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Are You in an Emotionally Abusive Passive-Aggressive Relationship? It's Time to Find Yourself!

Women, are you in a real love relationship?

In my psychic reading work, I'm discovering how many men are taking advantage of women in passive-aggressive relationships. It is disturbing how many women are losing their individual identity to men who target them solely for intimacy, finances or immigration visa abuse.

Are you a victim of emotional abuse?

My higher guardians in Spirit are guiding an increasing number of women towards me who are being worn down by emotional abuse in passive-aggressive relationships. As a spiritual society we have to ask why so many women are accepting dysfunctional relationships.

Are You In a Loveless Relationship?

Here's a checklist to help you determine if you are in a loveless relationship:

  • You're waiting for him to call you, he doesn't want you to contact him
  • You have been in a dating relationship where he meets
    you during the day/evening for intimacy only, often for months or years
  • He never takes you out in public
  • He has never introduced you to his family and friends
  • You are not invited to social events he attends
  • He withdraws intimacy if you don't follow his rules
  • He asks you to pay for his entertainment, restaurant costs
  • You are paying his finances on the proviso he pays them back
    (he never pays the money back)
  • He requires you to help him get a visa to be able to stay in Australia
  • He is abusive emotionally and physically
  • He is asking you to accept him dating other women because
    he is not ready to commit, but still wants you to be part of his harem

Can You Relate to these Emotional Abuse Signs in Your Relationship?

If you can identify with one or two of these issues, you are most likely in a dysfunctional relationship and being used. The need to be in a relationship full stop, can make women and men accept unacceptable psychological conditions, in which your self worth is lost to the controlling person in your life.

I often tune into women who are energetically nervy, trying to hold onto dysfunctional relationships. As a woman, this is because you have lost all sense of individual ownership of your right to be in a healthy relationship.

When I tune into the men who are manipulating you in your life, I see you ignoring my spiritual guidance about the man using you. All you want is for the relationship to work out. The man's spiritual character is secondary to holding onto the little bit of affection you get. More often than not, I find your aura's vibrational frequency is making you erratic in your behaviour.

Some of you do things you regret. Like stalking the man you are seeing, trying to check his cell phone for text messages, forcing yourself to believe they have your best interests at heart and continuing to forgive unacceptable abusive behaviour.

I am often shocked to do readings where you apologise to the abuser for standing up for yourself. I tune into your lover or the man you are dating, and get signs of the controlling aspects of the narcissist. I see that his deviant ways will only cause you pain. Then you contact another psychic or life coach who advises you that you need to use 'emotional intelligence' and not get upset if you are being treated badly.

You can call around as many psychics or life coaches you want, but it will only be a stop-gap, which won't change the behaviour of the man who is abusing you. Sometimes when I tune into your aura and I am guided to share the facts of your spiritual relationship, I see that you have lost yourself so much that you just weep on the other end of the phone. Your higher self has exhausted all ways of trying to save you from yourself and you're guided towards me to tune into your love interest and to be given the spiritual truth.

Often when I share what I am tuning into, you will ignore what is guided. You go back into 'save the relationship' mode and invariably, you once again encounter the same type of passive-aggressive controlling aspects. If you call back to my psychic service, I again share what is being guided. This time it begins to sink in. It may take you weeks and months after having a spiritual reading before realizing the guidance was accurate.

There are some dysfunctional controlling relationships you simply cannot mend. Some spiritual beings don't have the same type of conscience you have. They deliberately target vulnerable and often gullible individuals by charming you to get what they want. In the early stages, you will have loving attention lavished onto you. At that stage you would not guess that you are being singled out for their devious scheme. All you will be feeling is, this man is truly into you.

I Can See Into Your Relationships

When I do relationship screening for men and women, I am able to tune into the individual consciousness of the person you are dating or having regular contact with. When I tune into a narcissist, someone who is deliberately using you, they show their true personality characteristics.

As a clairsentient, I merge my aura into your loved one's energy field by using you as a conduit. I then identify if your auras' chakras are in sync with each other. The more out of sync the chakra balance is, the more visions I see about their true intentions.


Sometimes I will see a man standing next to another partner. That just means he is either in a relationship, or he is dating other women. Sometimes I tune into deviant energy that makes you want to puke. These are men who are psychopaths (spiritually known as deviants) who have no conscience. You would not be able to use 'emotional intelligence' on them. Truly, these individuals are the ones sizing up your kids or checking out your bank balances.

You often read in spiritual articles that you need to think positively and give people a go in relationships. That's all well and good if the spiritual being is sending out normal vibrations. It's the spiritual beings who don't fall into the normal vibrations that take advantage of you. I do not aspire to the overly gooey Law of Attraction interpretation that has been altered purely for commercial purposes. My spiritual work is to help you get to your own truth. Your loved ones in Spirit have guided you towards me to give you a spiritual reality check - if needed.

Waking Up To Abusive Relationships

Often when you have lost your own sense of identity you will not hear your higher self trying to get you to wake up. If you are guided to me to get to the truth of your situation, be prepared for me to be honest with you. If you're in a healthy relationship I will guide this to you. If you are in a passive-aggressive relationship you will find it difficult to stand up for yourself, because you've lost the emotional ability to see what's really going on. I will also guide what your loved ones are sharing with me.

Are you unsure what type of relationship you are in? Feel free to book a phone psychic reading.

Remember you are a child of the Universe and you are worthy of being in a loving and respectful relationship.


May 22nd 2016

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