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Online Psychic Editorials > Why Are Women Sharing their #MeToo stories? The Divine Feminine Energy Cosmic Shift
#MeToo Divine Feminine Shift

Why Are Women Sharing their #MeToo stories?

Divine Feminine Cosmic Energy Shift

As more and more women (and men) are sharing their #MeToo Stories about sexual harassment and unwanted advances in the workplace, I want to concentrate on the Divine Feminine Cosmic Shift changes, now occurring on our Earth.

Everyone is asking the same question. Why are sexual harassment and assault allegations now being believed when it has been going on for years?

Workplace Sexism - Not Just the Film Industry

The media is breaking stories about actresses and actors, young female comedians, newsreaders and regular people dealing with sexism in the workplace and in their everyday lives. Some of the true life stories are beyond horrific. Rose McGowan went public about Harvey Weinstein raping her. Then her Twitter account was suspended because it was deemed she had broken the Twitter rules.

Women from all over the world collectively stood up to the owners of Twitter for silencing their voices. They boycotted the social media platform until Rose McGowan's account was returned and not long after, the #MeToo stories began appearing on other social media.

Women from all cultures and a variety of business industries revealed how they had been sexually harassed by friends, neighbours, work colleagues, trusted family.

The Casting Couch Mentality - Hollywood's Scandalous Patriachial Abuse of Women

Hollywood heavyweights misused the ‘casting couch’ to ‘assess’ the screen chemistry of a young actress and patted themselves on the back. It was like a Hollywood male right-of-passage. This was what masculinity was all about for them.

The dominating powerful yang energy had them beating their chests as they drank martinis in their men only clubs and joked about young actresses having to endure their unwanted advances. Women were nothing more than a plaything to be controlled and bolster their sense of power.

The Right of Passage - Grooming the Young Male University Graduate

Young male University students taking up their first job placements have been trained to have these neomasculine traits. Lawyers, bankers and politicians have been trained in covert hypnotic methods to be ahead of their competitors. The self help gurus from the past used aggressive predatory training tactics on young ambitious men to make them the next business leaders.

Richard Bandler from the life coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming networks (NLP), was responsible for the training of millions of business men using aggressive covert hypnosis techniques.

How many business people throughout the globe are the aggressive, talk down to you, aholes trained in these deceitful techniques? I am Spiritually guided that there are more than we can possibly imagine.

The majority of insecure pick-up artist men have incorporated these NLP covert hypnosis techniques. They abuse free will and target women on the streets, in shopping centres or nightclubs. They don't hesitate grabbing a woman and forcing her hand to their crotch in a public setting, because it is about winning. There is absolutely no respect shown for our female essence.

Women Being Used As Sexual Objects in Computer Games

Young misogynistic men of our world have created and play computer games in which women are abused and sexually assaulted. There are sexually aggressive games in which men are rewarded by scantily clad animated women characters and are able to assault or engage in virtual reality intimacy.

Have no doubt this Yang aggression isn't about respecting women. Sexualization of the female essence has been passed on from one generation to the next. Not all men fall for it, but the men who are drawn into these power macho games are psychologically aggressive in real life. I have been guided for years that computer games can cross over to the real world.

It makes sense, because the computer game technology is used by the military for drone attacks that kill innocent victims. The psychological buffer created by the illusion that it’s the game making your choice, is damaging to one's spiritual psyche. It is one step away from dark choices made in real life.

What Does the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy have to do with the #MeToo Movement?

The Divine Feminine Goddess Energy represents the feminine Yin essence. This is the nurturing cosmic energy that heals old wounds. I touched on the Divine Feminine influence in my 2016 psychic prediction prophecy.

The spiritual vision I was shown was the Divine Feminine taking her sword to all of the masculine Yang power influencers. The powerful yang influence has been responsible for the lack of harmony our world has been experiencing over the years.

The aggressive energy that has been dominating our world leaders, has attracted misogynistic and narcissists into our political systems, who dare society to catch-out their bad behaviour.

They have thumbed their noses at society using the financial and legal systems as safety nets to protect their own self interest. This is all changing with the Divine Feminine Goddess energy.

Why the #MeToo Movement is Spiritually Sweeping Away the Yang Influence Predators

The #MeToo movement is about normalising human rights. The Divine Feminine Goddess is not only revealing the overbearing yang energy that had women sexualised and not treated as equals, it is demanding that things change.

The brave women and men who have gone public sharing their true life stories about sexual predators, had the support of the Divine Feminine Goddess who screamed out into the Cosmos, “Enough is Enough!” She took out her sword and karmically lifted the veil of the overbearing Yang influencers.

Those courageous souls stepping forward may not be aware of the spiritual cosmic shift that helped them build up the courage to report the sexual predators, but they know something has changed because women and men are being believed.

There is no more ignoring or pushing back by the media to discredit their stories, they are willing to investigate and report the facts and let others build up their strength to step forward.

How Does the #MeToo Movement Relate to Your Life?

If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted you may be in emotional conflict coping with the #MeToo storm. Spiritually, I understand you are feeling mixed emotions. The Universe knows different age groups didn't have the right support networks to turn to when they were younger.

All of a sudden it feels like a tidal wave is rushing towards you. The kundalini triggering the past emotions might have you breaking down crying uncontrollably. You might be feeling a sense of anger because you were left to your own resources to deal with unwanted advances. You are not alone.

Kundalini Energy Releasing Past Emotional Hurts for Men and Women

As a spiritual empath, when I tune into your aura and identify the kundalini release of past memories, I recognise you need assurance that the higher realms did not forsake you. The Divine Feminine Goddess is reaching out to help you build up the courage to share your story or seek out counselling.

The MeToo movement isn't about gender.

Men, you also have experienced unwanted advances by men and women who abused their positions in society.

The Kevin Spacey's of the world may have been confused about their sexuality, but they had no karmic right to seek out young men and sexually assault them. The arrogant elite represented by people like Donald Trump, Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein, who crossed sexual boundaries because they believe they were born to rule and don't have to comply with the laws, are now witnessing their victims stepping forward and demanding justice. They have nowhere to hide because the collective consciousness isn't letting them run away from their past choices.

The Divine Feminine isn't taking any prisoners and that should be a relief for men and women who have prayed for this to happen.

Love and Light

November 21st 2017

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