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Love Psychic Readings

Valentine's Day Psychic Readings and Love Spells?

Valentine's Day has a lot to answer for when it comes to men and women going a bit stir crazy in love relationships. Unresolved love emotions and feelings can make the best of us want answers about the people we're dating or have broken up from.

The amount of love psychic readings I receive before February 14th increases each year. Why does Valentine's Day bring so much emotion to the surface?

It is about expectations, mostly expectations that have not come to be, and wanting to know what your love interest is feeling.
Wanting to know things like:

  • Will my boyfriend or girlfriend propose?
  • Can I get my partner to change their mind about committing and make the relationship official?
  • I love my friend and told them. How do they feel about me?

Vine's Love Psychic Readings

I will always honour your higher self and tune into your love interest before you reveal what is going on. This is how you know I haven't been influenced by something you've said, or forced to only guide what you want to hear.

If love readings are not honest, they won't get to the heart of the matter and will fail to help you recover from heartbreak. So to with Love Spells that ignore the truth and only create false hope.

Spirit often guides new customers to me who have already had fairy-tale readings that haven't come to pass, and they are finally looking for the truth. I don't believe happy-ever-after fairy-tale readings benefit you. I know that brutally honest readings provide clarity to help you in your life choices.

Overly Positive Psychic Readings

If Spirit shows me that everything about your relationship is positive, I will relay that to you, and quite often that's exactly what happens. But I am always guided to share what you need to hear. A completely fabricated overly positive love reading won't benefit you and will only give you false hope.

False hope can keep you in an emotional holding pattern that can make you turn on yourself after waiting weeks, months or years for your love interest. Watching from a distance, you witness them meeting someone new, get engaged, enter into defacto relationships and they don't even know you've been thinking about them.

After a while you may remove the rose-coloured glasses from your eyes and realise that the love spells you paid for are completely useless and none of the false hopes have eventuated.

The Happy Psychic

You're not the only one that has been taken in by love psychics who advertise that their readings are always uplifting and always positive. You see it all the time on psychic info commercial TV.... "All our readings are positive", and "Speak to our Happy Psychics."

And you see it in false Law of Attraction (LOA) teachings that tell you to always be positive, at the expense of your true feelings. Those Law of Attraction psychics fail to understand and honour that life doesn't always give us what we desire, and that it's OK if we're not happy every second of the day. We have many emotions and feelings, and we need to embrace them all in turn.

Love Spells

If I tune into your love interest and find they have no intentions of changing their mind or they're not ready to settle down, I will tell you. You can no more use a love spell on the man or women you like, as use a magic spell to win lotto.

Forget all the hype you read on psychic chat lines. That's most probably written by professionally hired copy-writers exploiting your weaknesses by pandering to your desires, with no concern at all for your wellbeing.

At all times and particularly around Valentine's Day, be more discerning when it comes to sourcing love readings by entertainment psychics. There are a lot of people online who will take advantage of your vulnerable state.

Before picking up the phone and calling a psychic or using video chat, ask your higher self if you can entrust your emotional health to them. Is the psychic you're speaking with, too sales orientated? Are they pushing you into revealing why you want a love reading so they can use your own comments to tell you what you want to here? Are they helping you to see the bigger picture?

Before making a decision to book a love psychic or get enticed by free horoscopes or free offers, take a moment to breathe and go into the stillness of your breath...

Respect you higher self and ask to be guided to an accurate and truthful psychic who truly cares for your wellbeing.

Love and light

February 9th 2014

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