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Vine Psychic - Help for the Bereaved - Spiritual Grief Guidance

Vine Psychic

Help for the Bereaved
at Christmas

How do you cope with the sudden loss of a loved one just before Christmas or a special event? My psychic reading editorial this week is about spiritually helping you deal with the shock of losing a loved sibling, husband, wife, lover, parent, child, friend, or pet just before Christmas.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, you are most probably dealing with the energetic scarring or the emotional shock. The emotions you are contending with are raw, they cut deep into your soul and you feel numb. You are forcing yourself to eat, to sleep and to get out of bed and to just manage simple tasks.

You have to prepare for Christmas celebrations and to get gifts for your children, but you can barely scrape through the day. You keep going back to the time you were told your loved one crossed over. Some of you didn't even get to say your goodbyes. You awoke to a phone call from your parents or a family relative jolting you out of your sleep to contend with the most unbelievable heartbreak you could have ever envisioned. You don't know how to go on...

The Early Stages of Grief

If you are relating to these feelings then you are dealing with the early shock of grief. I am not going to tell you this time will pass, because right now you can't even comprehend what that means. I am here to guide that you need to honour your feelings and to find a way that allows you to deal with family get-togethers, and try not to over compensate your emotions to make it better for everybody else.

Honouring Departed Souls

Find a way of honouring the departed soul during your Christmas gathering. A good way of doing this is to create a sacred space during the festive season. You may want to light a white candle or pick some flowers from your garden and place them on the mantelpiece and offer your prayers to the recently departed. You might want to place some garden seeds in a planter and allow your love to be carried into the nurturing of the seeds to sapling. Each time you light the white candle or water the seeds you send a spiritual prayer to the recently departed.

You might want to create a shrine by collecting some photos and see their face smiling back at you when you enter your home. You might want to place their watch on your wrist or their ring on your finger, or even place a small trinket on a necklace near your heart, you may even want to buy a charm to place on your bracelet that sits on your skin and signifies your departed loved one's special qualities.

You can even set a dinner place at the Christmas table to welcome their spiritual presence into your home.

It is important for you and your direct family or friends to acknowledge the departed. Trying to buffer your grief will not spiritually serve you. It will only make you feel detached from your emotions. By finding your way to cope with the sudden departure of your loved ones, you immerse yourself in pure essence.

Empathic Connection

How could I possibly know the emotions you are contending with after the loss of your sweet friend, or parent? I know what you are feeling because I am an Empath who energetically connects to consciousness. I have done thousands of medium readings for people just like you, who have gone through the exact same feelings and sense of loss. I know you are spiritually suffering and questioning everything about the meaning of life. My vocation as a medium is to help you during this transitional energy release of grief. I also help to show the existence of life after physical death. I know your loved ones are watching over you as you go through one of the most difficult spiritual lessons. Everything is known in the angelic realms.

It's Alright to Grieve

Trying to manage the shock of a loved one crossing unexpectedly requires the acknowledgement that it is okay to grieve in your own way. If you can't cope with the celebrations or invitations, then accept this as your truth. Don't try to force yourself to do more than you are capable of. Tell the people who are fussing over you that you need some quiet space for you to process your feelings. Don't rush back to work if you can't last the day without bursting into tears. Let your higher self guide when you are up to company. Let your family and friends bring meals or do special shopping runs for you when you are unable to drag yourself out of the house.

It is okay to grieve and to not be rushed into doing more than you are emotionally capable of.

I was spiritually guided to write this article for the bereaved. I pray you find solace in the loving spiritual guidance in your hour of need. If you need some additional spiritual support you can book a reading with me to help you understand the spiritual transition from the physical vessel to the higher realms. My prayers are to the men and women and children coping with the sudden loss of your loved ones.

I will Light Candles this Christmas

I will light Candles this Christmas;
Candles of joy despite all sadness,
Candles of hope where despair keeps watch
Candles of courage for fears ever present,

Candles of peace for tempest-tossed days,
Candles of grace to ease heavy burdens,
Candles of love to inspire all my living,
Candles that will burn all the year long.

Poem by Howard Thurman

Love and Light

December 8th 2014

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