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Vine Psychic Yin Yang

The Good, the Bad and the Balanced

Using Fear in Psychic Advertising

The Hex-Removal Sales Pitch

We're a sad and sorry lot, aren't we? Well if you read the latest psychic article sites, it seems most of us have dark energy around us and need a right royal hex removal spell to make us pure in thought.

These sales pitch articles have been strategically designed to make you feel like you're a failure.

"Haven't attracted the love of your life yet? We'll give you a spell to attract your soul mate."

"Feeling like you are out of sorts? Maybe you need a hex removal spell to clear the bad energy and stop all those she-like claws attacking you."

Look Beyond the Advertising Spin

The amount of advertising spin you find on article-share affiliate websites directed back to cheap psychic chat services, will make your head spin if you allow them to.

For your own peace of mind, look behind the advertising spin and ask yourself meaningful questions. Why does a spiritual business want to scare the living daylights out of you before you have a psychic reading?

They are using the sales tactic of fear to make you believe the psychic marketing.

Yin Yang

Have you seen a photo image of the symbol of the Tao (pronounced Dow) or the Yin/Yang symbol?

The English translation of the Tao is "the path" or "the way". It reveals that our Universal consciousness is a mixture of light and dark. At the center of the dark is the light, and at the center of the light is the dark. The shadow and the light are both a part of an indivisible whole. Energetically when the light and dark are in balance, you are centered. When the energy is out of balance you will be leaning more to either the Yin or the Yang.

This is what a lot of psychics are now misinterpreting as dark energy.

Everyone of us is here to have emotional lessons to help us get in touch with our feminine and masculine personality traits. I am spiritually revealing that each of us is an emotional being and it's perfectly natural to have doubts or to question your path and seek a sense of clarity when you find you become stuck.

That people are seeking clarity, is not an excuse for false psychics to try and lure you in with magical spells.

Guidance from Your Higher Self

As a lightworker I tune into your ethereal field when I do a phone consultation and can immediately sense if you're in a balanced or imbalanced emotional state. I use your higher self's guidance to help you find a greater sense of knowing and to see why you are out of sorts. My role is to help you get in touch with your own ethereal field and to give you the tools to listen to your own inner voice.

Relying upon spells to remove emotional blockages takes the power away from you. At best it gives you a placebo effect. You believe the spell will influence the Universe. No spell is going to influence free will or Universal Consciousness. Which is why you need to be careful of all of the Mind Body Spirit counseling services saying that you are cursed or have an entity attached to your aura.

A small percentage of humans can have paranormal experiences. Normally their energetic constitution is too open and they need to learn why they're a sensitive. A sensitive is someone who is capable of feeling energetic vibrations that are not of this physical world. If you fall into that category you're not evil, you don't have anything wrong with you and natural-born sensitives like myself can help you take back control.

Forget about all the mumbo jumbo and black magic curse removal and begin to embrace how wonderful your energetic aura really is. I was guided by my Spiritual guardians that now is when you can begin to get in touch with your own ethereal field.

If you need help to understand this process please book a phone psychic reading online and I will help facilitate this journey.

Begin to realize that you are an amazing spiritual essence who has incarnated to experience everything life has to offer, both the 'good' and the 'bad'. Don't automatically label yourself as cursed if you find things are out of control.

This might be a life lesson that you're here to learn.

Love and Light

January 7th 2013

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