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Online Psychic Editorials > Online Psychic Courses - The Dumbing Down of the Spiritual Arts
Fake Psychic Courses

Online Psychic Courses
The Dumbing Down of the Spiritual Arts

My psychic reading editorial this week looks at online psychic course scams and shares home truths about this manufactured industry.

Have you been taken in by online psychic courses that promise you can become psychic overnight?

These psychic courses declare that you'll be a qualified and accredited psychic. You may get a certificate after you do the online psychic courses or be enticed to buy Ebooks or Apps as part of the marketing spin.

Here's some examples of the metaphysical, psychic or alternative spirituality PR hype used to hook you in:

  1. I have worked with the best psychics in Australia and around the world. I've combined all of their knowledge in my 10 week course. You can become a psychic reader overnight.

  2. Do our life coaching course and get in touch with your intuition. Become a modern day psychic and start your own psychic business. I have studied metaphysics and won most acclaimed Australian psychic of the Year.

  3. TV show psychics that tell all their clients they have heightened healing ability. It just so happens they are about to start a new way of teaching Reiki after extended masters gave them amazing channeling to teach you to be a master healer.
These examples can hopefully help you see through the sales pitch and to identify what is really going on behind the online psychic correspondence courses.

I want to share how I came to be writing about the fake psychic course accreditations.

A new client booked a telephone psychic reading and asked me to be honest about his aura. After he followed my breath technique I started to scan his ethereal field and described the vibrational frequencies I was feeling.

He wanted my honest opinion about his psychic ability. Did he really have heightened healing ability? He had done a lot of psychic courses that promised he would be a master healer, but wasn't feeling he was reaching the potential the course content was promising.

The Spiritual Chakras Reveal Who is Natural Born Healer

When I tune into people who have heightened clairsenses, they have two specific chakras that identify genuine spiritual sensitivity. You can tell who is more inclined to have heightened clairsenses by the vibrational frequency of their chakras.

But let me stress this doesn't mean that people who don't have high chakra activity are not spiritually capable of tuning into their own higher self. Everyone can silence the mind and align spiritually with the wisdom of their soul.

But my client's question was specifically about whether or not he could be a spiritual healer for others. Over the years he'd spent thousands of dollars on healing courses but wasn't achieving the end result they were promising.

I had two reactions to his question. The first was to guide that he didn't carry heightened clairsenses. The second was to share that his experience was unfortunately the norm. He told me he had found my article about NLP covert hypnosis and how this was an abuse of the Universal Law of Free Will and he wanted a second opinion about his healing abilities.

He wasn't upset that I didn't guide he was a healer. In fact he shared a sense of relief on hearing the guidance, and told me he knew my guidance was accurate.

He then opened up about all of the psychic and healing courses he had completed over 10 years. He told me he had contacted online psychics who all told him he was psychic, and because they all said the same thing, he believed it. He is one of the many told by psychic chat sites and online television programs that "you are a spiritual healer".

Sorry to reveal, but this is spin and it has been going on for years. Pretending to teach people to be psychic or healers, is an income stream for fake psychics. Credible lightworkers know they have heightened senses. They don't have to train their minds or use hypnosis to get in touch with these natural abilities. The psychic courses that claim anyone can be psychic are manufactured to get you to believe you can become an overnight healer. They normally require you to use tarot cards, or some type of tool to appear to be psychic.

Contemplate what I am sharing with you and identify how many people require a photo, a birthdate, an astrology sign before they can start a psychic reading. If they are psychic, why do they need all of this up-front information?

All my client wanted was the truth. Instead he got the online psychic courses spiel - the false promise that everyone can be psychic. Psychic course promoters push Ebooks, hypnosis and self help products onto unsuspecting and often vulnerable customers.

Psychic Courses That Aren't Psychic

He is one of many who have become a victim of the watering down of the spiritual arts, which then allows unethical businesses and marketers to run courses that con people into believing anyone can be a psychic.

Many of these so-called 'psychic' courses aren't even teaching about spiritual connectedness, but rather about life coaching and covert hypnosis. They proudly describe hypnosis as being psychic, when nothing is further from the truth.

If you research the original spiritual arts, you'll find no mention of hypnosis or life courses. The life coaching movement came from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and life coaches who use NLP are abusing the Universal Laws of Nature and attempting to influence the law of free will.

Genuinely gifted light workers are bundled in with the
psychic business charlatans

The psychic industry is a tough place. The spiritual is manipulated by sales people peddling spin to convince the public they are genuinely coming from a good place. Unfortunately, the innocent are taken in by these psychic scammers. This means that genuinely gifted light workers are bundled in with the psychic business charlatans.

Finding and sifting out the good psychics from the bad ones online, is not easy. Have no doubt, you will be directed through the maze of psychic reviews and professionally written articles, which are fabricated to get you to use the psychic services and courses.

You'll find charmers hiding behind counselling and life coaching and using conversational hypnosis to win you over. You'll have carrots dangled in front of you like free psychic readings or cheap live readings to draw you in. You may even have scammers pretending to channel angels to convince you they are coming from a divine place.

How many psychics have you seen throughout the world claiming they channel archangels and saints? Have you seen them throw Abraham, or Law of Attraction into their psychic mix to convince you they are the real thing? Why do you believe the higher angelic realms would put themselves on call for the large amount of psychics professing to use their divine wisdom?

Do you really believe that angels are going to sit around in the higher angelic realms waiting for a medium to ask them about your love life? They don't. This is another form of spin by sales people trying to convince you they are genuine. They're not.

What about all the Aussie and international psychics asking you to follow them on Facebook and social media to get direct access to your private information and followers? If they are psychic, why do they need to obtain all of your Facebook information and find out what's going on in your life, before giving you a reading? You are being conned by people hiding behind other business backgrounds to get the personal information of you and your followers on Facebook and other social mediums.


Angelic Archangels Don't Sit Around all day waiting to do Psychic Readings or Write Spiritual Quotes.

Not all information comes from the Angelic Realms. It also comes from the Astral realms inhabited by entities that may not always be trustworthy.

The Spiritual arts have been abused for many years by disconnected beings who have tainted the good work of all genuine light workers.

I am guided that people are starting to see behind the charmers and the overly positive imposters who only tell you what you want to hear. People are becoming more discerning about mass produced psychic chat rooms.

As my psychic customer identified, there is another voice to listen to besides the masters of spin pushing unrealistic psychic courses. There is the spiritual voice that overrules and tells you to question the guidance and listen to your higher self.

Love and light

May 18th 2014

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