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Vine's Angelic Guardians Spiritual Christmas Experiences

What do you do when the Christmas holiday season comes around? Do you rush out and buy Christmas presents or bake a Christmas steam pudding? Let me share in my Christmas Psychic Reading Editorial what I know is will happen to me.

Every year, without fail, I have a spiritual Christmas experience. My higher angelic guardians direct people who are feeling sad, despondent or depressed towards me to be comforted by the higher realms channeling.

It happens as I'm going about my day, walking around the city or having a day trip completely oblivious of what my angelic guardians have planned. A complete stranger may walk up to me and begin talking about their life issues. This is when I go into a light trance state and channel guidance from their loved ones in Spirit.

Country Town Spiritual Experience

One year my partner and I drove from Victoria to New South Wales. We decided to stop for refreshment at a country town and I was happy to stretch my feet.

Right beside our car, was an elderly man standing next to his old white ute that had seen better days. I opened the door of our car and said a polite hello.

That's when it happened. He greeted me and started to open up about his life. He told me he lived in the local area and was alone over the Christmas period.

I could immediately feel the spiritual presence of an elderly woman standing behind me and began to channel her words. She guided that his biological family was in England and he had been wanting to visit, but he was concerned about leaving the family home.

I never doubt what I am being guided. I have been having spiritual experiences with my Angelic guardians since I was born. They have taught me so many important spiritual lessons about our spiritual existence and life after death and why we incarnated to Earth.

The elderly caring spiritual woman standing behind me was his departed wife. She was guiding that he needed to go and visit his family in the United Kingdom. She channeled that his neighbour could look after their home. I shared the information exactly as it was being guided to me. I could feel the sense of relief as I relayed her words of comfort. I saw his eyes begin to sparkle and I felt an energy weight lifting off his shoulders.

It was instantaneous. He repeated her words and excitedly shared he was going to book a flight to the UK.

Prayers Answered

That's what happens when the higher angelic realms answer your prayers. You might think your thoughts melt into the ether and nobody can hear them. But I'm here to share that every time you are crying or depressed or feeling alone, the higher realms are omnipresent. Sometimes you feel despondent because you don't get immediate confirmation that your hopes and dreams are known. But everything is spiritually known.

I have no doubt that the man I spoke to reached his family in England to share the Christmas and Holiday season.

My partner often raises his eyebrows in amazement how often these spiritual experiences happen to me. He has become accustomed to my guardians directing people to my vessel.


I am a Spiritual servant to the higher realms. I have dedicated my life to raising awareness about the real psychic arts. Not the entertainment psychics that are often called upon to bring a false sense of promise to your hopes and dreams.

Your loved ones are watching over you. If you still your mind and send love to them from your heart chakra, they will feel it.

As a spiritual sensitive (seer) I use my vessel as a conduit to assist the higher angelic realms reach out to your departed family and friends. I relay their words. I describe their spiritual presence, reveal what they are wearing, and even feel how they died. They energetically imprint visions onto my aura. By (clairvoyance) they impress a screen of visions onto my aura, by (clairaudience) I hear their words as I still my mind.

The energy vibrational sensations on my body from heightened spiritual vibrations allow me to enter the Spiritual Akasha (Akashic Record). This allows me to be all knowing (claircognizance) of the feelings and sensations resonating from your loved ones.

These are only some of the vibrational clairsenses I tune into to relay the angelic realms channeling. I have never trained to be psychic. That is completely foreign to my understanding of how the Akasha of Knowing exists. I know the higher realms choose their spiritual messengers according to how heightened your auric field is and what is in your heart. I incarnated with the knowing of All That Is (God Essence).

Love and Prayers

This Christmas Season I send my love and prayers if you are trying to cope after your loved ones have recently crossed over. I know this isn't an easy time for you. If you are needing some type of spiritual comfort from the higher angelic realms during this period you can book a phone psychic reading (if the timing is right).

I also recommend that you reach out to your family and friends. You don't have to ignore your emotions because everyone else is in good cheer. Be true to your feelings and let them support you during this difficult emotional time.

Love and Light

December 15th 2015

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