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Vine was spiritually guided to place world and Australian predictions online to help people understand the extreme earth changes due to human ignorance, greed and corruption. Since 2010 Vine has been a spiritual voice for the changes necessary to bring about a reduction of the devasting environmental and social effects of climate change.

2017 Vine Psychic Prediction Prophecy Summary from Angelic Spiritual Guardians

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Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden
Phaedrus c. 15 BC – c. 50 AD

Vine Psychic Spiritual Channeling
1st January 2017

Not All Is As It Seems

Greetings Earth beings, we come to you to offer hope in this year of beginnings. We say to you that you will have many challenges to overcome - perseverance and persistence will be required by all.

You are awakening to the truth of your existence, you must also see the truth of the detractors who hold court to remove laws created for harmony. We say to you, be aware of their existence and become one with all who want peace on earth.

Not all is as it seems, the cloak holders are not there for your resolve, they prance and guild attention, but are deceptive in their masks.

The cock bearer who exalts your reverence is no more. Open your eyes to see past the detractors who parade their wares, then you shall be greeted with webs removed and pure essence.

Our mirror will alter perception from your being to clear the shadow from your eyes.

With love and blessings to all earth beings we bid you well.

End of channeling

• • • • • • • • • •

Vine's Spiritual Summary - We Can Be Heroes

Hopefully I will do justice interpreting the higher angelic guardians spiritual channeling. I will break down the channeling for you to see the meaning behind the words. Then I will share some of the visions I have been receiving.

(My higher guardians don't work to human time because it doesn't exist in the angelic realms.)

I am also humbly offering my apology if some of the guidance I share is misinterpreted. Living in Australia I have no knowledge of all of the political constitutions and laws that govern individual countries.

I attempted to interpret many visions about the United States election seeing a large amount of votes moving away from Trump becoming President of the United States of America. At no stage did I see the Electoral College interference.

Surprisingly when seeking guidance from the higher angelic realms about the prediction interpretation, they do not legitimize a Trump presidency because of the deceptive methods with which he got into public office. I was spiritually guided the night Trump was voted in by the Electoral College that he did not (actually) win the election.

Therefore I will accept the higher realms channeling that Trump is spiritually an illegitimate President and Commander and Chief of the Free World. There is more spiritual channeling I will provide to support why the higher realms do not acknowledge Trump as a legitimate elected President.

Spiritually, my higher guardians are channeling that the people of our world are being distracted by those in power who hold court over our everyday lives. My higher guardians are warning that politicians elected into government (not by vote but by money) intend to tear down a lot of the government institutions we rely upon to keep society functioning properly.

They refer to these legal government institutions as the laws of harmony.

It is up to the people of the world to be alert and ready to tackle any breakdown of government office that will tear at the very fabric of harmonious society. Health services, mental health, education services, veterans support, financial austerity practices, legal aid, environment and marine protections, climate science, national parks etc. We are being guided to be ready for any austerity measures forced through parliaments around the world, to the extent that there may be government services never returning.

If we fail to see what is being done behind the scenes by being distracted by 'look over there tactics' we are solely responsible for any future predicaments we find ourselves in.

The cloak holders, as my spiritual guardians refer to the elite, will do whatever it takes to draw our attention away from political policy. Notice the spiritual channeling "cloak holders are not there for our resolve." The translation "deceptive in their masks" can be further understood when you understand the spiritual deceivers interpretation my higher guardians refer to about people who congregate in secret to plan attacks in politics and business.

When I share some of the visions and guidance I received about the secret society's motives, you will be horrified how they set out to create a subservient society (economic slaves). More will be released to support why the higher realms warn we need to see the signs of distraction.

The cock bearer (rooster) is spiritually used to refer to as the traditional media of our world. The media owners who are part of the secret societies "who exalt our reverence" are not to be trusted. It is now up to us as spiritual beings to identify true independent media.

Soon I will share a vision about how the media is set up to confuse and alter public perception before major elections and world events.

Here I refer to my higher guardians statement that, "Not all is as it seems".

Notice my higher guardians share that the parts of the media we must not be distracted by, were set up by the secret societies.

"The parading of the wares" is about advertising and marketing used by companies owned by spiritual deceivers. We go back to the warning we are receiving about media of all kinds, set up solely to distract our attention away from what's really going on.

"Then you will be greeted by webs removed and pure essence". This part of the channeling is describing the internet and electronic devices and their negative influence on our lives.

Spirit is guiding we can remove the negative presence of the dark web and electronic devices, if we become involved and stop their influence from creating disharmony. How do we stop the negative influences of electronic devices? By tackling them head on I'm guided.

Spirit is referring to my channeling facilitation "as the mirror" looking into consciousness and pulling back the Akashic knowledge and channeling for you to find and research. If I alter your perception by revealing the visions and prophecy guided, you can check the accuracy. This is what my spiritual guardians refer to as "removing the shadow from your eyes".

Before I conclude the translation of the 2017 spiritual channeling prophecy, I would like to thank my loyal Australian and global prediction followers for all of your help sending emails to verify predictions. You have been my rock for the last ten years, after I was spiritually requested to share prophecy.

Thank you for realizing that celebrity psychic predictions are not a legitimate spiritual art. I will never sensationalize or demean spiritual visions from the higher angelic realms by predicting when celebrities will marry or have babies. Nor will I ever build false predictions filled with SEO keywords from the latest news stories, just to appear relevant. Akashic karma will fall on the feet of the unenlightened souls who do that.

Blessings to all and may we strive for real peace on Earth.

Love and Light

Now we begin to know what has been hidden... Go to my 2017 Spiritual Vision about the Deceivers to identify why Spirit doesn't acknowledge Trump as a legitimate elected President...

• • • • • • • • • •

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Prediction UPDATE: 31st October 2017

Paul Manafort Indicted over Ties with Russia

Vine's Prediction TRUE

It is spooky accurate how Vine predicted the interference in the US elections. Her ability to use the akashic records to see into the future and record prophecy is beyond question.

Vine's predictions of "deceptive methods" used to get Trump into office, are being proven categorically TRUE now that Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort has been indicted over his ties with Russia.

The charges against Manafort involve tax evasion and illegal Russian money laundering. He was also known to be at the meeting between Trump campaign members and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, in which the Russians offered to provide damaging information against Hillary Clinton and help Trump win in exchange for Trump repealing the Magnitsky Act.

George Papadopoulos Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI about Meetings with Russians

Before the US election, Vine also predicted, " underhanded dirty political tactics coming by computer".

Now Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about meetings with Russians who had 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton.

His admission of guilt provides the clearest evidence yet that Vines prediction is TRUE and the Kremlin was actively trying to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign with "underhanded dirty political tactics" using fake news on computers.

Prediction UPDATE: 12th October 2017

Why did so many global Mystics and psychics predict a Trump presidency, but not the deception and Russian collusion? You see all these psychics taking credit for predicting Trump election results, but somehow their guides failed to enlighten them about how Trump would be an illegitimate POTUS.

The only global spiritual prophecy warning the world about Trump using dirty tactics to game the votes, was from spiritual seer Vine. If you research the spiritual transcripts over the years concerning Vine's warning about Putin holding secret meetings, you can follow how the deceiver elite planned and infiltrated Brexit Leave, and the United States election. Now nearly everything Vine warned about with social media infiltration is coming true.

Here's the latest breakdown of what Vine predicted and what what investigative journalists are now reporting:

Prediction UPDATE: 6th October 2017

Joining the Dots...

Gizmodo Article Leads to Trump Election

What does an article in a sensationalist online magazine have to do with the United States-Trump-Russia Deception?

The higher realms have channeled that a sensationalist online article published in Gizmodo (Gawker Media) in May 2016, was treated as a serious report and led to Facebook & Twitter being weaponised for micro-targeted Russian advertisements and fake news, before the Presidential elections.

Gizmodo Article with Unsubstantiated Facebook Criticism

Six months before the 2016 US Elections, an article critical of Facebook appeared in a sensationalist online Gawker Media magazine, Gizmodo.

The Gizmodo article quoting an anonymous source, and alleged that Facebook workers routinely suppressed conservative news from its trending news section. There was no proof given for the allegations. In fact, the anonymous accusations and lack of proof in the article, made it exactly the sort of sensationalist tabloid journalism that Gizmodo was regularly sued for.

Puzzling Over-The-Top Reaction to the Article

Instead of the Gizmodo article being ignored or Facebook suing them, the opposite happened…

Conservative forces used the unfounded and unproven accusations in the article to put public pressure on Facebook to move to the right, and amazingly, Facebook acted as if the story was true and acquiesced.

Brietbart and Peter Smith Tweet about the Article

The story was immediately picked up and magnified by conservative online sites like National Review Online and Brietbart, and astoundingly, it was also Tweeted by Peter Smith, the Republican donor who worked with Russian hackers to obtain Hillary Clinton's emails, and then reportedly committed suicide.

Peter Smith Gizmodo Tweet

Smith rarely ever used his Twitter account but for some reason, he thought that an obscure article attacking Facebook was important enough to tweet about. The Tweet was then retweeted by fake accounts and Trump bots.

If all of this wasn’t strange enough, within hours of the article’s publication, Republican senator John Thune was using it to put pressure on Facebook to increase its conservative coverage.

The lightning speed of Senator Thune's detailed response to the Gizmodo article suggests that he had prior knowledge and was ready to pounce. On the same day the article was published, Republicans released a comprehensive press release seeking answers from Facebook on what they called, "political manipulation allegations" raised in the article.

Facebook Acquiesces to Republican Demands

There was no reason for Facebook to take a Republican senator's perceived ideas about bias on Social Media seriously, but amazingly, they did. Facebook rolled over and acquiesced to Republican demands to make Facebook more conservative and arguably biased in favour of Conservative ideals.

They sacked their staff who were responsible for keeping fake news off Facebook and replaced them with an algorithm that let fake news run amok on Facebook before the US elections, ultimately leading to the election of Donald Trump.

Why Did Facebook Make Changes That Allowed Fake News?

An article in Wired Magazine explains that "Facebook can absolutely control its algorithm", strongly suggesting that the fake news was allowed to happen before the US election.

The article explains that Facebook’s algorithm is determined by data and is based on what users want. Therefore the algorithm is designed to get users increasingly addicted to Facebook and over the last 12 months fake news has proven to be very addictive.

Was the Gizmodo Story a Set-Up?

So this question remains: Was the Gizmodo story a set-up, designed to give Facebook the excuse to install an algorithm that would allow micro-targeting of fake news to people likely to vote for Trump?

Peter Thiel - Chess Master

At the time of the Facebook article, Gizmodo was owned by Gawker Media, which was being sued by Hulk Hogan. The Hulk Hogan lawsuit was being financially backed by billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel who was on the board of Facebook and one of the original Facebook financial backers.

There was an ongoing war between Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton and Peter Thiel who had earlier been outed as gay by Gawker media. Denton thought that Peter Theil was taking his "Count of Monte Cristo" revenge, by suing Gawker into bankruptcy.

Chess Master

However, Peter Thiel is a former chess master and may have had more than one reason for attacking Nick Denton and Gawker Media.

It was under these circumstances that Nick Denton made his chess-like move and published the Facebook story alleging political manipulation, which was supplied to him by an anonymous ex-Facebook worker.

However, in the words of chess grandmaster Danny King, "You can’t take your moves back. Once you play your move you could be stepping into some horrible trap."


Within hours of the story being published, conservative forces had sprung a trap that ultimately led to fake news flourishing on Facebook. It led to the removal of hands-on journalists screening fake news and thus forcing data-mined hacked information onto selected key States, and the rest we know. Checkmate…. the election of Trump.

Bannon, Breitbart and Facebook

At the same time as conservative forces were using the fake Gizmodo news story to increase fake news on Facebook, Steve Bannon was reportedly attempting to infiltrate Facebook with Breitbart agents.

As all of this was happening just before Facebook, Google and Twitter staff began working directly with the Trump election campaign team. So, did Steve Bannon also successfully infiltrate Twitter staff?

It is obvious to many social media users that both Facebook and Twitter changed their algorithms before the US elections.

Facebook and Twitter Foreign Business Partnerships - Was the Software Secure?

But what hasn’t been thoroughly covered is the direct partnerships Twitter and Facebook have with foreign companies and whether the software had any vulnerabilities to allow penetration. The more we join the dots, the more obvious it becomes that Vine’s original spiritual prophecy warning before the United States election about deceptive computer activity has been found to be true.

Disclaimer - Vine's Psychic Predictions are spiritually channeled at the request of the higher realms to help humankind. At no stage in the joining the dots prediction verification is it our intention to cause harm to deceased persons or family of the deceased. Any information we refer to in joining-the-dots verification has already been published by online media. If Australia's Vine Psychic Predictions reveals sensitive information in joining the dots is to ensure the truth is known and the integrity of the real spiritual arts is upheld.

Prediction UPDATE: 8th September 2017

How was Facebook Directly Involved with Russian Interference in the US Elections?

Boom! There is now verifiable evidence that Facebook allowed Russian Infiltrators to set up fake accounts to influence and interfere with the 2016 United States election - exactly as Vine's higher realms 'joining the dots' prediction updates indicated.

The case for proving "collusion" between Russia and Facebook becomes more likely after the Mueller FBI investigation team forced Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to release information about Russian advertising on Facebook before the US elections.

Mueller's team served a criminal warrant on Facebook to demand this information even after Zuckerberg denied Facebook was responsible. The warrant also forced Facebook to admit they have suspended 470 fake Russian Facebook profiles involved in the Presidential elections.

Vine's spiritual guardians didn't only warn about the deceiver elite gaming the election, we were also guided how they actually used social media for propaganda dissemination months before Brexit and the 2016 United States election. This is why the higher realms have always guided that Trump is an illegitimate President of the United States. The direct relationship between Cambridge Analytica and the Trump marketing team now can't be denied.

Facebook, Google & Twitter Staff Employed to Help Trump

We know that Facebook sacked journalistic staff who were responsible for finding and deleting fake news, and replaced them with a computer algorithm that allowed fake news to run amok on Facebook user news feeds.

A pressing question remaining about Vine's Trump Russia prophecy is, did Zuckerberg or the Facebook board members remove those journalists because Facebook had entered into a paid relationship worth millions of dollars with the Trump administrative marketing team? Was there a direct conflict of interest?

According to a recent BBC news story, there were close relationships between the Trump marketing team (Brad Pascale), Cambridge Analytica and staff hired from Facebook, Twitter and Google. They were all working together in the same offices on the campaign to elect Donald Trump.

This is what is known about Facebook's direct relationship with the US Presidential election:

  • FACT: Facebook metadata was accessed (or hacked) to send false information to millions of voters who had Facebook accounts, to influence their decision about who to vote for before the United States Presidential election.

  • FACT: Facebook had a Russian company buying suspect advertising who directed the adverts to selected undecided voters and the profiles that assimilated information are now suspended as fake Russian accounts.

  • FACT: Facebook was pressured by the Republican Party to remove reputable journalists who had previously stopped fake news from being found on Facebook.

  • FACT: the removal of the journalists allowed the paid fake news pro-Trump and anti-Clinton advertising propaganda to be sent to selected demographics to get them to immediately think the information was accurate.

  • FACT: Facebook, Google and YouTube staff worked in the same office as the Cambridge Analytica Trump marketing team. According to a BBC story, the Facebook staff were, "kind of hands on partners, as far as being able to utilise the platform as effectively as possible." The Trump campaign spent most of its budget ($85m) on Facebook, and Facebook "made sure their needs were being met". Therefore

    Theresa Wong, who worked on the Trump campaign's digital operation with Cambridge Analytica said, "Without Facebook, we wouldn't have won"

Prediction UPDATE: 3rd August 2017

Look Over There!

In this prediction, Vine's higher guardians warn that we will be distracted with "look over there tactics" from those in power, "to distract our attention away from what's really going on."

Trump Tweets and Scaramucci Distractions

This happened recently when Donald Trump tweeted that "the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military", followed the very next day by Anthony Scaramucci's tirade to the New Yorker and his subsequent tweet targeting Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus.

These events dramatically stole the headlines away from one of the "most important" Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Russian involvement in the 2016 Elections.

Trump made his transgender tweets on the same day that Bill Browder was scheduled to testify to the Senate Judiciary about what he described as the kleptocratic government and business world of Putin's Russia. Bowder eventually testified about why the Magnitsky Act was talked about in the meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, and why it was crucial to Russian involvement in the US elections.

However, Browder's Senate hearing was postponed to the next day, the same day that Scaramucci called the New Yorker to make his "profane tirade".

Vine predicted that these 'look over there' tactics would be employed and warned us not to be distracted by them: "If we fail to see what is being done behind the scenes by being distracted by 'look over there tactics' we are solely responsible for any future predicaments we find ourselves in."

Prediction UPDATE: 22nd July 2017

Dark Web Site, AlphaBay Shut Down

In this prediction, Spirit guided that we can remove the negative presence of the dark web if we become involved and tackle them head on. This is exactly what police have done in a world wide joint operation to shut down the dark website, AlphaBay.

Until it was closed down, AlphaBay was the biggest illegal buying and selling site on the dark web and the most popular online black market website for illegal drugs, guns, credit cards, stolen data, etc.

Dutch authorities also took control of another dark web buying and selling site, called Hansa. When AlphaBay was shut down, many of their users registered with Hansa instead. All of their new usernames, passwords and addresses went straight into the hands of police.

Spirit emphasises the importance of removing dark web influences.

Prediction UPDATE: 17th July 2017

Brad Parscale Admits that Staff from Twitter, Facebook and Google Worked for the Trump Campaign

In this prediction, Vine was spiritually guided the night Trump was voted in by the Electoral College that he did not (actually) win the election. Vine received guidance that the Higher Angelic Realms do not legitimize the Trump presidency because of the deceptive methods used to get him into public office.

In the previous update for this prediction, we talked about those deceptive methods and established how Facebook algorithms were changed before the US elections. The changes allowed fake news from Russian and dark web sources to run rampant on Facebook after being micro-targeted to selected Facebook users.

We also noted that Russian and dark web Trump bots had flooded Twitter, creating fake news, fake trends and attacking anyone who was anti-Trump.

Now, the digital media director for Trump's election campaign Brad Parscale, who worked closely with Jared Kushner during the campaign, has admitted that staff from Twitter, Facebook and Google actually worked for the Trump campaign!

In response to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, Brad Parscale released a statement saying, "The only collaboration I am aware of in the Trump digital campaign was with staff provided to the campaign by Facebook, Google and Twitter.... Those experts in digital marketing worked side-by-side with our teams from Giles-Parscale, the Republican National Committee, and Cambridge Analytica to run a professional and winning campaign."

This Wired Magazine article on Parscale, Facebook data and Russian collusion, reiterates Democrat assertions that if Russians wanted to target fake news stories to American voters, they would have needed inside information about those voters and where to reach them. Brad Parscale's admission that staff from Facebook, Twitter and Google worked on the Trump Campaign, poses serious questions including:

Did any of the "inside information" required by the Russians, come from Facebook, Twitter and Google staff who were also working for the Trump digital campaign?

The following news report is about Brad Parscale's upcoming appearance before the House Intel Committee. Parscale will be asked what he knows of Russian interference in the US elections, but may not be asked about the role of Facebook, Google and Twitter who, according to Parscale, supplied staff to the Trump campaign.

Brad Parscale is soon to appear before the House Intel Committee. Will he be asked about the Facebook, Google and Twitter staff who he says worked on the Trump campaign, and their role in Russian collusion in the election of Donald Trump?

This is what we Know about Facebook and Twitter Involvement in the Trump Campaign

  1. Fake News from Russia and the Dark Web was micro-targeted to American voters by companies like Cambridge Analytica and Giles-Parscale, played a pivotal role in the election of Donald Trump.

  2. Before the election, GOP pressured Facebook to remove staff who were responsible for keeping fake news in check.

  3. A Facebook algorithm replaced staff, and fake news ran rampant.

  4. Russian and Dark Web pro-Trump bots and trolls ran rampant on Twitter.

  5. The Trump Digital campaign team spends up to $90 million on Facebook and Twitter advertising, including a six figure sum ($100,000+) to purchase the promoted hashtag, #TextTrump88022 just before the Republican Convention. Wired Magazine reported that the Trump campaign was running as many as 50,000 Facebook ads a day, and paying for "dark posts" that are publicly invisible but showed up in selected voter's news feeds.

  6. According to Brad Parscale, when all of this was happening Facebook, Twitter and Google staff were working directly with the Trump digital campaign team, to elect Donald Trump.

Knowing that Facebook and Twitter stood to gain $millions from the Trump campaign, and that there was a direct relationship between the Trump campaign and Google, Facebook and Twitter staff... How involved were they with setting up Facebook to allow so much fake news from Russia and the dark web?

Did they infiltrate the Twitter Network and alter the algorithms to favour the huge number of Trump bots and trolls? Were they also preventing Twitter trends that opposed Trump and were they stopping anti-Trump Tweets from being found before the election?

Just as Vine predicted, day by day, the deceptive methods used by the deceivers to elect Trump, are being exposed.

UPDATE: 19th June 2017

In this prediction about the election of Donald Trump, Vine said, "Now we begin to know what has been hidden......"

Why the Higher Realms Warned the World, "All Is Not What It Seems" - Elite Weaponizing Data Using Social Media Algorithms

As far back as 2013, in Vine's psychic prediction about The Controllers of the Internet, the higher realms warned that the elite were weaponizing data by changing algorithms on the world wide web. In that prediction, Vine's spiritual Guardians also refer to the Keys of the Internet being under threat.

Vine was also spiritually guided that widespread computer deception was taking place before the United States election and this had also happened with the United Kingdom Brexit vote.

By looking at Vine's comprehensive predictions between 2011 and 2017 and examining the clues left by Vine's Spiritual Guardians, we have been guided how to join the dots. What is the direct link between Facebook Algorithms, Fake News and Russian Interference in US Elections that resulted in the election of Donald Trump?

We discovered that the timing of events was crucial to the deceivers pulling off their unprecedented attack on democracy, by disseminating and microtargeting their fake news stories on Facebook and Twitter.

Now we can unveil the chain of events that made it possible for the deceivers to employ their fake news stories on Facebook.

Fake News on Facebook

Although fake news stories existed on Facebook before 2016, they were kept in check by a team of (real life human) journalists employed by Facebook in early 2014.

The team was called "The Trending Topics" or "Trending News" team and part of their job was to filter out extreme fake news stories. These could be either right or left wing fake news stories that the Facebook news algorithm pushed onto Facebook users.

The screening of fake news ended when the real life journalists were sacked. It is important to see the span of control the deceivers had to pull off their master-plan.

Pressure on Facebook to put more Conservative Stories into their News Feeds

During May 2016, 1 month before the Brexit referendum and 6 months before the US elections, Republicans began putting pressure onto Facebook to move away from their efforts to be politically neutral, and into becoming politically conservative and allowing political extremes to take hold on Facebook.

Here is the timeline of events of how the elite deceivers came to be able to manipulate and disseminate fake news on Facebook that was previously kept in check by a team of Facebook journalists:

Facebook Algorithm and Fake News TIMELINE:

MAY 4th 2016

Gizmodo Article Attacks Facebook "Trending Topics" Team

Gizmodo is a science and technology review website that also writes articles on politics. Its owner, Gawker Media was often sued for defamation and copyright issues, which eventually sent them into receivership. On May 4th 2016, Gizmodo published an article, which revealed that Facebook's trending news algorithm was overseen by real journalists, (the Trending Topics Team).

These journalists were empowered to weed out hoax news stories. The Gizmodo story inferred that the "Trending Topics" team was run by social elites: "people in their 20s and early 30s, most of whom graduated from Ivy League and private East Coast schools."

Most of the article was devoted to alleged criticisms of the team's working conditions. Therefore the allegation in this story was that 'social elites' from Ivy league schools may be choosing which news stories appeared in Facebook feeds. There was no mention of political bias.

MAY 9-10th 2016

A Second Gizmodo Article on the Facebook "Trending Topics" Team

Whereas the May 4th article in Gizmodo did not allege any political bias, a second article 6 days later alleged that Facebook workers routinely suppressed conservative news from the trending news section. The source for the Facebook allegations was, "Anonymous" and no proof of the accusations was ever given.

MAY 10th 2016

Facebook Trending Topics Team Leader
Refutes Allegations

Trending Topics team leader Tom Stocky, refuted the allegations published in Gizmodo. On Facebook, Tom Stocky said that he had, "found no evidence that the anonymous allegations are true". Tom Stocky went on to explain how the Trending Topics team worked.

He wrote: "Popular topics are first surfaced by an algorithm, then audited by review team members to confirm that the topics are in fact trending news in the real world and not, for example, similar-sounding topics or misnomers." …. "… reviewers are required to accept topics that reflect real world events, and are instructed to disregard junk duplicate topics, hoaxes, or subjects with insufficient sources…"

Tom Stocky

Facebook "Trending Topics" team leader Tom stocky, wrote this on May 10 2016. Today we refer to the "hoaxes" he refers to as, 'Fake News'.

MAY 10th 2016

Republican Senator Thune Announces Senate Investigation into Facebook

Just a few hours after the publication of the Gizmodo article that alleged Facebook "suppression of conservative news", Republican Senator John Thune released a detailed press release seeking answers from Facebook on what he called, "political manipulation allegations" raised in the article.

The lightning fast response from the Republican senator raises legitimate concerns about how much he knew about the article before it was published. The initial response took the form of a 3 page letter containing a series of questions to Facebook. The questions were supposedly gleaned from the Gizmodo article that was just a few hours old.

Even if the allegations were true, Facebook wasn't breaking any laws and was under no obligation to acquiesce to a Republican senator's perceived ideas about bias on Social Media.

However, we are asked to believe that Senator Thune immediately dropped everything he was working on, to address his attention to a spurious non-mainstream article in a science and technology review website that had already been sued for defamation for other stories it had published. At the time of Senator Thune's Facebook press release, the owners of Gizmodo, Gawker Media, were just about to lose a $135 million defamation case against them, which sent them into receivership a short time later.

AUGUST 26th, 4 PM

Facebook Sacks it's Journalists

3 months after Facebook was first put under Republican pressure, Facebook sacked it's entire Trending News Team and replaced them with an algorithm. The team was asked to leave the office by 5 pm that day, and from that time on, an algorithm took complete control and allowed fake news to flood the Facebook news feed before the 2016 US Elections.

And so it happened that the Republicans used an arguably 'fake news' story published by a suspect media site, to put pressure on Facebook to sack the journalists responsible for stemming the flow of fake news on Facebook.


Republicans Refuse to Back President Obama's proposed Bi-Partisan Efforts to Stop Russian Interference

At the end of August, the CIA warned Democrats and Republicans that Russia was working to elect Donald Trump and to disrupt America’s political system and undermine the electoral process. President Obama was reluctant to be seen as using the intelligence for solely Democratic ends, and so he sort bipartisan agreement from the Republicans before counteracting the Russian interference.

However, the Republicans made it clear they weren't interested in doing much about the Russian interference, which was favouring them. When the Obama administration proposed a letter to state election officials warning them of the possible threat posed by Russian hacking, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans would only agree to a toned-down version of the letter which did not mention the Russians.

Australia's Four Corners Report on Facebook Algorithms

In April 2017, a Four Corners report called Cracking the Code raised concerns about the Facebook Algorithms and confirmed that when the Facebook team of Journalists were sacked and the algorithm took over, "fake news really took off".

Four Corners interviewed Dale Schrader, one of the sacked Facebook 'Trending News' journalists. Schrader said, "After the Trending News Team was let go, there was a big problem with the sensational, or factually incorrect or misleading news sources and trending topics. It was just a disaster."

Four Corners report on Facebook Algorithms - "Cracking the Code"

In reality, even the Facebook news algorithm is susceptible to human bias, depending on how it is programmed. However, it's much harder to pin the blame on the people responsible for what an algorithm does, and to sack them.

Why is the Republican Senators' questioning of Facebook before the US Elections Suspicious?

It was just a few hours after allegations about Facebook from an anonymous source in a non-mainstream website Gizmodo, that republican Senator John Thune requested Facebook to brief the US Senate Commerce Committee about the allegations.

3 months later, the whole journalist section was sacked even though Facebook journalists said the grounds of the allegations were false. They were the only human faces screening fake news from non-credible media and stopping users from being bombarded with extreme political propaganda. Vine was spiritually guided about the algorithm changes and how the deceivers were able to weaponise social media in her Controllers of the Internet psychic prediction.

Was there an insider in Facebook directly connected to the Republicans or Russia?

It is no secret that billionaire Peter Thiel, who is on the Facebook Board and was one of the original Facebook Investors, is also a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Theil owns Palantir Technologies, which specializes in big data analysis, and he has direct knowledge of the type of data mining techniques used by Cambridge Analytica and it's parent company SCL, when they used Facebook data to help Trump win the US elections.

It is also interesting to note a connection between Peter Theil and the website that published the allegations about the Facebook Trending Topics team. At the same time that Gizmodo decided to publish the negative Facebook articles that ultimately led to the election of Donald Trump, Gizmodo's parent company Gawker Media, was being sued for over $100 million by Hulk Hogan.

Hogan's legal expenses of $10 million were financed by Peter Theil. At the same time as publishing his antagonistic articles about Facebook, Gawker Media's Nick Denton was also openly antagonistic towards Peter Theil.

Did Peter Theil, or any other members of the Facebook board apply pressure to Mark Zuckerberg to remove the journalists and allow fake news to flood Facebook before the US elections?

Vine was previously warned that the owners of social media were compiling data on all their users. Now we can see how the metadata on Facebook was crucial to being able to reach voters before the November election, and influence them with fake news.

In Vine's "All Will Be Revealed" Channeling, the higher realms warned that deceivers were using the keys and metadata to brainwash their audience. Now we can see how they did it, but there are several unanswered questions about who was directly involved in the United States.

Who Is On the Facebook Board and Who Are The Influencers?

Peter Thiel was clearly educated in big data analysis, so why didn't he warn the Facebook board about the possibility of Facebook being abused for its metadata?

Why didn't Peter Thiel warn the Facebook board that removing their journalists and relying solely on unproven algorithms would result in the possible exploitation of the Facebook advertising system before the United States election? Surely Facebook was equipped to defend its data from alien attacks and had contingency plans set in motion?

Something is amiss..

Did Republican Senators and Conservative Organizations have Prior Knowledge of Russian Hacking and Plans to Use Facebook Metadata?

Why did the Republican Party members interfere in the way Facebook was screening news stories? After being warned by the CIA that Russia was hacking the electoral systems, why didn't the Republican party, especially Senator Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan etc. work with President Obama to do something about it? Why did they wish to keep the Russian hacking into the electoral process a secret, when President Obama wanted a bipartisan attempt to warn electoral officials and stop the hacking?

Why was the Republican Party so confident that Russia would not interfere in their own electoral campaign?

Something doesn't add up...

Getting to the Truth of Who Knew What

Clearly we're now in unchartered deceiver waters. It's obvious the chain of events leads us to the Facebook algorithms, and we can't rule out similar interference with the Twitter algorithms.

Did Twitter get bombarded with fake news, polls and bots during the preselection and United States election? Absolutely. Yes. It did.

Twitter was widely abused by the same perpetrators of fake news on Facebook. How did that come about? Like Facebook, were the Twitter algorithms changed to allow the bots and fake news to take over before the US election?

Did the owners of Facebook and Twitter stand to financially benefit from a Trump Presidency?

So many questions need to be answered concerning why and how the deceivers reached their target audience and artificially persuaded and manipulated voters before Brexit and the United States elections.

Take a moment to reflect on the fake news that manipulated American voters, and how it wouldn't have happened if the Facebook journalists weren't sacked.

Take a moment to reflect how Republican Senators could put pressure on Mark Zuckerberg, simply because anonymous accusations against Facebook were published in a spurious non-mainstream web article.

Consider how Facebook was the direct source for data mining used by Cambridge Analytica and how paid Facebook advertising was sent to the American public from Wikileaks and propped up by fake conservative social media profiles.

There is no such thing as coincidence in the angelic realms, everything channeled to Vine about how the elite manipulate elections, was to help us get to the truth. Clearly, we haven't even begun to scratch the surface.

It is now up to the people to demand answers about how this elaborate scheme was set in motion to prevent it from happening again.

The higher realms revealed it falls back to all of us to demand greater accountability of our political representatives and to stop our data getting into the hands of the deceivers. Do we have enough privacy protections in place to stop governments or corporations abusing public trust? Remember the higher realms warned that failure to get this right now, would result in the people of the world becoming economic slaves and losing their freedoms.

Now we can see why.

Prediction UPDATE: 16th June 2017

Spirit Does Not Legitimise the Trump Presidency

In this prediction Vine's Spiritual Guardians said they do not legitimize the Trump presidency because of the deceptive methods with which he attained public office. His presidential team has been mired in controversy ever since the inauguration and now Donald Trump himself is under investigation for potential obstruction of justice.

Trump Under Investigation

The investigation into Donald Trump, centers on whether or not he has tried to thwart the Federal investigation into the Trump Campaign's ties with Russia. The investigation specifically concerns whether Donald Trump encouraged FBI director James Comey and other Government representives to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn.

Vine was cautioning about the illegitimacy of a Trump Presidency long time before the 2016 US elections, including in her psychic prediction about Donald Trump three months before the elections. In that divination Vine wrote: "I have already seen a new vision of underhanded dirty political tactics coming by computer in the coming months and we'll have to see how this plays out in November."

Now that Donald Trump is under investigation, the truth of Vine's long-standing prophecy about the legitimacy of the Trump presidency is being demonstrated.

UPDATE: 25th May 2017

Relationship between AggregateIQ, Cambridge Analytica, US Billionaire Robert Mercer, Brexit Leave and the United Kingdom Election

In this psychic prediction, Australian spiritual seer Vine warned, "Not all is as it seems". Vine specifically warns about advertising and marketing companies owned by spiritual deceivers.

In a previous update for this prediction, we looked at the links between analytics marketing companies AggregateIQ and Cambridge Analytica, Brexit Leave and US billionaire Robert Mercer.

AggregateIQ and Cambridge Analytica both worked on the Brexit Leave campaign, and we asked the Question: "Who is AggregateIQ and what is their relationship to Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercer?"

Investigative journalists have found that the two Leave campaigns were closely associated, deliberately misleading UK voters.


Carole Cadwalladr has since written more about the associations between AggregateIQ, Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercer.

In her story in the Guardian, Cadwalladr wrote, "There wasn't just a relationship between Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ... They were intimately entwined, key nodes in Robert Mercer’s distributed empire." She wrote that "Mercer’s role in the referendum went far beyond the jurisdiction of any UK law."

In December 2016 it was reported that Theresa May had been in talks with Cambridge Analytica "to help her win the next election". Not long after that, May called a snap election, 2 years ahead of schedule.

As the UK election draws near and the Brexit Leave investigation builds up steam, Vine also warns that our attention is being distracted away from what's really going on behind the scenes.

Prediction UPDATE: 15th May 2017

Vine Predicted that United States Institutions would be Under Assault

In this psychic prediction a month before Donald Trump took office, Vine's higher guardians warned that, "politicians elected into government (not by vote but by money) intend to tear down a lot of the government institutions we rely upon to keep society functioning properly."

James Comey Sacked

Days after FBI director James Comey was sacked by Trump, former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper has said US institutions are 'under assault' from Donald Trump.

Clapper said, "I think in many ways our institutions are under assault, both externally - and that’s the big news here, the Russian interference in our election system - and I think as well, our institutions are under assault internally." He clarified that the internal assault was coming directly from the president.

FBI insiders are reported to be saying, Donald Trump fired James Comey because he refused to end the Russia investigation.

In this prediction, vine wrote, "The cloak holders, as my spiritual guardians refer to the elite, will do whatever it takes to draw our attention away from political policy."

Prediction UPDATE: 22nd April 2017

Is the Brexit Leave Campaign Guilty of Criminal Offences? - Why Was a Snap UK Election Called?

In this psychic prediction, Vine's Spiritual Guardians warned that the deceivers behind the Brexit Leave Campaign, the Trump administration and the push for a New World Order, will do whatever it takes to draw public attention away from their real political motives. What could the British and global deceivers want to hide?

British Electoral Commission Funding - Declaring Foreign Money

In Britain, it is against the law not to report a donation of a service, or to accept a donation from a non-UK citizen or company. In the Brexit referendum, both these things may well have happened, resulting in British voters being covertly manipulated without their consent, by overseas companies and a US billionaire.

Why is this relevant to the current snap British election?

  • Brexit Leave Campaign is Under Investigation

  • 30 Conservative Ministers/Staff from the last UK elections are being prosecuted

  • Conservative ministers who may be prosecuted, are running again in the snap British federal election

  • British Conservative Party have hired Cambridge Analytica, the same data mining company caught up in United States Trump Russia Investigations and fake news controversy.

Brexit Leave Group under Investigation

It has just been reported that the British Electoral Commission is investigating spending returns of the Brexit Leave group. They say there are "reasonable grounds" to suspect offences have occurred regarding EU referendum spending. The investigation concerns the involvement of Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercer, the same people behind the controversy surrounding the election of Donald Trump.

CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, talks about the techniques they use

Vine Psychic Reading Line has already detailed the deceivers behind Donald Trump, including billionaire Robert Mercer and the data-mining company he has invested in, Cambridge Analytica.

Nigel Farage - The link between Brexit Leave, Robert Mercer and Donald Trump

Before Robert Mercer introduced Cambridge Analytica to Trump, he had introduced them to prominent supporter of the Brexit 'Leave' campaign, Nigel Farage. Cambridge Analytica was then used by the Brexit Leave campaign, and circumstances surrounding the involvement of Cambridge Analytica are now mired in controversy.

For reasons that may well pertain to the Brexit Leave investigations, Cambridge Analytica initially denied working for the Brexit Leave campaign however, mounting evidence suggests that they definitely did provide their services.

Aaron Banks Tweet - We have made no seret of working with cambridge
In this Tweet from Arron Banks (Co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign), he admits that Leave.EU used Cambridge Analytica's services.

In the above Tweet, Aaron Banks admitted that Leave.EU did use the services of Cambridge Analytica, however their donation of services were not declared to the electoral commission. By law in Britain, all donations of services in-kind worth more than £7,500 must be reported.

Arron Banks will be running for the seat of Clacton in the upcoming general election whilst being investigated over Brexit referendum spending.

Therefore, the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica's involvement in Brexit continues to smolder away, leaving US billionaire, Robert Mercer having played a key role in convincing the British public to leave the European Union.

Refer to the prophecy (above) where the higher realms warn: "Not all is as it seems, the cloak holders are not there for your resolve, they prance and guild attention, but are deceptive in their masks."

The Leave Campaign and Cambridge Analytica are both being secretive about how much of a role they played. However, it is not a secret that the official 'Vote Leave' group spent 40 percent of its £6.8 million budget hiring a very small Canadian IT company called AggregateIQ.

AggregateIQ has been widely credited with swinging the Brexit vote for Leave. So who are they?

Who is AggregateIQ and What is their Relationship to Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercer?

AggregateIQ is a small IT consultancy company that specialises in developing highly-targeted Facebook advertising, using the same sort of data-mining and micro-targeting techniques as Cambridge Analytica. It is run by Canadian, Zack Massingham.

Until recently, Cambridge Analytica's parent company SCL Group (Strategic Communication Laboratories), had listed Zack Massingham's phone number as the contact for their 'SCL Canadian Office'. After this was made public, SCL said that it was a mistake and have since removed Zack Massingham's number from their web site.

Is AggregateIQ a subsidiary of Cambridge Analytica?

This leaves questions for the Electoral Commission investigators to answer:

  • Is AggregateIQ a subsidiary of SCL and Cambridge Analytica?

  • When Leave.EU paid AggregateIQ £35 million, was this money in effect ending up with Cambridge Analytica?

It's becoming obvious that the playing field for the Brexit referendum was anything but level. Did US billionaire Robert Mercer explicitly influence the outcome of the referendum and undermine the UK electoral system?

Under the shadow of this Brexit controversy, Theresa May, having just signed Article 50 to begin Brexit negotiations with the EU, has called a snap election three years before it was due!

Why has a Snap UK Election been Called?

Is it a coincidence that the Tories have called the snap election just days before the Electoral Commission investigation into Brexit Leave spending was announced?

30 Conservative Party MPs may be Proscecuted

The snap election was also called just days before it was announced that 30 Conservative MPs may be prosecuted over Battle Bus spending in the last UK election. There are now real concerns about whether Conservative politicians involved should be allowed to run in the next election.

Channel 4 News exposé on ongoing case against Conservative party Battle Bus expenses in the last UK Election and the charges against Craig Mackinlay

The gamble of calling a snap election (3 years before it is due) in the hope that the investigations won't be completed before the election, may backfire if charges are brought against Conservative MPs right in the middle of the general election campaign.

The Tories may however, be more concerned about the investigations into the Brexit Leave campaign, which could put the entire Brexit referendum under a cloud of illegality.

Conservative Party and Cambridge Analytica

In December 2016 it was reported that Theresa May had been talking with Cambridge Analytica "for about three months" and were close to making a deal to use Cambridge Analytica to help the Tories win the next UK Election.

With two potentially damaging investigations in the pipeline for some time, it is possible that Theresa May and the Conservative Party have been working with Cambridge Analytica for the last 4 months, to data-mine information for the snap UK election, which they may have been planning for months.

After signing Article 50, Theresa May said, "there is no turning back". However, it has now been reported that Britain can likely stay in the EU if they decide to do so, even after signing Article 50.

With two serious investigations looming, one which could determine the legality of the Brexit Referendum, it is quite likely that the voters of Britain have not been told the truth about why the snap election was called.

Soon we will reveal important information that will identify why Spirit guided that persistence and perseverance will be required to identify how far this goes...

UPDATE: 18th March 2017

Trump Budget to Cut Government Institutions

The plans for the first Trump budget for 2018 have been released, and Vine's prediction that the Trump presidency would try to tear down government institutions, has come true.

Trump proposed 2018 Budget

The proposed budget makes large cuts to the government departments that Vine mentioned in this prophecy. "Health services, mental health, education services, veterans support, financial austerity practices, legal aid, environment and marine protections, climate science, national parks etc."

The budget would also eliminate dozens of smaller agencies including, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Vine warned that some Government services would be eliminated and may never return... "We are being guided to be ready for any austerity measures forced through parliaments around the world, to the extent that there may be government services never returning."

Are Trump's Austerity Measures Designed to produce Cannon Fodder for Planned Wars?

The Trump Government plans to dramatically increase the US military budget by 10% ($54 million). That's worrying enough on it's own, but they also plan to simultaneously introduce severe austerity measures for 100,000's of people who may well find that joining the military is the only way they can feed their families. Vine's spiritual guardians warn that the deceivers behind the Trump administration are setting out to create "a subservient society of economic slaves".

Spiritually, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is connected and when the connection is as immediate and obvious as a federal budget designed to increase the possibility of war, whilst simultaneously creating a 'cannon fodder' class of "economic slaves", it's time to sound the alarm bells.

Dangerous Budget Cuts to the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

If there is one thing that Vine's Spiritual Guardians have made perfectly clear for many years, it is that climate change is real, we are causing it and we need to halt it NOW.

The spiritual deceivers behind Donald Trump have put a climate change denier in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and now they have proposed to cut EPA funding by 31%. Roughly 3,200 EPA employees will lose their jobs and climate change will be allowed to run rampant.

Climate change is putting all life on our planet in extreme danger and everyone will have to pay the incalculable economic and social costs. If we don't address it immediately, climate change may end up costing us EVERYTHING.

Spiritually, Vine has already warned about the psychic abuse of our natural laws and that there are dark lower entities behind the deceivers who are denying climate change and prolonging the burning of fossil fuels.

Remember Vine's warning in this prediction: "It is up to the people of the world to be alert and ready to tackle any breakdown of government office that will tear at the very fabric of harmonious society."

Is there really Support for Veterans?

Vine also predicted that the Trump Government would not support veterans.

Although there has been a proposed increase for Veterans Affairs in the Trump budget, most of the increase is earmarked for military hospitals. This would make sense if the Trump administration is making plans to go to war.

Providing money for military hospitals does not equate to the general support for Veterans that Vine warns is in peril. The planned sweeping austerity measures will directly effect thousands of veterans who rely on Government help. For instance, according to this militarytimes.com article, Trump's proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels would adversly affect 500,000 veterans who rely on those meals. And thousands of veterans may be made homeless if rental vouchers are cut.

In light of the harsh austerity measures planned by the Trump administration, the small amount set aside for general support of Veterans, is unlikely to be sufficient and falls short of what veterans organizations requested. In their Independent Budget, Veterans have called for an $88.9 billion increase to Veterans Affairs. The proposed budget gives only $4 Billion.

Vine's prediction that the Trump administration would not support veterans, looks like it's coming true.

Vine Warns of Distraction Tactics

In this prediction Vine wrote, "The cloak holders, as my spiritual guardians refer to the elite, will do whatever it takes to draw our attention away from political policy.

Vine predicted that the Trump administration would try to distract from what they are really trying to do. This is coming true on a daily basis, with Trump himself being the biggest distraction from policies that will tear down democracy and create a class of economic slaves for the elite deceivers.

If we fail to see what is being done behind the scenes by being distracted by 'look over there tactics' we are solely responsible for any future predictaments we find ourselves in."

Vine's spiritual guardians warn the people of the world to be alert and ready to tackle any breakdown of government office that will tear at the very fabric of harmonious society..."

UPDATE: 1st February 2017

In this channeling Spirit said, "Open your eyes to see past the detractors who parade their wares..."

Vine explained that, "The parading of the wares" is about advertising and marketing used by companies owned by spiritual deceivers, ...set up solely to distract our attention away from what's really going on."

Companies and Deceivers Behind Trump

Some of the (marketing) companies and deceivers that Spirit warns to "Open your eyes to see" are now becoming apparent for all to see.

When Donald Trump received the Republican nomination for the 2016 US Elections, his ideas were well known, but Trump's campaign for the Presidency was lacking funds and organisation.

Enter billionaire Robert Mercer...

Robert Mercer

Robert Mercer is a computer scientist, billionaire businessman and the #1 donor to federal candidates (all of them conservative) in the 2016 US elections. He is a member of the Koch brother's conservative political donor network.

In 1993 Mercer was recruited by one of the most successful money making hedge funds of all time... Renaissance Technologies.

It's most profitable portfolio, the 'Medallion Fund' uses quantitive trading and exclusively hires top scientists who then give up doing science and use their skills to make $millions buying and selling on the stock exchange.

The 'Medallion Fund' has been described as "perhaps the world’s greatest moneymaking machine" and "the best physics and mathematics department in the world". It's worth noticing that these very talented scientists have chosen to prostitute their skills to very rich people. There is little concern shown from the hedge fund scientists about the future of life on our planet that climate scientists are urgently trying to save.

Robert Mercer is now co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, which has investments in oil and fossil fuels all over the world.

Mercer began to fund the Trump Campaign (more than $12 Million) after funding Ted Cruz.

At the same time Trump accepted Robert Mercer's $millions, he also appointed several of Mercer's associates to key positions. (There is no such thing as coincidence)...

Steve Bannon - Links to Mercer

Many people who retweeted the hashtag #StopPresidentBannon, might think that Steve Bannon is calling the shots. However, Bannon's financial links to Robert Mercer tells another story about who might really be in control.

Mercer gave $10 million to the ultra right wing website Breitbart News when Bannon was working for them. When Mercer began funding Trump, Bannon went straight from Breibart News to chief executive officer of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Bannon is now Trump's Chief Strategist and Senior Councilor and has been appointed to the National Security Council's Principals Committee.

Mercer's connection with Breibart News clearly goes deeper than simply giving them money. Peter Schweizer, Breibart News Senior Editor-at-Large, is also president of the Government Accountability Institute.

It was set up by both Steve Bannon and Peter Schweizer and is known for its anti-Clinton propaganda. The Government Accountability Institute is funded by Robert Mercer.

Kellyanne Conway - Links to Mercer

Kellyanne Conway was president of the Mercer family super PAC "Make America Number 1", which supplied the Trump campaign with more than $12 million. When Mercer began funding Trump, Kellyanne Conway became Trump's campaign manager. She is now Trump's Presidential Counselor.

David Bossie - Links to Mercer

David Bossie has a long history of attacking Hillary and Bill Clinton. He was president of the super PAC "Defeat Crooked Hillary", which was set up to attract supporters for Trump from people who hate the Clintons but would otherwise not support Trump. The "Defeat Crooked Hillary" super PAC was funded by Robert Mercer.

Bossie is now working for a group called "America First Policies" which is being set up to back Trump's policies. "America First Policies" is reported to be funded by Robert Mercer.

According to a statement announcing the new venture, America First Policies will operate as a non-profit to mobilize public support for Trump’s agenda and "communicate directly to citizens".

Denigrating the mainstream media so the Deceivers can "communicate directly to citizens", is another of Vine's psychic predictions for 2017.

Cambridge Analytica - Links to Mercer

Cambridge Analytica is a company that combines data mining and data analysis with micro-targeted communication for political parties and elections. It was used by the "Leave" Brexit campaign, Ted Cruz campaign and when the Mercer family began to fund the Trump campaign, Trump hired Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica is funded by Robert Mercer.

A lot has already been made about the role of Cambridge Analytics in the 'Leave' Brexit and Trump Campaigns, and Cambridge Analyitica using Facebook to gather psychological data to be used for micro-targeting in elections etc. However, to only concentrate on how effective this one project has been and what part it played with the success of Brexit "Leave' and Trump, is to miss the point....

The point is: Very rich people are gathering information about everybody from multiple sources including social media, credit cards, super-market loyalty cards, the census etc., to gain economic and political control.

What Does Robert Mercer Want from Trump?

Not all of the Mercer family policy preferences are clear, but the Mercer's have given money to groups questioning climate-change science.

Robert Mercer's Hedge Fund is invested in Oil and Fossil Fuels all over the world and Mercer funds the Heartland Institute, which regularly runs US conferences for anti-climate science activists.

Now Trump has appointed a climate-change denier, Myron Ebell to head his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA,) and Exxon oil C.E.O Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that very rich people making money out of oil and other fossil fuels are buying and manipulating politicians to support fossil fuels over renewable energy.

With Rex Tillerson in charge of American foreign policy, the politicians are not even necessary. Climate change deniers are now in control of every aspect of dealing with climate change in the US, and Big Oil is now completely in charge of America's foreign policy.

This video outlines how Robert Mercer's political infrastructure is now running the United States.

Robert Mercer - Links to Australia: Is Australian Politics at Risk to Mercer's Political Influence?

We have already seen this sort of support for fossil fuels and corresponding antagonism towards dealing with climate change in Australia, when Tony Abbott was elected as Prime Minister and now also under Malcolm Turnbull.

Australian politicians, Malcolm Roberts, Cory Bernardi and George Christensen have all attended anti-climate change science conferences in the US that were hosted by the Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute is a leading supporter of climate change denial and heavily funded by the Robert Mercer's family foundation.

The links to deceptive climate change denial are already established in the right wing of the Liberal National Party of Australia. It is obvious that the deceivers have a plan in motion to put climate change deniers into government with the aim of ignoring climate scientist's warnings of the irreparable effects of climate change, and promoting fossil fuel for their own financial gain.

Oil Wars

We have already seen from the Bush Government and the Iraq war that when fossil fuel moguls gain control of governments, they have no qualms starting wars to increase their wealth and power. Big Oil has already proven that there is no deceit they will not perpetrate, and no lie they will not tell to get what they want.

Big Oil is "creating myths, lies and ultimately oil wars based on those myths and lies".

What Can We Do?

What can we do about the dire threat to the future of life on our planet from the deceivers and their political puppets?

Here is Vine's spiritual channeling answer: By becoming heroes and "tackling them head on, I am guided."

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