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Australian Vine's Real Psychic Readings are Accurate and Trusted

Real Psychic Readings Accurate & Trusted

Vine is a Natural-Born Clairvoyant Medium who uses her clairsenses combined with her mediumship abilities to give you an accurate and real psychic reading for all your personal and business needs.

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Vine's psychic readings have helped thousands of people around the world find genuine clarity and get in touch with their loved ones in Spirit by using her spiritual vessel as a Psychic Medium. Read what satisfied clients have said about their psychic reading with Vine.

Vine is the real thing.
NOW 34 Years providing genuine phone psychic readings!

Spiritually Gifted Sensitive

Vine is a Soul Reader and Seer

Vine is a gifted Natural-Born Sensitive.
[ Sen.si.tive | sen(t)-sî-tîv; noun - A person who can feel the presence of spirit energy through any of the five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Someone who is aware or can detect paranormal events beyond the range of their five human senses. ]

As a Spiritual Seer, Vine doesn't need to use modalities such as tarot cards in her phone psychic readings. Vine utilises her heightened levels of clairsenses to connect directly with your auric energy. As a genuine Seer and natural-born Medium, Vine has the ability to converse with your loved ones who have passed over to the spiritual realm and then relay athentic information from them, to you.

Phone Psychic Readings

Vine's Unique Breath Technique

Real Psychic Readings by Australian Psychic Medium Vine. Clairvoyant Medium Vine Uses a Unique Breath Technique gifted to her by Spirit

Everyone has a unique soul energy blueprint (similar to a computer program), which identifies physical, emotional or spiritual barriers.

At the beginning of your psychic phone reading call, you don't need to provide any information: Vine will ask you to follow her unique breath technique, gifted to her from Spirit, which allows her to make direct contact with your aura, over the phone.

Once linked in with your energy blueprint, Vine will give you information that only you could know. She will then ask if you require a general psychic reading or specific answers to questions. You direct the way the reading goes.

Vine's heightened clairsenses (listed below), and her strong mediumship abilities, enable her to give spiritually discerning, non-judgmental and insightful guidance no matter where you're calling from in Australia or the world.

Natural Born Medium

What Makes Vine so Different?

Vine's unique psychic reading abilities

As well as being a Natural-Born Spiritual Medium, Vine is also highly sensitive and uses a wide range of clairsenses to tap into your immediate issues.

Vine works with your individual consciousness and begins to relay information once she has made a direct contact with your energetic field. A good way of explaining this is to imagine you had your own energetic radio station channel, and by tuning into this channel, Vine can make direct contact with your loved ones or spiritual guardians.

Vine's unique spiritual breath technique is a gift from Spirit. She has amazed customers from all over Australia and the World with her ability to connect over the phone and share information that only they know to be correct.

When you call Vine, you always speak with Vine

For insightful help concerning any of your personal or business needs, you can CALL Vine's 1902 line or BOOK a Discounted secure PayPal Psychic Reading with Vine.

Clairvoyant Mediumship

Vine Psychic - Clairsenses and Abilities

Australian Vine Psychic Mediumship - Proof of Afterlife

Vine is a Clairvoyant Medium, but clairvoyancy is not her only clairsense. All of Vine's Clairsenses are listed here:

Mediumship - Spiritually communicating with departed loved ones

Clairvoyance - Heightened inner sight

Claircognizance - Heightened inner knowing

Clairsentience- Strong connection to your energy and feelings

Clairaudience - Heightened spiritual hearing

Clairalience - Heightened spiritual sense of Smell

Clairgustance - Heightened Spiritual Sense of taste

Spiritual Healing - Healing energy from hands

Real Psychic Predictions - Proven Psychic Predictions that have amazed Vine's psychic reading clients and world readers

Akashic Breath Healer - Able to tune into individual consciousness

Medical Intuitive - Detecting energetic changes to your physical body following Kundalini pathways

Finding Lost Objects - Sensing the general locations of lost objects

Psychometry - Using a personal object to enhance the connection with your energetic aura

Spiritual Connection with Nature - A heightened connection with natural energies and balances

How Do Vine's Medium Readings Work?

Each phone psychic reading with Vine takes its own course. During a reading there is no guarantee that you will immediately make contact with the loved one of your choice because the Universal Law of Free Will also applies to people who have passed over.

Someone who has recently passed, may need some time to become accustomed to working with a medium. Therefore you may need to allow time before booking a medium consultation.


How Vine Connects with Energy Held by Objects

In personal psychic readings, Vine can use a personal object, usually a metal object such as car keys or a locket or ring, to enhance her connection with your energetic aura and energetic history. The energy of a personal object holds memories of the person who has been in close contact with the object.

In missing person cases, psychometry is utilised to gain a greater spiritual connection. It is a compact capsule of energetic memory that can be read and linked to the energetic field of its owner.

For personal psychic readings it helps if Vine has an object that nobody else but you has been in contact with.

Proud Australian Heritage

So often you can be directed to a website that claims to be located in Australia, only to find, if you dig deep enough, that it's being redirected from overseas psychic chat sites. Vine was born in Melbourne, Australia and is proud of her Australian heritage.

From Where Can I Book a Psychic Reading with Clairvoyant Medium Vine?

Vine offers REAL 1902 phone psychic readings for customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Tasmania, Adelaide, Darwin and all over Australia. Vine also provides secure online PayPal discounted bookings for phone psychic reading bookings anywhere in Australia or World Wide. This allows you to have complete annoymity with the world's best PayPal security.

We Don't Gather Information

When you call or book with Vine, customer service operators will not engage you in a conversation to find out why you are requesting the phone reading. We know that this sort of information gathering before your psychic reading is a way for fake psychics to appear to be real psychics, and so we have eliminated these practices from our booking process.

Vine's Psychic Skills are Real

Vine's psychic skills are genuine, and everything on her spiritual website is spiritually guided. You won't find any elaborate claims on this site. We provide factual evidence and all client testimonials can be provided (with personal details removed). Every testimonial is a genuine account of a real psychic phone reading with Vine. As much as a small comment might look good on a site it doesn't portray a awareness of what a real phone psychic reading is and we believe customers are looking for more than a brief comment. You can be guaranteed that every testimonial verifies Vine's unique and genuinely real psychic abilities.

Credit Card / PayPal Bookings

If you book a discounted phone psychic reading with Vine using the secure Paypal payment facilities, we guarantee your personal details will not be collected, updated to a data banks or onsold to commercial organisations. Vine takes the online personal security of her clients very seriously. She doesn't believe that a psychic organization should update customers to a data base for future reference or to sell it to other advertisers, martketers etc..

We don't send newsletters to your email addresses. We believe customers know whether or not they want another psychic reading without receiving unnecessary reminder notices. This is one of the reasons customers return time and time again; You know Vine has spiritual integrity.

Vine - Earth Seer

Vine's Spiritual Connection with Nature

Vine is an Earth Seer - Planting the Seed, Nurturing Your Inner Growth, Harvesting the Rewards.

Vine is an Earth Seer. She is finely in-tune with nature and natural balances. She can feel earthquakes and major earth happenings as/or before they happen, and knows that the increased frequency of natural disturbances is caused by the magnetic interferences of our own vibrational energies. Her greatest calling in this lifetime is the soul-by-soul healing of our own dysfunctional emotional energies, which lead to Nature imbalances.

Restoring Spiritual Balance

Over 20 years ago Melbourne Psychic Vine was informed by Spirit of the great environmental challenges we face. She was told that our world would enter a time of major change (These are the changes we are now seeing). Vine's path is to help enable people to deal with these environmental changes by helping them to gain clarity in their life and a greater awareness of their true spiritual purpose.

Nobody knows better than Vine that in order to solve our environmental problems, a fundamental shift is required in the heart and mind of each and every one of us.

Our environmental and social problems can only be solved from inside each person on the planet. Only when enough of us restore the balance with nature in our own lives can the over-all balance tip towards healing rather than the destruction of our Earth and physical home.

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