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Vine Psychic Predictions Climate Change and the Environment

Saving our Environment - Vine Psychic Predictions

Vine Responds to Sydney Psychic Client

A Sydney psychic reading client who is a keen follower of my Australian and international predictions wanted to know why I haven't shared more frequent prophecy as I've done over the last five years.

The spiritual channelings that I receive from the angelic realms are not frivolous celebrity predictions. That was something I ruled out before agreeing to channel visions from my spiritual guardians.

To bring a level of credibility to spiritual predictions I was only prepared to do premonitions about important and relevant World events that matter to the international community.

The spiritual arts have to be respected as a soul channeling craft. The historical seers and astrologers who grasped our direct relationship of Universal Knowing, have never degraded the akashic ethereal teachings for self aggrandisement, and nor will I.

Political Predictions

I have been in a spiritual dilemma about writing psychic predictions about Australian and world politics because I didn't want to appear biased towards any political party. Since it is rare that any one political party has all the right answers, an appearance of bias can be counter-productive.

What I must confess is that I've written many predictions about Australia which have never been published because the predictions were coming true within days.

In the past there was no super hurry to publish them on my psychic predictions site because some of the spiritual prophecy I have received is given months and years in advance. Some world leaders in my visions have not even been elected to office yet. How do you place up prophecy that doesn't seem relevant to what is going on in the world right now?

These days however, I am often given spiritual guidance that has a small window of publishing time to be recorded.

Trust Your Own Guidance

I have always guided readers of my articles to research the metaphysical origins and psychic sciences before accepting everything you learn as a truth.

The Illusion of Time

Spiritual seers and prophets don't perceive time in the way we physically understand it. As a young child, I have always known physical time to be an illusion. When you have one precognitive vision after another that comes true, you learn that what is considered to be normal, may actually be part of the illusion.

What I mean by this, is it becomes more difficult to tell a child the spiritual apparitions they are seeing (ghosts) are only make believe. As a psychic kid learns more and more about the higher realms, they learn that it is best to keep the visions to themselves. This is why many sensitives and Empaths have worn masks in their early childhood to appear normal. Ask a genuine psychic about their childhood experiences and you'll find most have gone through many mystical or paranormal experiences, which they kept secret.

The sciences cover a broad spectrum and sometimes the spiritual arts are a part of science. This is why I respect the sciences and trust in Climate Scientists when they reveal their findings about climate change. I believe one day the spiritual arts will be understood, as science gets closer to understanding the magnetic variations of frequencies that are coming from nature and our own auras.

Predictions About Climate Change

As I shared earlier, the psychic dilemma I have been encountering is honouring the spiritual visions and messages by actively standing up and speaking out to save the environment. Most of the predictions I have been receiving are about climate change, extreme weather or politics, and most of the time these things are interrelated. I am guided our world is in grave danger of energetically becoming more fragmented as we allow the natural balances to deteriorate because we are releasing too much carbon into our atmosphere.

My client became my teacher when she reminded me; If you have been given this gift of vision why are you not using it to help others prepare or understand what is happening on our planet? She also shared that many people are writing predictions because they have hidden political agendas.

She shared how astrologers are writing political predictions because they are directly involved in business groups and secret societies (ie Freemasons) who support each other's businesses and prop up the fossil fuel companies etc..

In short her frankness was my light bulb moment and has prompted me to begin to release the predictions I have been holding back. I am grateful for her loyalty and her frankness and will be regularly sharing prophecy once it is channeled to me. I am also sharing that I am unashamedly standing up for humanity and the environment, even if it is political.

As a spiritual teacher, I know we learn from each other.

Love and Light

June 15th 2014

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