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Online Psychic Editorials > Are you in a Real Friendship or a Network?
Real Friendship or a network?

Are you in a Real Friendship or a Network?

My psychic reading editorial is asking the question: Are you in real friendships or are you being singled out to join networks?

The Meaning of Friendship

What has happened to the traditional altruistic meaning of friendship? Why do so many people now think of friendship as something they can selfishly use for their own personal gain?

With the changing technology and social media networks, normal friendship interaction is being replaced by computer contact.

Women and men are using dating websites to connect and interact with people because they want to be more socially active and to attract a loving relationship. Unfortunately, they are also attracting uninvited attention from relationship and friendship scams.

Friendships as We Get Older

One of my clients recently expressed her dismay about the increasing difficulty of finding real friendships as we get older. She mentioned that a lot of her school friends had gone their separate ways. She had built up the courage to attend a Meet Up Group, only to find that the majority of the people she was attracting were simply wanting to network with her. She was being singled out to sign up for network marketing products, courses etc.

So what's going on? Why are there so many people feeling that traditional friendship ideals are going out the window? Are our Australian values of mateship being replaced by self-centered networks more concerned with what one individual can get from another, than selfless unconditional friendship?

In the Mind Body Spirit sector alone, there are a lot of networks springing up because of American influenced Multi-Level Marketing (Network Marketing).

These networks attempt to sign people up to attend a plethora of personal development, self-help seminars. They use their followers as free marketing recruiters. People who attend Guru workshops are asked for email contacts of friends and family. They then recieve calls or emails to attend a master-class course seminar in the hope they'll pay for an expensive course if they win the person over.

Networks Infiltrating Social Events

A lot of unsuspecting people are discovering that many networks are infiltrating their recreational activities.

The welcomed weekend sports events, dancing classes or charity walks are now attracting individuals who use any type of social interaction as a way of growing their business contacts.

Whereas before you could just enjoy the moment, your social time is now deliberately targeted to get you to join business networks.

When you attend a cancer foundation event, you don't expect to have a charming male or female chatting to you for the sole purpose of selling you something. You shouldn't have to be weighing up if the lovely woman walking her dogs next to you in the RSPCA animal event is there to promote her life coaching and soul coach networks.

This abuse of friendship is getting out of control.

The same thing is happening in church groups where the people from church congregations are talked into money making schemes and end up investing well earned savings into con artist scams.

When you are trying to have a break from the stresses of your world attending spiritual services, you shouldn't have to be constantly on guard against people abusing your friendship.

But unfortunately this is rampant through the charity events industry and you and I who attend the charity event because we are passionate about the cause, are fodder for the sales pitching network marketer.

How have we allowed sales networkers to destroy the social events we love? How have churches, charities, sports clubs etc. lost the ability to counteract unwelcome sales peddling?

During your social time, you shouldn't have to be subject to constant harassment from sales people.

When you're feeling lonely or vulnerable, it's difficult enough gathering the courage to attend new social groups without then being singled out because of your vulnerability.

As my psychic reading client found out, there are people who can use charm as a means of gaining your trust. During my psychic reading, as I tuned into the woman who had approached my client at her meet up group, I could see that she didn't even consider that her behaviour was unacceptable. It appeared her charismatic method of getting people to sign up to her online lifestyle program was how she valued the people she met. The people she met were a means to an end, to build up her network empire. She used them.

It's shocking to think that people believe this is spiritually acceptable, but she represents what is now becoming endemic in our society: People who network amongst each other, using social arenas to seek out the most vulnerable in society for personal gain.

Friendship integrity is lost when you have to weigh up whether or not the person introducing themself to you is sizing you up for their money making scheme.

Many cancer sufferers have found this out recently when they were friended on Facebook by former health guru, Belle Gibson.

The now internationally disgraced Australian health author only admitted she didn't have cancer after money she had promised to charities failed to turn up, and questions about her illness claims were asked.

Belle couldn't demonstrate any credible evidence to Google or her publisher. Somehow these companies and the media had failed to investigate Belle's claims and many people were fooled.

Unfortunately the trusting Facebook friends who recommended other cancer sufferers to Belle's health recipes and religiously followed the diets are now finding that none of her claims were true.

In the meantime, many cancer patients around the world have purchased her health recipes in the mistaken belief that they may have been cured by them.

This really grates me as a psychic, because I hold a special memory for a client who lost her battle with breast cancer. She had the most amazing positive attitude and contacted me to talk about life after death and shared some of her personal spiritual experiences. I know how much courage it takes to battle cancer. To think vulnerable cancer sufferers have been taken advantage of by someone who failed to have a conscience makes my spiritual blood boil.

As an Empath when I tune into people who take advantage of others, they energetically reveal that they don't have a conscience.

They will continue to plagarise other people's work, present it as something new and pretend to be your friend in order to sell it to you.

It's important to have an energy of discernment when dealing with people who move towards you too quickly. When it comes to social environments and communicating with people on Social Media, be discerning initially, so that you can find genuine friendships.

Love and Light

May 5th 2015

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