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JOY - Vine Psychic Movie Spiritual Review

Vine Psychic Movie Review JOY - Business Spiritual Twist

I'm writing a review of the movie 'Joy' with a business spiritual twist. As a psychic I recognise the same small business issues in this true life story, as I see when I tune into my own clairvoyant business reading customers.

Jennifer Lawrence, already an Academy Award winner for Silver Linings Playbook, has been nominated for best actress in the 2016 Academy Award. Her portrayal of a feisty young single mother trying to start a business is inspirational.

It is partially based on a true story about Joy Mangano, a successful TV sales entrepreneur trying to enter into the misogynistic business world.

In the movie, Joy struggles to bring up her young children. She's estranged from her husband who still lives in the basement of her crowded home. Joy's grandmother and mother also share the same house. Then her father, who pays part of the rent of the family property is dumped by his latest wife and moves into the basement.

This sets up the movie to look at four generations and the family dynamics revolving around Joy's efforts to start up her own business. If you are a business start up, an inspirational entrepreneur or a sole trader, you will identify with her struggles starting a small business.

Joy stumbles on an invention that she believes will transform the domestic industry. She attempts to sell her idea to her family and to the woman dating her father, who is already a successful business owner. She convinces Joy to go to a lawyer and find out if her product is already patented. Without revealing too much more of the story, Joy finds herself dealing with the ruthless misogynistic business world - the men who eat single mothers for breakfast. She has to fight for her invention and learn to assertively stand up to the business bullies.

Real Life Business Comparisons

If you are a start-up struggling to get your foot in the door of a competitive business environment, you may come across business bullies just like in this film.

I know from personal experience they exist. I've had to deal with many of them over the years. But this allows me to help my clients who have also come into contact with ruthless large business organisations. These businesses seem more concerned with stamping out competition than providing good ethical services.

Small Business Start-Up Issues

Young women and men, have to deal with countless issues when starting up a small business. You have to jump through hoops being able to get a business loan, find reliable and efficient organisations to manufacture products and manage financial records. Business owners have to navigate their way around online website management and the marketing and sales of services.

Once on the web, Small business owners have to come to terms with online business security because of the increasing number of cyber attacks. If you are one of the unlucky business owners who have had to deal with ransom demands because a foreign criminal group is taking down your online business, you are one of millions. If you are a small business dealing with online robots scraping your unique content being replicated on Ebooks or on your local competitor websites, you are one of millions.

Recently I have done readings for small business owners having to deal with business saboteurs. Their competitors are hiring black hat SEO to take their websites down. This is the reality for online small business now.

Business Bullies Escalation

Joy Manago dealt with the business bullies when computers and security issues were all done by correspondence. We are in a new world now, where if your website security isn't up-to-date your business could be here one day and gone the next.

The same issues that Joy Mangano was dealing with, have escalated online. The Australian and International Governments have cyber security crime units that are unable to cope with the criminals on the web. There are people on the web who make a living from hacking and destroying profitable businesses.

Hiring a Business from AdWords

Consumers believe if they select a sponsored business advert on top of Google or Yahoo search they are selecting a reputable business. What my clients have found is that Google and other search engines allow adverts from suspect businesses to be found simply because they pay more to be found at the top of search.

A small business customer has given me permission to share his real life story. He found a company on Google adwords search in the sponsored advertising and paid them thousands of dollars trusting they would get his website found.

The end result was the SEO company he believed was located in Australia, was actually situated in China. The company was listing his professional web address back-links on gambling and escort services, which Google automatically saw as unnatural links and downgraded his site in search rankings.

In the past you needed a strong business reputation to be found on the top of searches. Now Google is allowing the highest bidder with mobile responsive websites to get on the top of searches, irrespective of whether they deserve to be there or not.

Love, War and Business

The reason why I'm sharing these true life stories, is because none of these organisations could exist without the spurious business philosophy that immorally declares, 'all is fair in love, war and business'.

On a spiritual perspective, the problems of today are just like the ones all of the Joy Manganos of the past had to deal with. Except that the dark side of running an ethical business is even more evident now that everything is online.

Where do people get the idea that's all fair in love and business? Good question. Initially that quote was only about Love and War. Someone, somewhere, probably a ruthless misogynistic individual has applied this to business in order to justify their unethical and immoral actions.

How does this quote fair when you look at the Universal Spiritual Laws about reaping what you sow?

This unethical business philosophy is responsible for multinational companies interfering in government to stop the common voters having real democracy. Hefty financial donations mean they own our governments. They then are able to get away without paying taxes; miserly low wages; and then get government subsidies that small business are unable to apply for etc..

The dark energies have penetrated into all areas of business. Wha

t is going on in our business world today is not moral, not ethical and certainly not spiritual. To be spiritual means you come from a place of Love and Oneness.

Authentic Energy

This is where the movie also reveals how to look at what is in front of you and come up with a solution to deal with these disconnected spiritual beings without losing your loving individuality.

Joy Mangano ended up being a successful business woman who helped other inventors find a voice in the shady business world she encountered. She was able to help people financially, build up reputations and compete in an ethical way.

She shows how it is possible to stand in authentic energy and not dive into the deep murky waters of the darker side of business.

You just have to stand in authentic energy like Joy Mangano, and hold onto your spiritual values.

Love and Light

February 26th 2016

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