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GIRLS TV Series Spiritual Review

Vine Psychic Review:

GIRLS - TV Series

January 11th 2015

WOW, it's the start of the new year and I'm excited to share in my psychic reading editorial that I am in love again. I now know what it feels like to have out-of-control cravings. Once I had experienced the first one, I had to get the second, and when I couldn't rent the third one I had to send my partner out to buy it. Fast!

I am addicted to G. I need the fourth series now!


For those poor souls who haven't yet discovered my favourite show, "Girls" is a TV series about four college students, created, directed and starring Lena Dunham. Lena has been nominated for the 2015 Golden Globe awards for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.

I have been recommending the program to my friends because the show is equal to my top TV favourites, including "Sex and the City". The writing of the characters is exquisite. It focuses on Twentysomethings but no matter how old you are, you can immediately begin to identify how true to life the experiences of Hannah, Lena, Marnie, Jessa and Shohanna really are.

As a psychic medium I have dealt with them all.

Wading your way through the maze of life experiences can be difficult and the Girls TV programme touches on the insecurities, the highs and lows of real life in a candid, almost refreshing way.

Sex isn't taboo, because the characters are always seen romping in bed or openly discussing their relationships. If anything, Girls seems to educate the viewer to be comfortable in their own skin. Hannah tackles weight issues, Jessa comes from a dysfunctional family environment where she doesn't know a life without drugs and pushes other peoples personal boundaries to the limit.

Shoshanna is the over achiever, the perfectionist who struggles with living life in the moment and yet has strong family values and occasionally lets her guard down to have emotional outbursts that sting hard. Marnie is insecure, the control freak who tries to organise life into little boxes. She has the looks to attract men, even a gay guy makes the moves on her, but she never seems to find the happy ending she is looking for.

Then you have the male characters who make the show. Adam is hard to get to know. He appears almost abrasive and yet beneath the anger you find Hannah's guardian angel who reveals deep feelings and unmoving loyalty.

You have the unmotivated Ray, who lives in his car during the night and works in a coffee shop and who tells it like it is. He can call out a phoney just by looking at them. Hannah's ex is gay and proud and can spit out cruel words when cornered, then apologise and makes you melt and want to claim him as your best friend. There are too many amazing scenes and characters, but trust me you will become hooked on the series just like me.

"Girls" isn't on free to air TV in Australia yet. So I hope there's truth to the rumours that HBO are considering going up against Murdoch's Foxtel by releasing their online streaming App HBO GO in Australia. As I am not prepared to cave into the anti-competitive media mogul's hold on Australian TV and media, I will wait until it is live streamed by HBO directly, or until I can buy the fourth series on DVD.

Now you know what I've been doing over the holiday season after my long walks in the Melbourne city parks and visiting my favourite beach locations, I'm keen to see how many of my customers throughout Australia and the world are "Girls" fans.

Please don't send me any fourth season spoilers because I want to get my friends up to speed and have a "Girls" night in. Pardon the pun.

Love and light

February 8th 2015

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