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Online Psychic Editorials > What are Real Psychic Predictions as Opposed to Psychic Prediction Clickbait? (Part 1)
What are real psychic predictions?

What are Real Psychic Predictions, as Opposed to Prediction Clickbait?

Every year eager psychic prediction followers seek out prophecy forecasts for the year ahead, but how can you tell what's credible prophecy Vs clickbait?

If you're rushing to find 2018 Psychic Predictions, read this first..

Spiritual prophecy is credible. Historically, seers have been demonstrating the gift of prophecy ever since humans have walked the earth. You will notice I describe that the gift of prophecy is directly related to spiritual seers. That's because the seer gift is not given lightly by the higher realms. Spiritual seers must be annointed with the gift.

My spiritual gift as an Earth seer is breath aura consciousness. I have been seeing spiritual visions since I was born. This is why I can write about prophecy with heightened knowing.

There is so much misinformation about psychic prediction prophecy for purely commercial reasons and some individuals like to test the angelic realms patience by inventing their backgrounds.

Are Celebrity Psychic Predictions Real?

Celebrity psychics often build up their reputation in the media by releasing the standard sensationalist predictions. Gossip media, radio programs and Good Morning television is renowned for jumping on the bandwagon to predict which celebrities or royal couples will get married, get pregnant, or split up. The Daily Mail, Newscorp, The Sun, Metro UK, Herald Sun all line up to place predictions online.

A good indicator is the suspect UK psychic predictions from Lyndsay Edwards, a mysterious blog writer, come 'overnight psychic' who started to release predictions in the last year. What is going on?

Lets call it what it really is, clickbait psychic prediction imposters. Hundreds of predictions, from writers who declare their spiritual guides are responsible for the predictions and don't accept responsibility if none of them come true.

How many SEO driven psychic prediction websites, Facebook pages and social media sites are nothing more than search engine clickbait to send you to psychic chat websites or suspect media? Thousands.

How to find genuine psychic predictions

What is Spiritual Channeling?

I want to clear up some misconceptions about spiritual channeling. There is a mistaken belief in the Mind Body Spirit sector that angelic channeling coming from the higher realms is only about 'uplifting' guidance.

Real spiritual channeling is about assisting humankind. The higher realms are no more likely to channel prophecy about your favorite celebrities, than they would channel what you're having for lunch today.

They just don't do entertainment escapism. The angelic realms provide englightening visions and channeling to provide wisdom and knowledge.

The original spiritual art of prophecy has been so twisted and manipulated over the years, it has now become watered-down vague forecasts.

The New Age movement has altered the traditional spiritual arts into self help, overly-positive psychological gobbledygook. Lets look at where some of this originated from.

Doreen Virtue and the Over-Positive Psychology New Age Movement

Doreen Virtue started the angelic spiritual channeling movement with books, angel courses and angels cards from Archangels, which were designed to uplift your spiritual frequencies.

Millions of women and men lined up to purchase books, do courses and buy angel message cards. Now Doreen Virtue has converted to Christianity and declared she wants nothing more to do with the empowering spiritual messages, or the incredible love frequency of the angels.

The angels, ascended masters and spirit guides that everyone relied upon to build up intuitive gifts and to access the powerful spiritual guidance carried within, have now been rejected by their own creator.

In all of those teachings you were instructed to believe that channeling should always be positive, uplifting and inspiring. But this is not spiritual truth. Overemphasis of any one of our feelings, including positivity, at the expense of others, leads to dis-ease.

You will notice my spiritual guardians don't do sugar-coated channeling, and there's a reason for this. The universal consciousness in the Akashic Records reveals the truth.

All prophecy takes into account what is going on in our world right now. That means we have to look at the hard reality that there is both light and darkness on Earth.

We have to come to realise that darkness has leaked into government institutions, the politicians we elect, multinational companies, and the communication streams we class as media. It is causing enormous damage to humanity and our beautiful planet.

To summarise, my spiritual guardians’ channeling helps us single out the spiritual deceivers hiding in the darkness and causing irretrievable humanitarian and environmental damage.

Why would the higher angelic realms take an interest in trivial gossip when our planet is going through major earth changes?

Vine’s Gift of Prophecy Since Young Child

I was spiritually guided to learn about the traditional art of prophecy as a young child by my higher spiritual guardians. I never trained in psychology, philosophy or required educational training of any kind to connect to the higher realms. I don't need or relate to modalities like tarot or angel cards, or the abused law of attraction courses.

I also don't seek celebrity endorsement, because this is meaningless in the higher realms. Why would the higher angelic realms take an interest in trivial gossip when our planet is going through major earth changes?

Many of the manufactured psychology and life coach methods and courses that claim to help you connect to the higher realms, are nothing more than entertainment.

Some psychic chat lines even have disclaimers that state they are for "entertainment only". It is alarming to see novices who state they've only just started doing psychic predictions, then offering fake spells, email readings and spiritual services they are ill-equipped to administer.

Authentic spiritual predictions aren't sugar coated. If you look at prophets throughout history, you’ll find they forewarn about problems and try to help you navigate your way through them. By being alert, you can react to changing circumstances.

Spiritual Discernment

I caution you to be spiritually discerning. If an angel channeller claims to have the gift of prophecy, ensure they can demonstrate this gift. Make sure the psychic prediction expert exists in real life. Some people who are promoting themselves in the media have never been sighted in real life. Some are ex-blog writers who have set up suspicious overnight email and phone psychic reading services. They use foreign digital marketing, to direct an unsuspecting public towards anonymous websites or clickbait psychic prediction sites.

The Mixed Messages of Psychic Predictions and Prophecy

A lot of people are getting mixed messages about prophecy and spiritual channeling. Some of you are becoming disillusioned - with good reason.

If you are one of the millions of people who signed up to train for accredited angel courses and now find your qualifications are useless, you have every reason to question the ethical conduct and business to business partnerships that now fail to accept responsibility, while continuing to teach new course formats.

Although I have not personally been affected by these Ask an Angel courses, I am now getting queries about what course participants can do about it. I am unable to respond to legal questions about other business conduct, you need to seek assistance from professional lawyers about class actions etc.

Paid Media Promotional Psychic Predictions

Also be aware when sections of the media enter into paid advertorial arrangements with celebrity psychic or personalities.

It doesn’t matter how inauthentic the so-called psychic or psychic prediction may be, the media spruiks them because they are being paid to.

The media has a love hate relationship with psychics. They love them when they are being paid, and the often demonise them when they are not being paid. They love to sensationalise spiritual matters with ghost and grave stories, doomsayer prophecy and nonsense celebrity predictions because they come under the banner of, entertainment escapism.

Genuine psychics and psychic predictions do not attempt to sensationalise their subject matter. Genuine psychic predictions are there to guide us and help promote harmony in the world.

Love and Light

See Part 2 ...
"How can you spot suspect MSM psychic predictions and entertainment clickbait predictions?"

December 18th 2017

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