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Fake Affiliate Psychic and Fortune Teller Sites

Can You Spot the Affiliate Psychic Tarot Scam Websites?

I had a request from a customer to review an automated online New-Age-Store tarot website that was on Shark Tank Australia, a reality TV show about entrepreneurs. The Shark Tank contestant was seeking one hundred thousand dollars for the business.

When I looked at the website, what I saw was an affiliate Google AdSense website, hiding behind an automatic tarot reading site and directly connected to other psychic affiliate sites.

The Shark Tank

Normally, the business owners appearing on the Shark Tank TV show have a unique product they are attempting to market and sell. The affiliate automatic tarot site was anything but unique. There are thousands of affiliate sites already on the web, and there are plenty of other free automated tarot reading sites there also. The automatic tarot site was directly connected to another suspect psychic affiliate site - Kasamba.

LivePerson, a publicly held American technology company owns Kasamba, a psychic chat business that has little if anything to do with genuine spiritual psychics. Although they claim to have experts who use their web platform as advisors, the majority of the so-called psychics are people who show no level of psychic ability whatsoever. They come from a range of different non-related industries.

The way they attract people to their site is by offering the first 3 minutes free. This gives the impression that you're getting something for free, however it quickly becomes expensive.

So Why Did Shark Tank Promote Affiliates?

Although the website owner used a Spiritual pitch to argue that she was offering unique automated tarot readings, in reality there was no point of difference between any of the other auto-tarot sites on the web. The flip-side of her pitch is that she has a typical affiliate website, which uses free auto-tarot readings as click-bait to get people to the site. To be fair she did reveal she had affiliate relationships, but she didn't make it clear that was the sole business reason for the site.

Was there anything unique or new about the site that warranted it being on Shark Tank? No. Was the owner an expert Tarot reader? I could find no evidence to support the owner was. However, she did have a crystal online site before creating an affiliate website. She stresses she doesn't do any personal readings and only spends half an hour a month checking her website.

I tried to find out if the auto-tarot new-age-store owner had ever worked as a tarot reader, but I came up blank. I wasn't able to find anything on the web that indicated her tarot background matched her sales pitch. In the spiritual sector, you would expect a psychic, spiritual medium or tarot reader to actually be practising the services they advertise.

Both her auto-tarot readings and her spiritual sales pitch seemed to be false fronts for an affiliate site.

The Problem with Affiliate Psychic Sites

I watched the Shark Tank business owners reject her offer for their own business reasons. Some of the knockbacks were because of personal views about whether psychics exist. That's normal in this industry. However, it's the genuine psychics who demonstrate spiritual gifts, who are negatively effected by these types of get-rich-quick psychic and astrology affiliate sites.

The unsuspecting customer who believes free psychic readings and automated tarot cards are a quick way of getting a true reading, are taken in by affiliate psychic organisations. If you recall my article about Oranum Psychics, you'll know their business is set up using paid affiliates that breach fair-trading and copyright laws.

Fake Affiliate Sites are Widespread

Even some celebrity astrologers are entering into entertainment psychic affiliate business relationships when they should know better. They allow suspect United Kingdom affiliate advertising onto their website. Many of the affiliate websites mask their location overseas and pretend to be Australian businesses to attract Australian customers.

Google AdWords Allows Scam Advertising

As we discovered when investigating Google AdWords, Google doesn't take legal responsibility for who buys their online advertising. This is why you can have affiliates hiding behind proxy websites. The real business owners fail to give correct information about who they are.

An affiliate site called Sky-Request.com illegally uses my Vine Psychic brand to pretend to be me in their Google Ads. Google lets them do this. People clicking my name on their Google Ad, are then sent to a suspect free astrology automated website. Once there, you are required to fill in all your personal details including your name, your birthdate and your email address. You give all of your personal information to a suspect website that doesn't even reveal who the real business owners are.

The majority of affiliate websites are hidden by proxy servers. They ask you to sign in to use their services. It is how they collect your data. Some share it with other business partners and some of the data collected is shared from psychic to psychic.

Psychic Affiliate Sites Are Not Free

Scamwatch warns the public to be careful of providing personal information to these types of affiliate websites, but the public ignores government warnings because they believe they are getting something for free.

You are never getting anything for free in automated astrology, esoteric or new age stores. The esoteric affiliate websites entice the buyer to give personal information for a reason. Criminals often hide behind the psychic sector, pretending to be email psychics etc. They copy affiliate websites specifically to obtain your birthdates and your email addresses so they can send phishing links to your inbox for banking fraud.

Unless you investigate and find out if the psychics or astrologers exist in real life, you are placing your security at risk. You can't even trust photo profiles online because most are stock photos, or ripped off from other people's LinkedIn profiles to appear legitimate.

Suspect psychic affiliates can only get market traction because you let them.

Do You Seek Free Psychic Readings Online?

Do you join Facebook psychic or lifecoach websites because you want a free psychic reading? If so, you are revealing what you look like, what your interests are and you're giving them the treasure chest they are seeking - access to your followers and personal data.

The Real Spiritual Arts Deserve Better

The people who run these affiliate websites want to earn a living off the vulnerable. They don't care if you're not having a real psychic or astrology reading, most of them don't even believe in psychics. They are earning money every time you click their Google Adsense ads or their affiliate links. All of these websites are for entertainment only.

The spiritual arts deserve more respect. These fake psychic sites completely dismiss the value of real lightworkers and only advertise psychics as entertainment. The spiritual arts are more than entertainment; they are about respecting and honoring the essence of the Universal Spiritual Laws.

In my opinion the Australian Shark Tank reality show demeaned the spiritual arts when it allowed an online affiliate to falsely class themselves as a reputable psychic business. It is obvious this was nothing more than a sales pitch for her affiliate website with the help of one of the shark tank business owners.

The real spiritual arts are far more than just entertainment. The Shark Tank show did not even identify how many thousands of automatic websites are set up by online affiliates.

Please keep sending in your requests to help the public identify what is real and what is fake.

Vine Psychic Warns

Psychic affiliate websites send out a signal that they aren't worth visiting and would not be able to survive on their own merits without scamming you and using dirty tricks to get you to click their website.

They SPAM, SCAM & TRICK you into visiting suspect websites.
Just stay away from them; they are bad news.

Love and Light

July 6th 2016

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