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Vine Psychic Phone - Gat and Lesbian CommunityReadings

Vine Psychic Readings - Gay and Lesbian, LGBT Community

Does Vine do phone psychic readings for the Lesbian and Gay community? Yes. Vine believes in oneness and therefore it is a given that her online psychic services are for everyone.

Everybody Deserves Clarity in Their Life
The Higher Realms Don't Discriminate

Vine's spiritual motto is: "EVERYBODY deserves clarity in their life". In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm writing about the readings I do for the gay and lesbian community to help you understand that the higher realms don't discriminate. In fact, I was spiritually guided to write about how damaging it is for your psyche to not live in your authentic essence, including when you are born of a certain knowing concerning your sexuality.

As a spiritual sensitive I have the ability to tune into heightened clairsenses. The empathic ability to use my ethereal aura as a conduit when I do my spiritual breath technique immediately reveals what is occurring around your seven chakras. When I tune into clients who are gay and lesbian there is nothing energetically that distinguishes your aura to be any different than hetrosexuals. That's because we are all spiritually equal. We are all One in God's eyes.

Stereotyping psychic readings into 'gay' or 'straight' simply doesn't register on my radar, and I would no more do that than stereotyping between different cultures.

I know some psychics who are gay would prefer to specialize in doing readings for the gay community. That's a personal choice.

When you book an online telephone consultation, we don't ask for any upfront information when we process your booking. I'm shocked that many online psychic services ask why customers want a reading. I don't consider that to be 'psychic' in any way.

During your phone psychic reading I tune into your aura and identify what is energetically occurring on your aura and directly influencing your current life. I then enter a light trance and scan your ethereal field. If your heart chakra is highlighting a variety of heightened emotional responses I will begin to share them with you. If you are grieving the loss of someone's passing or a relationship, or have lost your job, the solar plexus will bring a specific energy to my aura that reveals you are requiring gentle guidance to help you through your darkest hours.

I'm guided by your loved ones in the higher realms to help you come to terms with your issues of concern. Judgments about sexuality are never made during a reading and I personally can't relate to any form of prejudice. I speak up for all spiritual beings, and I share that we are all equal.

Accepting Your Sexuality

I help you get in touch with your own spiritual truth and if this is about accepting your sexuality then so be it. Everyone is loved in the heavens, no matter what your background. Even people who have lost their way are not forgotten. We are all responsible for our life decisions and what we attract towards us.

I don't believe in the false Law of Attraction teachings which tell us we can manifest anything we desire irrespective of what others desire and with no respect for the environment on which all incarnated souls on Earth rely. We are all ONE and we are all in this together. We are not separate from each other and nor are we separate from nature.

The false Law of Attraction teachings go against everything I know to be a spiritual truth. They are one of the reasons we are dealing with such a disconnection from the environment and from nature that is leading to the extreme variations in our climate that we are currently witnessing.

Every human has equal spiritual value, and the flora and fauna are similarly equal to you. Oneness isn't only about human needs, it is about humans living in harmony with all of God's creatures and with each other.

In my spiritual life, a non-judgmental Spirit never lets me forget that despite our many physical, cultural, sexual and social differences, we are all ONE.

Love and Light

April 22nd 2014

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