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Vine Psychic Spiritual Energy of Music

The Psychic Energy of Music

Why does music evoke different emotional feelings in us? What does energy have to do with music?

When we hear a long forgotten song on the radio, the special memory associated with it takes us back in time and instantly draws our emotions to the surface. We instinctively have a relationship with music but where did this energetic relationship come from?

The Music of Nature

I'd like to share with you that nature is at the root of all we know to be music. That's right, nature holds the answers to the spiritual connection we have to music.

The indigenous cultures came to realise our direct connection to the vibrational frequencies of nature. The Australian aborigines created didgeridoos and clapping sticks to replicate the beautiful tones of nature.

It's the same with other native cultures. "Every step we take is rhythm - Everything is rhythm." The first instruments came from trees, rocks and metals from the ground.

Hearing Nature's Music

But how did the people know to use these natural instruments from our Earth to make music? They were able to still their minds to hear the natural rhythms and tones being released from nature. The reason why indigenous people originally were in sync with nature is because they knew nature is the same energetic essence they originated from. Some cultures in the world have unfortunately lost the ability to hold onto this knowledge as the Western world demanded complete obedience to their way of living.

Music has evolved into different rhythmic streams. The original native chants that shared nature stories about flora and fauna and walking lightly on earth, were handed down from one generation to the next.

Music has allowed us to relay stories and to hold the memories in the cells of our energetic body.

Energy Song Recollection

How do you recall the words of hundreds of songs? Why does the instrumental energy of music bring back the words into your mind? How is it you can't recall any words to songs before the music starts, but when you hear the music again you can sing the songs word-for-word? If you said it is from the mind you are partially right. But why can't you remember the verses of songs without the musical vibration?

There is a lot more going on in the energetic body than you may be aware of. Musical energy is directly related to the chakras not seen by the naked eye. When I tune into musicians, one chakra is more prominent than all the others. Can you guess which chakra is directly related to music creation? It isn't the heart chakra. It's the base chakra (root chakra). There's some truth in the statement that rock stars refer to sex as being directly related to music creation.

When I tune into a singer the most dominant chakra is the throat chakra. A musical writer will be more connected to the third eye or heart chakra as they allow themselves to connect to the energy of the ethereal aura.

Music isn't All in the Mind

There is a lot going on in the energy body that many people mistakenly believe is directly related to the mind. The mind is a physical organ that allows the energy thoughts to have a unique vibration. The mind is considered to be where knowledge and intellect comes from, but without the chakra's energy relationship, the mind would have nothing to call upon.

The human body releases it's own musical tones. Our breath releases soft or fast paced tones depending on our stress levels and emotional states. Our heart beat is an incredible rhythm keeper. Place your hands over your heart and feel the pulse of your heart as it beats like a drum and pumps the blood through your veins.

Are you in awe of your bodies natural musical vibrations? When you take a moment to reflect on the energy vibrations that the human being releases, it is impossible not to be in awe about how truly magnificent nature really is. Every one of you has a unique spiritual imprint that is known in the Universal cosmos. But so does Earth have a spiritual breath that is interconnected with our own Universal cosmos.

The flora and fauna and elements of our Earth release musical harmonies that allow animals to migrate from one side of the world to the other. The work of musician Bernie Kraus has now actually demonstrated to us that trees energetically stretch their roots into the Earth and sing as they draw in the rhythms of the earth. Everything is singing and the rhythm of life is everywhere.

When the energetic music of the Earth is out of harmony, our environment thunders with discordant climatic music. But in harmony, our Earth is rhythmically in synch with all.

Each vibration in the cosmos melts into one another and the music is universal. The music of nature is there for all to see if we open our eyes and still our minds.

Love and Light

February 17th 2014

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