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Online Psychic Editorials > How can you spot clickbait and suspect MSM psychic predictions? (Part 2)
Psychic Predictions Reveal the Deceivers

How can you spot clickbait and suspect MSM psychic predictions?

Vine continues her spiritual advice on how to tell real psychic predictions from entertainment celebrity prediction clickbait and reveals how suspect media sites try to hide real prophecy.

Who is responsible for clickbait psychic predictions and what is the motive for hiding real prophecy?

When I was spiritually guided to release prophecy from my higher guardians in 2010, I needed convincing. The predictions published by so called 'celebrity psychics' had nothing to do with the traditional spiritual arts.

Some 'celebrity psychics' were breaking the Universal Laws by releasing death lists of celebrities or royal family members who were going to become ill or die. In my opinion, they were cringeworthy.

I was spiritually guided that the prophecy I would release would help humanity. Only then did I agree to do it.

I have been seeing spiritual visions of prophecy since I was a young child. Often seeing visions of real life events, before they came true.

In my childhood years I believed everyone was finely attuned to Universal consciousness and had similar experiences. Over the years I came to realize this wasn't true, and that many famous Australian and global psychics who claimed to have the gift of prophecy or psychic ability were putting it on.

This is why I want to share some home truths about psychic predictions and who's trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

How Clickbait Psychic Prediction Prophecy Makes A Mockery of the Universal Spiritual Arts

Have you seen all of the key word bullet point psychic predictions all over the web? They fall into three categories:

  1. Vague psychic predictions that fail to give any real information to the reader. They are normally set up to contain keywords that cover any type of local or world event that could occur in the year.

    This is why you see bullet points for all types of natural disasters, hundreds of terrorist attacks in different locations around the world, celebrity, royalty, life and death predictions, and the occasional marriage and baby predictions. Then throw in a sport forecast for good measure. It makes a mockery of the traditional spiritual arts.

  2. You also have the vague premonitions, lined up ten years in advance. They often have so many predictions about so many things that some of them are bound to hit the mark.

    Those that don't are deleted and replaced with new ones for the future. This type of sham process, insults your intelligence.

  3. Add to this, seo generated predictions about the latest news, as some so called 'psychic' attempts to jump on the bandwagon about current world events they failed to predict years in advance. You might find these psychics on YouTube sharing how they predicted Brexit or the United States election results just before the events actually occurred in real life. Go and take a look if they predicted any world events years in advance or before they were in the news. That's how you'll know if they're credible or not.

    Many of these clickbait psychic prediction sites are designed to get you to click online ads and affiliate links.

The Secret Way of Identifying Credible Prophecy

Let me share something about spiritual prophecy that so-called celebrity psychics and life coach prediction experts don't understand...

There is no such thing as time in the Universal Akasha. I'll repeat that for you to understand why the Universe doesn't share prophecy in date order. The Akashic Record is without human time. Therefore any bullet pointed prophecy that is dated years ahead, is not credible.

Real psychic predictions aren't verified by date. A seer can definitely see years in advance, but we can't give exact dates, because human time doesn't exist in the Akasha.

This is why aspects of my 2011 psychic prediction about Donald Trump, North Korea and other political events have come true this year. You will find the same spiritual formula from famous seers like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. The prophecy is foreseen years in advance. Other times seers (visionaries) are shown visions that come true within days, and they don't have enough time to publish them.

I get unique channeled guidance from my higher guardians about the year ahead. None of the predictions I place on my website are forced. When I see a spiritual vision by clairvoyance, or hear my higher guardians forewarning to be alert because of earth changes, I share it on my website.

I only verify prophecy when it comes true. The prophecy is never altered and is transparent (exactly what I was spiritually guided to do since 2009). I don't promote my predictions in the mainstream media or direct the public to second rate websites or have foreign engineered social media companies promoting them. That's a red flag if you see any prediction sites using these practices.

Why do the Media and Spiritual Deceivers Try to Hide Prophecy?

Before you read on, check how many 2018 psychic predictions you can find headlining in the media.

Why does MSM want to release sensationalised psychic predictions?

I'm here to share these media outlets aren't reputable. Some of them are owned by media moguls and deceivers who try to stamp out the higher realms' voice.

They do two things to stop credible prophecy being found: They release suspect celebrity sensationalist psychic predictions, or they find old prophecy and try to be found before latest prophecy.

Here's the reasons why:

Deceivers don't want the global public knowing what they are up to. They have created their empires and secret economies to be able to hide their deception.

If a prophet reveals what politicians, financiers or banks are doing behind the publics' back that would mean their secrets would be known.

If you refer to my earlier prophecy, my higher spiritual guardians channeled the Divine Feminine Universal Consciousness would reveal their deception and bring it out into the open. Not long after, we witnessed the leaking of the Panama and Paradise Papers blowing tax evasion secrets around the world, wide open.

The political and business deceivers were either running for cover, or people in the know were having their life cut short, because of who knew what. The Russian ogilarchs, mafia identities and secret societies will do whatever it takes to keep everything private. It might explain why they're so afraid of spiritual seers and have tried to outlaw the traditional spiritual arts in Russia.

Would a media mogul connected to secret societies try to shut down free speech and block out spiritual prophecy? Absolutely, if they knew it would reveal their secret lives.

How To Spot Fake Psychic Predictions

If you are a keen follower of prophecy, and want to be sure of its authenticity, you need to take a screenshot of original prophecy and then verify if any of it has come true. Some prophecy followers can be dismayed to see predictions and horoscope forecasts removed from websites if they don’t come true. The only way to be sure if predictions are credible is if the date of the prediction is archived and never changed.

Unfortunately a lot of dates and predictions are altered on Wordpress and Google websites that allow owners to backtrack prophecy, which is why it's important to do an archive.

Check which psychics are releasing predictions and then suddenly editing their websites. Some will write a prediction in the positive and then another one in the negative. You might see something like, actress Meghan Markle will get engaged to Prince Harry, than another one saying they will break up before the wedding. That's specifically written to get the search engines to find two versions.

Have you spotted the commenter prediction sites that comment on prophecy and discuss dreams, visions about current news? They pick out mainstream current news to discuss, so the search engines will find their keywords. Yet another way of treating the reader with contempt.

Reputable psychic prediction websites will date their predictions accurately and will not remove prophecy. Unethical websites that remove predictions, are hoping you don't check.

I am truly saddened to see the traditional spiritual arts abused. I understand why my prediction followers requested I share my wisdom, to help you identify what is factual and what's fabricated.

The higher realms select the prophet, and you will know them by their fruit. Look to their spiritual philosophy and what they represent. Also know, the higher realms are omnipresent and that means the individuals who engage in these deceptive clickbait business practices will be karmically recording everything they're doing and be required to have a life review.

It also might explain why some of the New Age channelers are rushing to convert to religion.

Love and Light

See Part 1...
What are Real Psychic Predictions as Opposed to Prediction ClickBait?

December 29th 2017

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