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Spiritual Vocation

SPIRITUAL VOCATION, HIGHER GOOD - When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

At sixteen years of age I was fully aware of my spiritual life path and the many sacrifices that would come with it.

Spiritual Vocation

At that age I knew that my spiritual vocation was to assist others to understand our real relationship with our higher self. One day when I was joyfully spending time with my friends and talking about boys and what we wanted from life, one of my neighbourhood friends talked about the home she wanted to live in. It would have two garages and plenty of rooms for all of the children she would have. Another friend who lived across the road shared how she wanted to marry her childhood sweetheart.

She was going steady. That's what we used to call it in those days in Australia. If you were going steady it meant you were exclusive, until the next person took your fancy. As my friends were talking about their life direction, I went into a light trance and heard the spiritual words impressed to my aura, you will not have any children.

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

My loving celestial beings were preparing me for what was to come. But when one door closes, another door opens. I have grown spiritually by not having a child because I understand the relevance of my spiritual role in helping people come to a greater place of truth in their own life.

I am content with the sacrifices I've made in doing the psychic work I do and I know there is a higher purpose for this sacrifice.

I understand the emotions that arise from a young woman being told she can't have children. I can feel my client's pain when they have miscarried or been told they need to have a hysterectomy when the biological urge is to have a baby.

I feel your dissatisfaction when friends and family have their children surrounding them at family events and you feel so left out.

I can tune into your ethereal field and sense how alienated you feel from your childhood friends when they are all in mother and father groups.

I know this time will pass and you will either meet the man or woman of your dreams or come to some place of truth about your life path.

I know I can pour my love into helping children around the world who are not so fortunate to be born into supportive families or be able to have enough food, water or sanitation to live a healthy and productive life.

The way you view a life disappointment can determine how you see life.

I have baby-sat many children in my life and spent quality time watching children grow. I know that if you pour enough of your energy into helping others, you will find that the rewards of being part of the collective family outweigh disappointments in other areas of your life.

If you reflect on this guidance you may know someone who hasn't had children or who has been in a serious accident and is unable to have the same lifestyle they used to have, or who has had a terminal illness that has brought them to a greater sense of spiritual truth.

We all have trials in life and some people may look like they are the luckiest people in the world because they have attracted a gorgeous partner or married at a young age and found their soul mate. They may have conceived straight away while you have been unsuccessful.

What you don't see when you admire the musical star or the film celebrity, is that their life isn't perfect. They have had to deal with similar issues as yourself, or will be required to spiritually deal with them. There is no get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to having to deal with some of the life or death situations we are here to learn from.

I am here to spiritually facilitate any spiritual or emotional concerns you have about your current situation. I would not be able to dedicate my life to Spirit and be a conduit to assist you if I had altered my ethereal field conceiving a child. My spiritual vocation is to share Spirit's channeling about nature and to speak up for the environment.

I don't consider being childless is a sacrifice because I know I can help others find a greater sense of peace in their lives and be a spiritual beacon when I do phone psychic readings or help someone pass over to the other side.

I love helping my clients find a place of truth when I do online psychic readings, and the sacrifices I have made have been to help Spirit reach out to more people in the world and to let others hear their words.

Love and Light

March 4th 2013

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