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Fake and Paid Psychic Reviews
ACCC Investigates Online Reviews

It seems we're not the only Australian online business that has been dealing with malicious online reviews by anonymous tech smart reviewers... 29th April 2014

Vine Psychic Helps the Sleepless

This weeks psychic reading editorial is to help the sleepless and bring you a greater peace of mind...
14th April 2014

Psychic TV Interviews, Empathy Grieving?

The lack of respect shown by celebrity psychics and media to grief stricken relatives directly involved in the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 is disgraceful...
24th March 2014

Dream Psychic Readings - Real Purpose of Dreams

Vine writes about the direct connection between your dreams, your aura and your higher self...
7th March 2014

The Psychic Energy of Music

When we hear a long forgotten song on the radio, the special memory associated with it takes us back in time and instantly draws our emotions to the surface. We instinctively have a relationship with music but where does this energetic relationship come from...

17th February 2014

Psychic Solutions for Politicians, Economies

My editorial this week is about the massive fear disseminated by the Australian government over the last six months... 6th May 2014

Vine Psychic Readings
Gay and Lesbian Community

Everybody Deserves Clarity in Their Life - The Higher Realms Don't Discriminate... 22nd April 2014

Out of Body Experiences

It is my spiritual aim to demystify OOBE's, to remove the sensationalised elements and to help readers come to a greater awareness about the angelic realms and spiritual guardians who protect me from harm...

7th April 2014

Celebrity Psychic Prediction Cringe

In situations like the missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370, families grieving the unknown fate of their loved ones need facts, not self-aggrandising opportunistic celebrity predictions...

17th March 2014

Helping People Cope after Suicide

After the tragic loss of well known model and media identity Charlotte Dawson and the recent Australian TV series about the Aussie band INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, I have received several requests to write my psychic editorial about coping with suicide loss...

24th February 2014