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Online Psychic Editorials > Is it Safe to Phone or SMS Text a Psychic while Driving?
Calling Psychics when driving

Is it Safe to SMS Text or Phone a Psychic while Driving?

You may be surprised to find out how many people call phone psychics and SMS text psychics when driving.

Men and women all over Australia and worldwide are calling phone psychics and even SMS texting a psychic while driving in their cars. Calling a psychic to get quick answers to your immediate issues may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you're driving, it can also be dangerous. Having worked on the first Australian psychic line I have noticed a large influx of calls from customers phoning psychics while driving.

Texting at the same time you are driving is a serious distraction that should be avoided for obvious reasons. However, it's also quite unsafe to use hands free devices to call genuine psychics as you're trying to concentrate on the road.

You are placing your own life and any car passengers and other drivers at risk.

What Happens if You're Driving When I Call You for Your Psychic Reading?

If you're driving when I call you for your phone booking, for your own safety I'll advise that it's dangerous to proceed with the reading because you need your full concentration. I'll also recommend that we reschedule the reading unless you are able to pull over to the side of the road in a secure location.

Sometimes after giving this advice, I hear two responses:

  • "Okay, I'll pull over now."

  • Otherwise I may hear:

  • "Vine, I'm fine having a psychic reading when I'm driving because I've had several readings like that before."

I always find it distressing to hear that other psychics are ignoring road safety when you call psychic chat or tarot readers. At all times when working within the Universal Spiritual Laws of service, your wellbeing is meant to come first. No psychic should do a telephone reading when you are driving.

I Have Very Good Reasons for Ensuring You Drive Safely…

I know from personal experience how one moment you can appear to be in control of your driving and the next, a sudden change of circumstances or a momentary distraction can cause you to lose control.

I once witnessed a young woman in Melbourne lose control of her car. She died in front of me and there was nothing I could do, other than send prayers as she lifted from her body to depart to the higher realms. I also reached out to comfort other people who had rushed to the scene of the crash.

As a spiritual medium I channel your loved ones who have died tragically in car accidents and relay their spiritual channeling. Each tragic passing has its own story to reveal and it's not only the drivers who are involved. Passengers may have crossed over because the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, or veered towards an oncoming car. Readings in which spiritual loved ones reveal they had been distracted while driving, are the most difficult to relay to grieving loved ones.

Imagine being shown clairvoyant visions of unexpected collisions, or to listen to your loved one's clairaudience messages that relay sorrow for not being able to say goodbye. That's what happens in my spiritual work when I tune into your departed siblings, parents, lovers, husband or wife. They all come forward expressing regret.

My Spiritual Responsibility

I never know beforehand, your reasons for having a reading because I don't ask upfront questions. I get to the truth of what happened through the vibrational messages from your departed loved ones. Therefore I am being entrusted with their spiritual emotions and feelings. That's a great spiritual responsibility and I do not take it lightly.

Is it OK to Phone Hands Free when Calling A Psychic while Driving?

When driving, calling a psychic or tarot reader hands free is no safer than texting. Just because there are cell phone apps available that don't require physical contact, it doesn't mean the benefits outweigh the risks. These car devices leave the psychological impression that they are secure, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a misconception to believe that using a hands free device is safe when you are behind the wheel. This is because sometimes when talking to a genuine psychic, emotional issues can come to the fore. You need your wits about you. If you are trying to control a moving vehicle when dealing with strong emotions, even joyous ones, those emotions can become a distraction. As a genuine psychic, my spiritual readings require you to be energetically and emotionally available - they aren't entertainment readings.

Emotional Experiences

As an empath who uses a variety of clairsenses, I identify underlying issues that require you to get in touch with them straight away. You can't do that and drive at the same time. If you've had emotional experiences like a miscarriage or you've gone through a breakup etc, the emotions are right on the surface. What would happen if you broke down crying whilst having a clairvoyant reading when driving your car?

Find a Sacred Space

I've seen in real life what can eventuate and so you can understand why I suggest you have a reading in your home or a secure private location. You need to be able to process the guidance and be in a sacred space. Sometimes a reading can be lighthearted, but other times it's more meaningful and can hit you hard on an emotional level.

I recently asked a Sydney client how she came to believe that hands free readings were safe. She shared that she used voice recognition and allowed her device to select the first listing on the search engine. All she needed to do was read out commands to Siri and the app selected an international cheap chat site that it found in the paid sponsored section. Then she got into the habit of using the same App while she was driving.

Two things came to mind when I realised the psychic chat company didn't have a policy in place to protect her safety…

  1. The Cheap psychic chat adverts are entertainment fluffery, owned by companies that have no idea of the real spiritual arts and would not even realise it was an issue.

  2. Most of the hired personnel who work on these cheap psychic lines are people who do not have the skill or adequate training to stop a reading when they know someone is driving. They earn only a small amount of money, therefore they would not want to lose the call, or they might have management on their back.

It is important to research and find credible psychics, who can demonstrate that they have your safety at heart and a car safety policy in place. If the psychic company doesn't have concern for your safety, you should give them a wide berth. It's not worth risking your life using text or hands free phone apps for a psychic reading when you're driving.

Love and Light

July 12th 2017

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