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FaceBook Psychic

Facebook and Social Media

Psychic Reading Q & A

Think about why you're giving your Facebook details to psychics...

This week in my psychic reading editorial I'm answering your questions about Facebook psychics, and are modern day psychics really psychic at all?

Should I Friend a Psychic on Facebook?

This answer is a categorical NO.
You should not friend psychics on social media.

Here is a Rule of Thumb to remember about finding the right psychics:

Rule of Thumb 1

Don't befriend psychics like a best friend, and don't 'Friend' psychics on Facebook or be enticed into giving them your personal information, with offers of free psychic readings.

If you remember this rule it will help you find credible spiritual mediums and Lightworkers.

What Should a Psychic Be Able To Do?

Psychics should be able to demonstrate a range of credible heightened spiritual skills (clairsenses) before being considered credible psychics. You can review the full list of psychic skills I covered in my home page by clicking the link here: Vine's Clairsenses

You will notice the skills I shared are all directly related to the chakras and meridians and the energetic body. You might also notice I did not include counselling, life coaching, hypnosis, covert hypnosis, or any other manufactured skill that  masquerades as a spiritual art.

Should I Enter Social Media Psychic Competitions?

No. The question of whether or not you should enter a psychic competition is directly related to why you shouldn't Friend psychics on social media.

The people asking you to enter these psychic competitions are not psychic.

They either require information from you to do their psychic reading, or they want to get your personal information. The information you provide to them in competitions can be used to make a fake psychic reading seem real.

They also want you to LIKE or RETWEET them to get you to share their links with your followers. What better way of penetrating your family or friend's circle, then to ask you to FRIEND, LIKE or TAG THEM and reach your closed circle. What you do in your timeline can be easily found now that Facebook has an open search time line.

Have the Psychic Arts Changed in Modern Times?

No. Psychics who fish for information on Facebook or Twitter will also attempt to convince you they are the modern day psychics. Reading between the lines, this means they are NOT psychic at all. Recently they have been marketing themselves as profilers, mentalists, hypnotists, conjurers, magicians, NLP practitioners, life coaches to name just a few of the marketing strategies and articles they are using to convince you to share your personal information.

What if the Psychic is on TV or Famous?

Look past the fame, the glitter, the hype and the business puffery to what is really behind it all.

Rule of Thumb 2

It doesn't matter if you're selecting a celebrity psychic, a radio station psychic, an independent psychic who has 20 years experience or a psychic who wrote a best selling book. It doesn't matter if you're selecting a psychic with the most beautiful website or a simple single page website...
If they're trying to convince you to share your personal information before a reading, they're not psychic.

Are Life Coaches Doing any Harm when they say they are Psychic?

Take a step back and begin to view how people trying to convince the public they're the new type of psychic, are actually eroding the spiritual arts. Go back to the integrity and spiritual skill that a real psychic is supposed to exhibit, and then have a look at what others are trying to convince you psychics are now. There is no comparison. Pretending to be psychic when you're not is an abuse of the spiritual arts. It's also an abuse of our spiritual selves, which is a fundamental cause of problems in the world today.

There is also another cause of harm, and another reason I am guiding you to be careful who you friend on social media. The clever sales person charming you into a free competition, may also be a criminal who is replicating psychic services for criminal gain.

Therefore you have to be cautious on two fronts.

How Do I Know if a Facebook or Twitter Profile is Fake?

The criminals who use paid-affiliates will hire people off the street. Psychic Chat sites are renowned for hiring people on Gumtree or Craig's List and giving them a couple of hours training on video chat or chatrooms and describing their newly hired psychics as 'experts'.

  • Check if a psychic reading chat site has an affiliate program and whether they're encouraging you to send customers their way.

  • Check if a psychic reading site is advertising for psychics on social media or community forums

  • Type in the domain address of a psychic chat site and identify how many profiles they have on Twitter. Example: Type in www.vinemedium.com.au in Twitter search and click real time. See if there is one profile or thousands of profiles sending you to the video chat site. I can tell you we have one psychic business profile, so if you find anything different come back to us and let us know, because that's probably one of our friendly-competitors up to their dirty tricks again.

  • Now do the same thing for other social media and identify how many webpages they own or how many social media profiles are sending you to their business. You might be surprised to find the Likes are just made-up profiles that you can buy from India or the Philippines.
Imagine if any other professional industry described employees as experts after several weeks or months without any credible evidence of the skill they're meant to hold? This is normal in the psychic chat sector and the people who are asking you to retweet or friend their psychic chatrooms are coming from fake Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Learn About the Spiritual Arts

This might be a lot to take in, but I encourage you to become further educated about the spiritual arts. You are welcome to peruse my psychic articles in my Editorial or to go back to the psychic blog I created in 2007 and refer to the spiritual information.

The spiritual arts are sacred, they are directly related to the higher realms and the spiritual mediums and Lightworkers who have natural ability will never need to request a lot of information from their customers before a psychic reading.

I used to be on Facebook before the LIKE button was created and abused by paid-for-social-media engineers. When I noticed some of my clients wanting to friend me, I shut down the account. It was obvious if I or my staff engaged in a conversation with our customers, the integrity of my spiritual art would be at stake.

It wasn't much longer before I began to see the psychic industry dealing with out-of-control Facebook and twitter psychics on social media. It is up to you to check and see which Australian and world psychics are encouraging this relationship, and to make an educated choice about selecting credible psychics.

Should I Share Information with Face-to-Face or Online Psychics?

I caution you to not share too much information with Facebook or online psychics. Especially if any Facebook or social media psychics want you to enter competitions to win a psychic reading and they want you to tell them why you are entering. If this happens you are either dealing with psychics who are abusing the spiritual arts for their own gain, or with criminals trying to cash in to steal your personal identity and financial information.

The more details you share with a psychic before the reading begins, the more likely it is that you are not having a psychic reading. Someone with real psychic ability will immediately begin to relay information about you that only you could know. It might be hard to grasp this concept if you had a tarot reading or email reading in the past and revealed a lot of information in your questions, or to customer service. In these cases you most likely had a counselling or life coach session by someone who wasn't really psychic at all.

People calling themselves Facebook psychics are all over the internet, and unfortunately they are tainting the original spiritual arts. Be discerning of facebook or social media psychics who need information to replicate real psychic ability.

Love and Light

November 18th 2013

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