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Coping with Traumatic Grief and Suicide

Coping with Traumatic Grief

A Psychic Medium Perspective

Anyone who has lost a lover, partner, a member of the family or close friend to suicide will tell you the amount of grief they suffer is overwhelming. In my clairvoyant work as a psychic medium, Spirit regularly guides distraught, grief stricken people to me for a spiritual reading.

I am a strong advocate for raising suicide awareness and not making this subject taboo. It can't be swept under the carpet because it creates more heartache then necessary if you don't tackle your emotions head on.

As a Natural Born Sensitive I am able to channel messages from the higher realms to give you a greater sense of clarity to help you cope with the traumatic emotions after the death of your loved ones.

I work on an energetic level and communicate with the departed to relay their messages after they have crossed over. It's not the same as counseling.

Grief Can't be Sugar Coated with Positive Thoughts

You can't pray the grief away, nor can you buffer your pain with meditation techniques and hope it will give you immediate peace. Grief can't be sugar coated with positive thoughts. It requires the person who is grieving to enter a natural state of emotional cleansing.

There is nothing worse for someone who has been left behind, than not knowing what happened when their loved one has died. You look for answers and wonder how the departed got to such a state that they would consider taking their own life. Its very difficult to be talking with them one moment, and then they are suddenly and tragically gone.

The energetic shock that resonates on our auras after a traumatic occurrence can be healed over time - but not overnight.

The most important guidance that recently departed Spirit can offer someone who is suffering from enormous emotional pain, is to share that they are now at peace and looking over their family and friends.

I would never trivialise the life / death spiritual cycle. My angelic work is dedicated to relaying true spiritual messages from the other side to help you have a greater sense of clarity in your life.

If your loved one has committed suicide or died tragically, they will attempt to reach out from Spirit to help you recover from the emotional grief. I have personally witnessed this in my face to face consultations and telephone readings (refer to face to face testimonials).

There is nothing more comforting when you are deep in grief than to be given specific information that only you know to be truthful. Your spiritual family know when you're hurting and they don't want you to suffer. They use compassionate credible Sensitives to help you heal. These spiritual mediums don't trivialise your grief by offering false hope, they are capable of being a vessel for the higher realms.

Naturally gifted spiritual sensitives and lightworkers will provide real proof. Your loved ones will telepathically provide clairvoyant visions to an authentic medium. They will impress energy vibrations to spiritual sensitives using a variety of clairsenses. For a better understanding of these spiritual senses, go to Vine's Home Page

If you are guided to my psychic and spiritual website, you might find that your spiritual departed loved one is wanting to make contact to help you recover from their loss, to help reduce your stress and anxiety, and to give you a greater peace of mind.

Contemplate the guidance I have provided and ask your higher self, "Can this type of spiritual service help me?"

Love and Light

September 17th 2012

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