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Online Psychic Editorials > Psychic Solutions for Politicians, Economies - The Energy of Exchange
The Energy of Exchange - Psychic Solutions for the Economy

Psychic Solutions for Politicians, Economies

The Energy of Exchange

In my psychic reading editorial I'm sharing a simple psychic solution for politicians who believe that scaring voters is a great motivator. I'll also energetically identify why the spiritual law - the energy of exchange - is not happening in politics, and to provide a simple energetic formula anyone can follow to see why the world economies are not aligned with the greater good.

Over the last couple of weeks in my psychic readings, I've been hearing statements like these...

"Vine, my parents are going to sell their home because they are frightened about the budget..."

"My small business is struggling because the politicians are talking the economy down..."

"I am over fifty years old and I have been looking for work but nobody is hiring older workers..."

My psychic customers have shared these statements with me after I tuned into their auras and identified heightened anxiety on their emotional fields. I was guided to help them reduce their stress levels because of overwhelming fear, and to help them get a greater sense of clarity as they contend with financial worries.

Massive Political Fear Campaign

The reason for my editorial this week is because of the massive fear disseminated by the Australian government in the months leading up to the federal budget. The true life customers examples I shared in the introduction of this article are only the tip of the iceberg of people affected by politicians who regularly use FEAR to sell their political policies.

The amount of fear that Aussies have encountered over the last few years is destroying the harmony of free caring Australians. The end result is unnecessary panic and a slump in consumer confidence.

When the spiritual energy becomes out of balance it creates political division. People look for simplistic reasons for their problems and turn on each other. Regular people are blamed for the economy failing... the carbon tax becomes the blame for the price of electricity rising etc. But energetically, this isn't the reason why economies are not flourishing.

The spiritual energy of exchange formula (the real Law of Attraction) reveals that there must be a continuous spiritual flow to create harmony. If the exchange of energy is interrupted, it automatically disrupts the flow of harmonic energy.

Tax Avoidance Disrupts Harmonic Flow

Let's apply the energetic flow of harmony to our economic structure. We work to earn a living and part of our earnings are used to pay for basic government services. If everyone follows the harmonious formula it works in the energy of flow. If people don't pay their taxes it stops the flow. This means the government doesn't have enough to pay for services and it becomes every person for themselves. A dog-eat-dog economic structure and continuation of the cycle of destruction.

The public can see when large corporations and the most wealthy of our world are not paying enough taxes or avoiding taxes altogether. The result is that economies are not in harmonic flow. Billions of dollars are therefore not being recycled back into society for basic community services.

If we look at this formula in practical terms we see multinational corporations actively searching for ways not to pay their taxes.

Apple computers have been able to successfully avoid paying taxes on profits when Australians buy their products because the law has allowed them to do so. Media moguls and mining magnates are also not paying adequate taxes to keep the energy of flow. Wealthy individuals are pooling their fortunes offshore to avoid paying taxes. These actions place more pressure on the people who have lower wages to try to keep the economies working. The result is that economies fall down or we lose the basic services to keep communities flourishing.

Environmental Disaster

The energy of exchange is also necessary for a harmonious relationship between the economy and the environment. Presently we are not respecting the harmonious flow of nature and we are abusing the environment to prop up economies.

As a result we witness governments around the world allowing mining and the over-development of land and seas to be abused without understanding how toxic pollutants are being concentrated and released into the environment and atmosphere. Thus disrupting the energy of flow. There is no real awareness of the direct relationship of the energy of exchange.

Coal Seam Gas Contamination

We are witnessing Coal Seam Gas fracking contaminating groundwater, causing earthquakes and sink holes swallowing once healthy waterways and releasing toxic chemicals and gases into the water and air. The pollutants are causing severe health problems, affecting our weather and climate and these fast-paced environmental changes are causing the extinction of animals.

All of this is occurring because the spiritual energy of exchange is not in balance. We are failing to work within the Universal Law of exchange and we think we can work around the karmic laws without any consequence. Spiritually the Universal Laws overule any human made politics or laws.

The energy of exchange spiritual formula also applies to the Law of Attraction in your life. If you only think and act individually without taking into account the active flow of the collective, you cause disharmony instead of harmonious flow.

It is time for politically elected leaders to come to terms with this formula and work with the energy of exchange. It is time to remember that democratically elected governments should act for all the people, not just a select few.

If you allow politicians who are disconnected from the whole, to control you with fear, you continue the disharmonious flow.

You only have to use the simple energy of exchange formula to see how the Global Financial Crisis occurred and how the governments have now returned to the exact same economic structure expecting it to work without flow. We all know how that is working out. If the governments of the world and financial systems worked in the energy of flow there would be no wars, no man made climate change because there would be enough for everybody.

Harmonious flow requires courage to change what isn't working. It requires conviction to stand up to disconnected people who abuse the democratic models because they can. It requires tenacity to protect our universal environment from the disconnected people, and it requires faith to change outmoded systems that are way past their used-by-date and bring them into line with the synergy of harmonious flow.

Love and Light

May 6th 2014

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