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Psychic Predictions > Psychic Predictions for 2011 > Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Prediction

Vine was spiritually guided to place world and Australian psychic predictions online to help people understand the extreme earth changes occurring due to human ignorance, greed and corruption. Vine is a spiritual voice for the changes necessary to bring about a reduction of the devasting environmental and social effects of climate change.

Psychic Prediction by - 11th March 2011

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

9:18pm AUS EST 11/3/2011 - Earlier today Vine provided the following spiritual warning on her twitter site 41 minutes before the earthquake/tsunami struck Japan (4:46 pm Melb/Syd time).

Vine Predicted Earthquake During Phone Psychic Reading

Vine actually felt this energy movement during a phone psychic reading, about half an hour before she was able to Tweet it.

Vine felt the energy was so strong, that she interrupted her reading and told her client what she had felt and that she thought a big earthquake was coming.

Vine's client asked whether this sort of interruption to readings happens often, and she replied that it happens rarely. Read the full story here.

Testimonial about Earthquake Prediction

The client later provided this testimonial about Vine's earthquake prediction during his reading:
"I was amazed when hearing of the news of the major earthquake in Japan yesterday, as half way during our 3pm phone reading you suddenly told me that you had felt or sensed an earthquake somewhere. It struck me that it had quite some effect on you and I recalled your words as soon as I heard the television news shortly after."

Earth, People and Climate - All ONE

On 23rd of December 2010 Spirit gave prediction guidance to Vine for issues concerning climate and energy changes on our planet in 2011. The "bumpy ride" that Spirit refers to in that prediction, concerns political unrest in the world and all natural disasters including weather events, earth quakes and tsunamis.

When speaking about the energy of our planet, no distinction can be made between people, climate, and the Earth herself. Everything is ONE and interconnected. The climate and the movements of the Earth not only affect us, we have an affect on them. We affect the climate and the moods and movements of the Earth.

Our failure to adequately address our planet's needs is causing the domino effect of natural disasters and political unrest currently happening in the world. The people of our planet must change the way we think and act about nature on our planet in order to create harmony and avoid disaster.

It is worth repeating Spirit's words again here: "2011 is a wake-up call for the people of our planet."

Love and Light

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