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Online Psychic Editorials > What Are Spiritual Orbs in Photographs?
Spiritual Orbs in Photographs - Melbourne Psychic Vine

What Are Spiritual Orbs in Photographs?

The Orbs in photos can be very beautiful, but are they Spiritual?

Several of my Australian psychic reading clients have asked me to write about spiritual orbs. Are the orbs being captured in photographs in recent years paranormal, or are they just dust caught in the flash light?

I'm keen to cover this topic because over the last few years there have been literally thousands of people capturing orbs in their photographs. It's not just paranormal ghost hunters taking pictures in dark haunted houses and cemeteries. The orbs are showing up in regular birthday photos, night-out photos, quick shots before heading off to pubs and clubs - they are everywhere.

So What's Going On?

It's very easy for people to have a preconceived idea about what they expect energy to be. You see this with paranormal researchers or even skeptics who look at the metaphysical sciences and try to interpret them in a way that ties in with their own beliefs.

This sort of natural bias occurs in the psychic sector as well when it comes to debating the authenticity of spiritual orbs. Some mediums and psychics immediately classify photos of circular shapes, as spiritual orbs.

In my metaphysical articles I regularly attempt to explain subtle vibrational frequencies and to practically apply psychic topics to everyday living. This is why I'm concerned that photographic orbs are being misconstrued to be spiritual energy.

Orbs in Photos - Are they Spiritual or just Dust?

Personally I believe that the majority of the orbs being photographed are effects of the light as it reflects off dust particles in the air. The technical explanation for orbs created by dust particles that I've read on various web sites seems like a logical explanation to me. I'll attempt to explain those technical reasons so if you do have a photo of an orb you might have a better idea whether it's a photo of spiritual energy, or just dust.

Technical Reasons for Orbs in Photos

If the flash light is situated close to the lens of the camera, then the angle of reflection of the flash light hitting particles in the air, is more likely to be just the right angle to create the orbs of light. The orbs are caused by the light from the camera's flash bouncing back off particles floating in front of the camera. When the atmospheric conditions are favourable, the closer the flash source is to the lens of the camera, the more likely it is that orbs will appear in your photos.

A quick Google image search for Spiritual Orbs shows that most of the photos you see are taken with a flash very close to the lens of the camera (you can tell by the shadows). Most of the orb photos might therefore just be out-of-focus dust particles floating close to the camera. Sometimes, if the camera is pointing into a light source, orbs appear as a result of lens flare. There may also be other out-of-focus objects floating in the foreground and therefore taking on the appearance of an orb.

So if you have a photo of an orb and you're not sure if it's paranormal or just a trick of the light, check it's not the flash or backlighting and that there's nothing out of focus floating around just in front of the lens.

Spiritual Apparitions Have Energetic Shape

I've encountered many paranormal experiences in my life and I've seen spiritual apparitions (or ghosts) since I was a child. I am of the belief that there are specific energy vibrations that identify spiritual energy.

But I've never known Spirit to be really showy. The spiritual apparitions (ghosts), or higher spiritual guardians who have visited me, have all had an energetic body outline. They don't appear as orbs floating around my ethereal aura.

Why would Spirit decide to appear as a circular orb rather than an ethereal body shape? And why would anyone believe that all dots and tricks of the light on photos are from the higher or lower astral realms? Especially these days when it's so easy to alter images using Photoshop or other image editing programs before uploading them to You Tube or Vimeo.

I would take a bet that the majority of paranormal videos showing ghosts walking through doors or moving objects around, have been altered and are not real.

Spirit isn't keen on technology. Ask any credible parapsychologist how hard it is to catch voice impressions and images of ghosts. The pickings are very slim. There is very little, (if any) genuine film exposure of real ghosts.

Step Back for a Broader View

The spiritual belief that orbs are loving angels or guides or even demons, requires everyone to take a step back and view the phenomenon with the logical mind.

I don't know why so many mediums and paranormal websites are attempting to influence the public by publishing photos of people near dust particles and suggesting they are all spiritual orbs. Any genuine psychic or medium should know the difference.

I believe this is the reason many people are confused by the spiritual and metaphysical arts. It's not just about the Spiritual orb/dust particle debate. There are so many interpretations about what psychics are. There are people who have never experienced any paranormal events or heightened clairsenses who are writing their opinions and attempting to be an expert while going off on tangents. We have magicians who use covert hypnosis and pretend to be psychic as a part of their act. And Life Coaches replicating the magicians and using covert hypnosis and pretending to be psychic believing mind manipulation will help them reach new audiences.

Throw in paranormal enthusiasts who believe ghosts are going to embrace their amateur attempts to communicate, and you can begin to identify why people get so confused.

I don't go looking for Spirit in graveyards or haunted houses because I believe it is similar to bullying. Credible spiritual mediums have hundreds of spiritual beings approaching them. Spirit knows the mediums and sensitives who are coming from the right ethical intentions and understand their energetic circumstances. Spirit is all knowing and spiritually intelligent. That's why the majority of paranormal tests never get off the ground. Respect of the spiritual realms and ethereal planes is a must if you want to have real contact with the departed. Look for spiritual mediums who demonstrate they don't cold read and who give real evidence of making contact with the departed.

In my psychic medium readings, when your loved ones appear to help and guide you they never appear as orbs. They are energetically capable of impressing visions about their life and how they crossed over. There may be a few cases of credible energetic orbs, but first rule out all the environmental circumstances before believing every orb is a ghost, angel or fairys.

I want to thank my readers who are asking really probing questions that are insightful and help others.

Love and Light

June 24th 2014

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