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Online Psychic Editorials > How Did Oranum Psychics Get Their Bad Psychic Reputation?
Oranum Psychics misleading business practices

How Did Oranum Psychics Get Their Bad Psychic Reputation?

Deceptive and Misleading Business Practices

Oranum Psychics have the worst business reputation online and that's just the view within the psychic industry itself. Thousands of disgruntled customers have also gone online to write scathing reviews about Oranum Psychics.

Oranum's global paid affiliates are known for scraping online psychic competitor websites, abusing copyright laws and helping themselves to other psychic writers' content without authorisation. They do this to confuse the buyer.  

They use widespread spambots on Twitter and Facebook and phishing attacks in which they pretend to be independent psychics. Instead they send the buyers to anonymous websites where you are required to give up your personal details and join loyalty clubs. They buy hundreds/thousands of psychic, tarot, love spell, life coach, mystical, angelic, fortune teller, chakra healing, dream interpretation, clairvoyance and astrology domains that hide the real company owner and redirect the user back to Oranum psychics.

They are responsible for fake online reviews that praise their own psychics and denigrate competitor websites. They have set up reputation review domains where the public go to check if their psychics are legitimate. They saturate the web with multiple Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Why? To make people believe they are beyond reproach. If you see a website identified as trustworthy, you are more inclined to use it. There is not one single aspect of the way the company runs that is not suspect.  

The misleading and deceptive business practices by Oranum are endless. Once a scam is identified, the paid affiliates have moved onto the next one. Recently affiliates have been doing sql attacks on independent psychic company websites to stop clients being able to access the business.  

Many independent psychics and spiritual mediums are fed up with the misleading and deceptive business practices Oranum uses to be found in the search engines. My voice is just one of many questioning how Oranum has been allowed to get away with operating in the spiritual arts industry when you identify the amount of unethical business practices this company employs on a regular basis.  

History of Oranum Psychic's Deception

At the conception of psychic lines, I was spiritually guided to work on the first Australian psychic line to ensure that I was able to protect the original spiritual arts. Oranum psychics is one of the worst psychic companies I've ever encountered in my 33 years doing spiritual readings. That's saying something, because there are some real shonks online pretending to have spiritual backgrounds to operate in the psychic sector. Oranum Psychics only started about 5 years ago.  

My first encounter with Oranum Psychics came after I discovered my psychic predictions were being scraped off my website and placed on an anonymous web domain, not once or twice, but multiple times.   

I went onto Twitter and advised Oranum that if they didn't remove my content from their spam domains I would take legal action. Next I had hundreds of Oranum fake Twitter profiles attaching themselves to my Twitter feed. I warned Oranum Global (main Twitter handle) I would report the misuse of their profiles to Twitter support. At that time Twitter acted promptly and suspended the bots as soon as they were identified. 

Then one of my loyal customers in Sydney got in touch to reveal the hired SEO affiliates had moved onto phishing attacks. A phishing link is where you click a link, expecting it to land on my webpage to find it goes to a completely different website. It was then I decided to investigate who owned this company.  

Oranum Psychic Seedy Underbelly

What I didn't know was the seedy underbelly side of how Oranum entered into the psychic industry. It was created by a Hungarian businessman, György Gattyán who had already made a fortune with an online sex video streaming site, livejasmin. My site is a spiritual website so we have no intentions of linking our readers to the adult content sites connected to the owners of Oranum.   

Gattyán's adult site uses technology that provides video streaming that anybody at all can use to offer their sexual services. In return they receive a small percentage of the fee that the sex streaming site charges the customers.   

After becoming a multi-millionaire in the adult industry, György Gattyán decided to test his luck using the same video streaming technology to make money in the psychic industry.   

He set up the Oranum Psychic streaming site, which works in the same way as the adult site. They may hire people off the streets to act as psychics, but mostly just let anybody use the streaming video service to do readings for people all over the world. These people may or may not actually be psychic.   

The web is full of complaints from people who have been ripped off by this site - including complaints from the psychics offering the services.  

Women's Shock - Giving Personal Information to Adult Site Owners

That the owners of Oranum Psychics are in the adult site industry, might come as a shock to women, who are the highest demographic using psychic companies online. Women and men alike, will be shocked that their personal details are being controlled by the owners of porn sites.   


Oranum's False Respectability from Product Placement Marketing

In 2012, Sony Music was paid to advertise Oranum Psychics in the Christina Aguilera video "Your Body". How much Oranum paid for that product placement is unknown, but the Christina Aguilera video has been viewed on YouTube roughly 160 million times. That doesn't mean all of the views are legitimate clicks.   

In the Video, Christina Aguilera talks to a mystery Oranum psychic called László Czero. It just so happens the Managing Director of 'Docler Holding' (owners of Oranum and sex streaming line, Livejasmin), is none other than Laszlo Czero. He was playing the part of the psychic in the video, which was plastered with advertising for Oranum. Basically, Laszlo was sprooking his company's expansion from the adult content industry to the psychic industry.

The Ad agency responsible for doing the deal that advertised Oranum Psychics in the Christina Aguilera video, was The Kluger Agency run by Adam Kluger. In 2014, Adam Kluger was hired as head of marketing for Docler Holding, (owners of Oranum Psychics).   

You can begin to see how it all weaves together and the common thread in the way the Oranum and Docler Holding attempt to hide their connections from the public.   

No wonder there are so many complaints about the poor quality of the so-called 'psychics' using the Oranum streaming service.   

But the suspect nature of the Oranum business doesn't end. There were some recent doubts that Docler Holding owned the patents for the particular video streaming technology used to make hundreds of millions of dollars. A company that claimed to hold the patents was reported to have sued Docler for using the streaming technology without permission.   

That's only one of many negative press articles about the Hungarian owner.   

György Gattyán Tax Investigations

In 2012 the offices of Gattyán's Docler Holding were the subject to a large investigation by the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Authority.    

In 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union was asked to rule on whether or not Gattyán's companies were avoiding paying VAT. They investigated whether or not the transfer of his erotic site livejasmin.com from his Hungarian company 'WebMindLicenses' to his Portugal company 'Lalib - Management and Investment Ltd', constituted an effort to avoid Hungary's higher rate of VAT tax. (Lalib is also the company that manages Oranum Psychics).   

Oranum Owner Found in Panama Papers

More recently György Gattyán has appeared in the Panama Papers. He is reported to have set up an "off-shore trust" using the Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca, although he claims he didn't know what his law firm was doing.   

Gattyán's law firm contacted Mossack Fonseca to set up the Panama trust in 2013, reportedly the same year Gattyán took steps to immigrate to the United States where he bought a 24 million dollar home in Los Angeles.   

Little of this is known to the general public because the Docler Group works hard to build a respectable looking front.  


Misleading Public Persona of Oranum

They hide behind projects like 'Il Bacio di Stile', an expensive up-market Budapest department store that lost money and lasted just two years, 2013-2015. The Department store was reportedly raided by Government Tax Investigators a month before it closed in July 2015.  

They attempt to give their Oranum Psychics company a respectable front by hiring famous celebrities to endorse it.  

We've already seen how Oranum paid Sony Music to be associated with Christina Aguilera. In the same way they have associated themselves with characters from "Real Housewives of New York", Jared Eng and many others.  According to their own advertising copy, Oranum have attempted to gain credibility by paying for endorsement from, "Heidi Montag, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Chelsea Handler, Tori Spelling, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Denise Richards, Alec Baldwin, Montel Williams, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Couretney Cox, Lauren Conrad, Cheryl Cole, Brett Butler and Dionne Warwick among others".  

It's easy to see how many people can unwittingly support a business that gains its legitimacy by paying legitimate celebrities to endorse them.  

The only way the public and shareholders can know how a business is operating is to reveal the truth. In my opinion, Oranum Psychics is not offering quality psychic readings. It appears to be nothing more than a scam set up by the business owner and CEO of Docler Holding to bring in more revenue to his business.

For any legitimate psychic or medium that may inadvertently find themselves working for Oranum, they would have no idea of the seedy underbelly of how this business came to be. How many women and men have used Oranum Psychics not knowing the truth of who owned the psychic business?  

Spiritual Psychic Business Origins

Normally you would hope and expect that a spiritual website is set up by someone who believes in the Spiritual arts, rather than by a pornography businessman out to make as many $millions as he can. I've found no evidence anywhere suggesting that any of the owners of Oranum had any real spiritual background before branching off from the sex industry to the spiritual arts.  

My own spiritual observation is, Oranum is one of the most fraudulent, anticompetitive businesses I've ever seen in the Mind Body Spirit market place. I strongly advise the public to be discerning of using Oranum Psychics, until they follow the same business regulations all ethical businesses follow. There are thousands of affiliates all following the same unethical procedures to help Oranum build up a false reputation. There is no way the company owner could not be aware of what the affiliates are regularly doing.  

Be cautious of social media profiles that are nothing more than paid affiliates directing the public to what I can only describe as suspect psychic businesses. Be careful of social media tweets and Facebook entries that recommend Oranum and fail to declare paid business partnership. Be discerning of anonymous website domains that are hidden behind proxies and do not reveal who the real owners are.  

As a spiritual medium I also want to warn the public to be wary of providing your personal information to any Hungarian, Portuguese, United States or international companies that branch off from Oranum. There are many of them. Go back and find out if your personal data is being used by their companies without your authorization. Check the terms of use and privacy statements on their websites. Ensure you did not agree for your personal data to be shared with affiliated companies. The seediness and misleading deceptive means of these companies is something you simply cannot ignore.

From my investigation Oranum is branching into a range of online businesses that require the buyer to be discerning at all times.

Oranum Psychics = Duodecad ITS = Docler Holding = Lalib Management and Investment Ltd = sex streaming site, livejasmin.com = Laszlo Czero CEO = Porn King, György Gattyán

As I initially mentioned in the article, how has Oranum been able to get away with the range of scams we have identified? The Hungarian and Portugese government consumer bodies must have been aware of the amount of complaints being raised by the public. There are hundreds of complaints online about their business behaviour. It is beyond comprehension that they have not been investigated and shut down by now.  

Don't take my word for it, investigate Oranum's psychic background for yourself and how many companies now are associated with this brand.  

The Oranum Psychic owners might have believed they could hide behind affiliates to do their dirty work, but Spirit has other ideas about what is real in the spiritual arts. Trying to build a false respectable front in the psychic sector isn't the same as being ethical in the first place.  

Oranum psychics have a lot to learn about the omnipotent presence of Spirit. Everything is known.  

Love and Light

June 5th 2016

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