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Obsessive Love, Unrequited love, Angelic Love

Obsessive Love

Why do people lose themselves energetically when they enter into love connections?

I'm writing about this aspect of love because I want to help a client who is going through this. Hopefully it may benefit others as well.

What is Love?

Depending on which interpretation you prefer in dictionaries or romance books, everyone has their own idea of how they define love.

The love of one spiritual being for another moves away from the unconditional love we are born with, because we develop expectations on how we want our relationships to be. We have deep emotional feelings and they stir endorphins and sexual energy to the surface when we become attracted. We want to merge our energy with theirs and spend time with them, be intimate with them and allow ourselves to melt into loving bliss.

Unrequited Love

What happens if the person you want to be in an intimate relationship with, doesn't feel the same way about you?

Most people would feel a sense of rejection, then lick their wounds and take time out to recover. Others may become overly obsessed and angry because the one they hold a candle for doesn't want to pursue the connection any further.

This is the unhealthy energy that emerges when someone is rejected. The individual can lose themselves in fantasy, failing to heed the words that they are hearing from the person rejecting them.

The emotional energy of being rejected often leads to a sense of anger because immediate needs have not been met. When this happens the ethereal emotional energy begins to become fragmented. The thoughts that enter the mind can be obsessive. The rejected being attempts to convince the other they are wrong. They fail to understand the free will of the one they desire, and they begin to act out of character.

The Spiritual Voice of Uncertainty

The obsessive thoughts begin to have their own voice. The spiritual voice of uncertainty, which my spiritual guardians refer to the energy of fear, begins to dictate how you function on a day to day level.

Some people are inclined to check up on the person who has rejected them. They check social media to see if there is another person who could be interfering in the love relationship. There are cases of stalking and harassment when the voice of uncertainty holds court in the mind of the rejected.

They fail to see they are out of control.

I do have clients contacting me when they are dealing with these types of emotional exchanges. When I begin to tune into my client's aura using my spiritual breath technique I feel the change in their emotional body. The client who is dealing with the stalker will be fearful because they are being backed into a corner. They have to rearrange their life and make sure they are safe.

I feel your pain when you are unable to cope and just want the harassment to stop.

When I speak to someone who has been rejected and energetically fragmented, they have an intense energy. When I relay spiritual guidance from the higher angelic realms, they refuse to hear what is being said.

They may be told they have to move themselves away from the other individual because they're not coping. They may share they did this for a short period but found they became depressed, and returned to the same type of behavior.

Spiritually it is difficult to penetrate the fragmented energy because they stubbornly believe they can change the other person's mind and they ignore the karmic consequences.

My loving spiritual beings will unconditionally persevere when the guidance is rejected. They will reveal information my clients only know and don't want others to know about. It is about providing real evidence to get them to wake up from the darkness that holds their thoughts.

As a spiritual medium I am prepared to work with that dark energy to help my clients hear the spiritual truth. I have to protect myself from the anger that wants to lash out when Spirit accurately shares how out-of-control the person has become.

I can feel when you hear the guidance, because you release a vibration tone from your aura and begin to soften your energy. I know you are hurting and need time to recover and heal.

Never doubt the higher realms will reach out to help when you feel despondent, unsafe, insecure or alone. They will use my spiritual vessel as a direct conduit to reveal loving guidance to help you find genuine clarity.

Angelic Love

When the loving angelic realms step in, the energy of despair can only hold court for a short period. The emotional feeling of loss and grief is part of the letting go and of giving yourself time to ask more meaningful questions about the direction of your life.

If you are clinging onto another, because you are unhappy in your own spiritual essence, you can heal and reclaim a life that makes you feel alive and connected. You can attract a loving partner who wants to be with you because they enjoy your company.

You can reclaim a fulfilling human life which allows you to be at peace. Spirit will help anyone that wants to improve their lives.

When you begin to love yourself you know how to love another.

Love and Light

March 11th 2013

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