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The art of Clairvoyant Medium Readings

Vine Clairvoyant Readings - What I do Spiritually

The Spiritual Art of Clairvoyance

In my Australian psychic reading editorial today I'm writing about the spiritual art of clairvoyance and revealing how I use this chakra skill when I tune into my customers' auras with my spiritual breath technique.

Confusion about Clairvoyant Readings

Are you confused when you read different interpretations about clairvoyant readings? Let me share that's perfectly normal.

Finding genuine knowledge of the psychic arts requires a great deal of tenacity. You have to determine if an article is full of self-promotion or real content and substance. Does the writer really know the psychic subject matter or are they second guessing? Personally, I am a fan of real life experiences and biographies, when they are true.

Wikipedia as a Source of Truth?

Although Wikipedia is a good source of general information, it can have editorial bias by sceptic groups or psychic organizations. Check the Wikipedia author history to identify the true purpose of wiki editors. For instance, a Wikipedia contributor may actually be a search engine optimiser trying to promote a particular psychic institute. They may be editing a wiki sentence to improve their search ratings. Or they may be a sceptic commentator trying to update a webpage to direct people back to sites they are trying to promote, for instance a James Randi site.

The Wiki editors go into chat rooms to debate recent wikipedia updates, and they frantically remove links and discuss if one interpretation is more relevant than the other.

The tug-of-war between believing in psychics or disbelieving in psychics is endless.

Are You Having a Real Psychic Reading?

How do you know if you're really having a psychic reading with a clairvoyant, rather than with someone pretending to be clairvoyant? Clairvoyance is a spiritual art that needs to be respected. I don't believe anything about the spiritual needs to be over complicated; it's a natural skill that credible mediums and Lightworkers call upon when they do a reading.

The chakra directly related to the clairsense of clairvoyance is the third eye chakra. If you have clairvoyant ability, you have heightened spiritual sight. It is a spiritual art in its own right. Sometimes you see writers referring to clairvoyance to explain all clairsenses; this isn't accurate. Each clairsense is directly related to its own chakra vibration and unique spiritual skill. Depending on the ability of the psychic, they can intuitively call upon one or two skills, or a wide range of spiritual expertise.

When I do psychic predictions I enter a light trance state and then see visions in front of my third-eye (remote visions). If I tune into the art of heightened hearing clairaudience I communicate in a trance state with my spiritual guardians to channel the location of the predictions. I sometimes even feel the collective consciousness of the remote vision and identify how serious the prophecy being shown is. At all times I Still my mind to ensure I don't allow the vision to be influenced by mind chatter. Therefore mind-powers aren't my main source of spiritual information, the Stillness is how I spiritually see, hear and feel.

If you have read any of my previous articles you'll notice I share that the meaning of the word 'psychic' has been diluted by marketing experts to mean anything from hypnotism to belly-button-fluff readers. The original source of the word is from the Greek, psychikos - of the soul, but it's now been changed to mean anything the advertisers want it to mean.

Because of this, it isn't really a word recognized by the higher realms. You are a spiritual being before you enter this world. If you are naturally-born with the ability to feel heightened senses, or you've had a near death experience (NDE) and find yourself seeing visions, embrace it as a spiritual sense. Be excited you are tuning into your natural self.

Not everyone is capable of being able to genuinely spiritually see while they are in a human vessel. That's because you chose to have a life in physical incarnation and you're in a dense physical vessel blocking this relationship out. It stands to reason if you chose to incarnate to be in the physical form, your priority is to learn about being in the physical body and the lessons that come with it.

There are psychic training institutes who claim anyone can be a clairvoyant or a medium. They attempt to use manufactured tools to replicate natural spiritual ability. The covert hypnosis and NLP techniques that magicians use in their magical acts have now being taken up by large numbers of counsellors and life coaches who are using them to appear to be clairvoyant (psychic). Refer to previous articles for more information.

Even online spell casters or hex removers are profiting from misconceptions about the real spiritual arts when they falsely claim they can use spells to remove dark energy from your aura, or to bring your lover back to you.

True Life Love Psychic Reading - Australia

I did a phone booking today for a young man who has been pining after a relationship breakup. He was guided to call my Australian telephone psychic line and I immediately tuned into his anguished aura. He had previously contacted numerous live love psychics who told him he would reconcile with his girlfriend. He also purchased love spells to make her change her mind. None of this resulted in a change of heart.

I channelled his ethereal field as a conduit using the art of clairvoyance, and immediately saw she had turned her back on the relationship. She did this with sadness, but with full knowledge she was not going to change her mind. I immediately sensed how emotionally fragmented he was from hearing words like, "she'll come back to you" or, "if you use this love spell you'll attract her back into your life".

Over the years I've tuned into literally thousands of heartbroken men and women who have contacted psychic chat lines or spell casters and been told exactly what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear to help them heal.

To be fair to psychics, a client who is dealing with heartbreak only wants to hear good news; they're more inclined to put the phone down on a clairvoyant who doesn't see a relationship working out. Their expectation is that its going to be a positive outcome.

This is the reason why psychic television and radio entertainment is always upbeat and bouncy to draw in large audiences. There is nothing wrong with being cheery in life, but a person grieving the loss of a perceived soul mate shouldn't be told everything is going to be alright if it isn't true, just to make them cheery.

That's why I share that your emotional body needs to be respected at all times.

On my @vinepsychic Twitter account I leave tweets or helpful articles for my followers to guide what occurred in their clairvoyant reading (with no names to protect privacy).

Sometimes I write a detailed analysis on the Karma Lounge for my Australian and overseas clients. If you allow me to share your reading, respecting your privacy, it helps people who are going through similar types of real life situations to heal. This is why I am always grateful when my clients share spiritual medium readings in the testimonial section.

Following Your Emotions - Clairvoyant Reading

During a clairvoyant reading I can feel when you emotionally surrender to the higher realms guidance because I am directly following your meridian and chakra pathways. The breath technique I use allows me to energetically connect (similar to a magnet).

The client shared at the end of his reading: "It's been six months since we broke up Vine, and I have not been able to get over her." It immediately reinforced the channelling I'd been spiritually guided to reveal to him. For six months he was unable to let go of a relationship and was living off the words of psychics.

The well intentioned psychic who has a conversation with the heartbroken customer isn't able to spiritually see that the fragile emotional being hanging onto their every word is emotionally falling apart. I immediately sense how a client is coping because the breath technique I use allows me to have a spiritual connection to the emotions you are feeling.

I'm not going to lie, when I tune into individuals who have purchased love spells because they believed psychics can influence the spiritual free will of another, it riles me. Wiccan nature-laws have been abused because fake psychics see a market selling voodoo online spells to vulnerable individuals. We can all reach a level of vulnerability at times, so anyone is susceptible to the false claims.

Heartbreak Hurts

Heartbreak is not easy. I've been through it, and know how difficult it is to let go of someone you love. You have to unconditionally release them back to the Universe to follow their destined path. The grief we feel is like a death in the family. Your heart yearns to be in contact with your lover or ex. You also question if you will meet someone new because you doubt anyone can ever replace them.

This is why I stand in authentic energy and don't tell my clients what they want to hear. If I am shown a heightened vision I immediately feel if you're accepting the guidance (clairsentience, heightened spiritual feeling). I don't need to ask what my clients are feeling, because I spiritually know.

When I felt my customer emotionally tighten his heart chakra, I guided he had to break the unhealthy patterns. I could see him going overseas to escape the mind chatter and to have an immediate change of scenery. Spiritually he was close to having a nervous breakdown and my spiritual guardians had guided him towards me to channel that he needed to go overseas to stop doing anything erratic.

He told me he had already purchased the airline ticket and would be leaving soon.

Psychic Readers Miss Emotional Triggers

Sometimes a tarot reading isn't going to identify the emotional sensations coming from a client. The psychic chat may calm and allow the heartbreak to be reaffirmed and to be an outlet for all the pain that needs to be released, but it doesn't address the underlying issues.

Trying to buffer the heartbreak pain with a quick fix doesn't work.

Finding Real Clairvoyants

The reason why the higher realm selects credible clairvoyants is to help you find your own truth. Ask any of my clients if I've I told them what they initially wanted to hear. I never do.

There are times I am guided to give my clients a reality check because they're ignoring the inevitable about their real life situation. This is done lovingly, I allow clients to process the guidance and see if it energetically resonates. Sometimes I try to get a client out of victim-mode and see what they have in a relationship. It depends on the circumstances and the person I'm tuning into.

You Have Choice and Free Will

The choice of accepting or denying spiritual guidance is solely up to you. Every spiritual being has free will, and I will unconditionally accept your right to take or leave what I guide. When I tune into my psychic reading clients I am spiritually bound to be a conduit for the higher realms to help you get in touch with your own inner knowing. My role is to be the spiritual facilitator, the energetic conduit, who allows you to have clarity about your decisions. I will help you hear your own inner voice and recover from your emotional pain in a natural way.

Clairvoyant Visions Reveal the Truth

Clairvoyance is one of the many spiritual arts that I use to help you find your own truth. If I am shown visions about your future, the past, or the present it allows you to witness this ability and to trust in its essence.

It reinforces what credible clairvoyants do, to help you identify how manufactured psychic skills or mind power conjurers use mind talk to get you to open up and reveal what is going on. When a clairvoyant shares something you know to be accurate, you can immediately compare the other readings and verify how different they are from each other.

Don't chastise yourself if you fell for fake psychics in the past, it's a learning.

There are many gifted Lightworkers who have incarnated at this time with credible clairvoyant skills who follow the natural laws of the Universe.

They, like me, will write about true life experiences and reveal their wisdom. It is up to you to find them and to resonate with the natural ones, the holders of the eternal Akasha. You will know them by their fruit.

Love and Light

I would like to extend my loving thoughts to the people of NSW and a client in Sydney who lost her home in the 2013 NSW bushfires. I did an urgent reading while I was in North Queensland on a holiday break after being told of the tragic loss of your home and your loved dog. I know how much trauma you experienced and extend my prayers to everyone who has lost property or your beautiful pets, or wildlife in the area.

November 4th 2013

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