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Online Psychic Editorials > Psychic TV Interviews, Empathy Grieving?
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Psychic TV Interviews, Empathy Grieving?

The lack of respect shown by celebrity psychics and media to grief stricken families and relatives directly involved in the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 was disgraceful. Following on from last week's editorial I want to elaborate on how disconnected some media-driven psychics are becoming from the spiritual arts that genuine psychics represent.

The spiritual arts are sacred. Credible light workers know they have entered into spiritual service to help the grief stricken find clarity. Our work is devoted to the higher angelic realms and helping to relay specific channeling to assist you to find a greater sense of truth.

The manufactured pseudo-psychic skills that celebrity psychics use, are far removed from the spiritual teachings I was shown as a child. If you fail to have empathy for the grieving and fail to consider them as being more important than your media appearances, how can you ethically claim that you are assisting your clients to find a greater peace of mind when they are suffering? Something is spiritually amiss when famous psychics in the media ride off the pain of others.

Genuine Empathy for Grief Stricken Families

As the search for missing Malaysian plane consumed the media headlines, I saw very little genuine empathy shown to the grief stricken families and relatives. I viewed a woman on TV from China pouring her heart out to the media and being dragged screaming out of the press conference as she demanded answers from the Malaysian government.

Someone also sent me a link to a video clip showing a British psychic being interviewed on a 24/7 news service. I was shocked to see how emotionally sterile were the questions directed to the celebrity psychic and commentators. A number of aviation experts and a psychic were discussing theories about where the plane could have gone down. At no stage did I spiritually feel that the emotional state of families and friends of the missing were being taken into account.

If the media had initially respected the families and advised them to switch off the television because it may cause distress, then I might have considered they were spiritually doing the right thing by the grieving.

The emotional disconnection to the grieving shown by some celebrity psychics throughout Australia and the world is concerning, especially considering they claim to help people to connect to the other side. If you are spiritually in tune with the higher realms, your first priority should be to care for the grieving.

I've been dismayed to see how many psychics have publicly used social media to describe their visions, without having predicted the event before it occurred. It seems it's more important for some psychics to be seen as a credible psychic authority, than to actually be a credible light worker.

Being a light worker is something I consider to be an honour. I don't take the spiritual responsibility lightly, nor do I consider the authentic spiritual arts are any way related to the manufactured social and entertainment skills that are being mass-produced in record numbers by groups and individuals who fail to identify any real spiritually authentic clairsenses.

Light workers are well aware that ego is something we have to overcome in a physical incarnation. We are aware that fame or celebrity status is of no spiritual consequence. It is a human creation and there are no celebrities in the heavenly realms because everyone is equal.

Our Role is to Help and Heal

Our role is to assist when you need spiritual clarity, to help you get in touch with your own voice of knowing. It is to help the grief stricken find the courage to go on after their lover or child has died from a tragic accident. To provide inspirational channeling that will help our clients realise they have the potential to stand in authentic energy and create lives which bring personal satisfaction and rewards.

The superficial is put to the side as we allow ourselves to be a vessel to the angelic realms and to reach people who have been psychically abused or needing a helping hand.

This is why I'm speaking-up for the grieving families, relatives, lovers and friends being disregarded by 24/7 news broadcasting into their personal lives.

They deserve respect. They deserve to be taken into consideration by the media as they rush to break a news story. But most of all, when you are grieving, your feelings matter. I personally apologize to you as a lightworker. My prayers are extended from the angelic realms in your time of need.

Love and Light

March 24th 2014

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