. I also was blown away with the amount of concern shown by my Aussie and international clients when I began to take your readings. Some of my regular clients intuitively knew I wasn't well and shared how at the exact time of my illness they were thinking of me and worried that I was OK. Your beautiful words were like flowers touching my heart.

I am much better now and have followed doctors orders and slowed down my workload. But there is much to be done and much more to share, and it's made me see that I'm not yet ready to spiritually depart.

So loyal clients rest easy, Vine Psychic reading Line is here in your time of greatest need and I'm sticking around until we adequately deal with climate change and return to our real spiritual essence of Oneness.

Are you with me?

Love and Light

April 7th 2014

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