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Online Psychic Editorials > Who Are the Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths?
Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths

Who Are the Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths?

This psychic reading editorial answers questions I've received, about psychics who falsely build their reputation by pretending to write blog articles and books that they paid somebody else to write. They mislead readers by signing off as the author, when in fact they know little about the subject matter. They hire a writer to essentially fabricate the stories by copying material from real lightworkers.

Psychics Who Fabricate Their Business Reputation

I received an email from one of my readers who had seen my psychic tip revelations. She has a keen interest in the Akashic Records. She'd found a blog article by a psychic line owner and called up to talk about it, only to find that their actual experience didn't match what was written. When she asked a question about the Akashic Energy, the supposed author had no idea about the Akasha. So how could they have written the article? This was bleedingly obvious to my customer.

To build a false reputation, the psychic was clearly hiring people to write their blog topics, then simply signing them off at the end as if they were the author.

I also received a call on my 1902 line from a new client who was dismayed to see that her regular tarot reader had changed their business background. On checking, my client found that it wasn't the first time they had re-invented their history. One minute they were a tarot reader, the next they supposedly had heaps of lightworker clairsenses that had appeared overnight.

Fake Psychic Writers

So what's going on in the psychic reading line industry?
I can tell you exactly what is happening and it isn't nice.

You are dealing with serial liars, psychic owner (psychopaths) who do not shirk at inventing overnight spiritual backgrounds to appear relevant.

The tarot card reader who doesn't have spiritual knowledge, will hire an SEO company to copy and rewrite other psychics' articles, then sign-off on them as the author.

The psychic owners who alter their business backgrounds, do so because they want you to think of them as an authority in the psychic sector. If your psychic has changed from being a tarot card reader to becoming an overnight lightworker, you can be guaranteed your psychic is faking it.

Genuine Spiritual Lightworkers

No genuine lightworker would ever hire a writer and pretend to be the author of topics they didn't have full knowing about. No reputable spiritual medium would alter their business background every time the psychic wind direction changes. You are dealing with frauds pretending to be psychic.

There is nothing wrong with a psychic writing content and then hiring a ghost writer to edit their work and polish it. That's perfectly reasonable.

But when a person pretends to be the author of an article after the SEO engineers have hired writers to concoct it from scratch... that's fraud. They're falsely representing themselves as an authority, and inventing their business backgrounds.

Psychic Companies That Mislead Their Customers

Psychic owners who mislead their customers in an attempt to come across as angelic beacons of the light, are failing to see they are creating their own Universal debt of karma. Their every thought and action is soul recorded.

When they hire writers without giving them the credit for their articles, they attract their own spiritual karma. The person who alters their business background to claim to be an angelic lightworker when in fact they have no real knowledge of the spiritual arts, will also have to deal with their own karma.

Any psychic business that believes they can hide behind writers or scrape and steal content from reputable spiritual lightworkers' websites, will soon find out they didn't honour the Universal Laws of spiritual intent.

Knowingly taking credit for something they didn't do is breaking a spiritual law.

Fake it Till You Make It

The original idea of 'faking it till you make it' meant that if other people approved of your genuine efforts, then keep doing what you're doing even if you're unsure yourself. You weren't actually 'faking' anything - just pretending to yourself, that you're as good as other people think you are.

That's what it used to mean.

Where Does the Distorted Law of Attraction Fit in?

The new idea that Fake it Till You Make it means "Lie and Cheat and Steal Other Peoples Work Till You Make It' originated from the false law of attraction teachings.

You see it all the time. The psychic owners are sprouting the virtues of Law of Attraction, while misleading their paying customers.

The irony of the law of attraction teachings is beyond comprehension. The distorted Law of Attraction tells people to fake their business background until becoming successful, as well as guiding that your every thought creates your destiny. It is a contradiction in itself.

Unfortunately many psychic businesses hide the real owners' intentions. In the mind body spirit sector, it's not uncommon for a psychic business owner to be immoral in this way, and even to show psychopathic tendencies. (refer to previous psychic tips about psychic owners buying reviews).

Then you have the psychic chat companies that have affiliate programs that abuse every business and consumer law to earn a commission. If you see a psychic business with an affiliate program you can be guaranteed you're dealing with the worst of the worst in the Mind Body Spirit Sector.

Black Hat SEO

When I was guided to work on the first psychic lines I witnessed many of the large psychic chat line owners presenting as kind and caring to the public, but treating their staff badly. These same psychic owners are being found on the top of web searches because they employ dirty business practices and black hat SEO tricks, to be found first. Check if the company is listed on the Stock Market and they have to provide dividends to shareholders. The big psychic companies resort to shady business practices to be a head of the pack.

Go back through my history and you will find I try to warn you that the psychic chat industry is owned by companies who don't even believe in the psychic arts.

They are ruthless business companies that don't think twice about attacking their psychic competitors with black hat, to be found first in web searches.

You need to wake up and realise these business owners are only in it for the money. They will do whatever it takes. This is why you see so many false claims about their writing and psychics skills and clairsenses ability.

Psychic Companies Reinventing Lightworkers

Have you noticed how all the large psychic companies are using the new trendy word 'lightworkers', and placing angel wings all over their websites to 'prove' it?

The Psychic blog owner my client wrote to me about is one of thousands misleading you about their business background and writing skills. They buy their way to the top. Unfortunately Google and Yahoo are oblivious of the psychic owners' dirty tactics and have many of them sitting on the top of searches. It makes a mockery of finding the right psychic and getting genuine help.

Why I Released Psychic Tips

The psychic tips and podcasts I've been releasing are revealing how many psychic chat owners treat their customers with contempt and ignore consumer laws. I'm happy to answer your questions to help you understand what is really going on in the psychic services sector. You have to do the research and find out if the psychic owners really are psychic or spinning every keyword on their website to draw you in.

SMS and Email Psychic Readings were created by telecommunication companies for revenue only. If you see psychic companies with these type of services, you are most likely dealing with fake psychic companies. Having to fill in a form or SMS a question to a psychic is purely entertainment. Don't think your getting a real psychic reading by revealing so much detail. A credible psychic doesn't need you to give upfront questions. Remember that.

Genuine Lightworkers

There are credible lightworkers out there, but you're unlikely to find them on the psychic television programs or large psychic chat companies. That's purely entertainment.

I am encouraged that my psychic articles are being found on the web and are helping you see behind the psychic company owners' facades. That can only be a good sign for paying customers searching for real psychics.

Now you can see why I was spiritually guided years ago to protect the original spiritual arts.

Love and Light

January 19th 2015

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