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Relationships reasons

Are You in a Relationship for the Wrong Reasons?

You remember meeting your partner, they took your breath away. It was like time stood still as you caught each other's eyes and held the gaze to show you were both feeling giddy. You couldn't wait to see them or speak with them on the phone and every word they spoke was magical. You became exclusive and moved in together or made it official by having a gathering of family and friends who helped you celebrate your wedding. It was going to last forever...

What Happened to My Relationship?

Why is it when you look at the love of your life you don't seem to feel the same spark? You find them argumentative, moody, childish and the things that initially attracted you are now driving you crazy.

They have put on a lot of weight and they talk with their mouth open, gosh, you think, how could I have not noticed his or her mannerisms before. You start to question if you are physically attracted to the person you declared your undying love for and wonder what went wrong...

As a psychic medium I have tuned into many couples who doubt their reasons for being in a relationship when they don't feel the spark anymore. They stay in the relationship for many reasons.

Let's name some of them:
To not upset the children; difficulty financially separating the home and assets; it's easier this way; I'm afraid of starting again; I don't think I have it in me to do it on my own.

Then there are the relationships who are not compatible sexually, one partner wants to be intimate, while the other partner is completely not fussed. The person who desires to have a loving relationship with the person they care for is expected to forgo any type of intimacy because they made their vows for better for worse.

There are several reasons people fall out of love, lifestyles can change dramatically where one person wants to explore new options. They may have a mid-life crisis when the kundalini moves to the base chakra reminding them they haven't done what they set out to do when they were younger.

Kundalini is often misunderstood in mid life crises because most people associate it with yoga techniques. Kundalini is more than that and I want to share the work I do as a phone psychic reader helping my clients understand why they feel out of their depth dealing with unfamiliar emotions.

If you're doubting the relationship you're in, you are being spiritually guided to delve deeper and find out why. Do you feel your partner is neglecting your needs? Have you attempted to communicate and it falls on deaf ears? Are you feeling tired and overworked and want your partner to take over some of the load?

When I use the breath technique to tune into your aura I can detect the undercurrents of your emotional situation by allowing your ethereal energy to guide which chakra is having the greater say.

Normally I find the base chakra is the unidentified culprit of mid-life crises. One minute a relationship is going fine and the next moment one partner is having an extra-marital affair. Why? The base chakra was sending out strong sexual energy to get the person to wake up from their mundane life. They normally are taken aback by the strong energy that asks, have you accomplished everything you want from life?

I sometimes tune into so much guilt when I find the person who has succumbed to the urge to cheat on their partner. They know what they have to lose, but they still can't stop the desire from rushing through their veins.

They have to ask themselves if they are in the relationship for the right reason or should they move away from their existing relationship.

It isn't an easy thing to navigate on your own. I help my online clients get in touch with the energetic relationship of their emotions by sharing information you only know. As an Empath I know what you're feeling and why you are feeling it. I can also identify if the guidance being spiritually offered is resonating with your emotional body. That's why love psychic readings are sacred. Your emotional body deserves to have a place it can let go and cry and feel comforted that the higher realms are aware of your prayers and uncertainty.

You are a cherished being and sometimes you're going to feel like you are stagnating or unsure why you feel out of sorts, and are questioning if you're in the right relationship.

Let spirit guide you to a greater place of clarity and help you find your own truth.

Love and Light

March 18th 2013

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