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Vine Answers Reader’s Question:

Australia's Vine Psychic Expert, Dream Overhaul - Did You Have a Precognitive Dream?

Customer Question:
Hello Vine, I need your help with a dream interpretation. In the dream, I was lying in bed looking out at a large window that had a ledge on the side of a tall building. Then I saw five men all intoxicated walking in front of the window. One man was sitting on top of the shoulder of his mate and I was worried that he was going to fall off the ledge.

I thought the dream might be offering clarity about my small business because it had a rough patch last year. However, a week later something extraordinary happened when I visited Melbourne and stayed in a one-bedroom apartment at Docklands on the 22nd floor. In real life, I saw the same men that were in my dream! (They weren’t on a window ledge, but I instantly recognised them).

They had hired the penthouse for a buck's night and were happily walking around after drinking alcohol and partying. My apartment had a balcony and was two floors down from the penthouse where I had heard loud music blaring and people laughing.

Did I experience a precognitive dream? Why did I see the same people I dreamed about in real life?

Precognitive Dream Interpretation

There is a general perception that precognitive dreams only predict future events literally the same way they appear in real life. In fact, precognitive dreams don't follow an exact formula. As well as allowing actual glimpses of future events, the Akasha consciousness can also allow your own subjective context on the events to help you understand why you foresaw them.

What are the Props in Dreams? How Are They Relevant?

In the case of this precognitive dream, the dreamer did meet the men in her vision in real life and they were behaving in the same manner. However, walking on the ledge outside the window high above the street was a prop that added meaning to the precognitive dream. The props in the dream are relevant. Can you identify what the props in dreams are? Here's a hint. The props are what surround the dream for you to remember what happened.

Just as props in movies can add context to the story, props in dreams also add context and framework that leaves important clues to the meaning of the dream. This dream was predicting a future event which was precognitive, but the real life detail of the vision wasn't exactly as originally revealed in the dream. This dream also had symbolic messages for the person to question about their life.

Symbolic Messages in Precognitive Dream

Often you can refer to psychic dream information in books, which give a black or white interpretation about what precognitive dreams represent. You might read that precognitive dreams will predict good and bad news and even forewarn of death. Precognitive dreams also help your higher self to reach out to you if you are going off course.

Meeting the People in Real Life That You Saw in Precognitive Dream

For example, the dream will try to help you get in touch with emotions that could be lying dormant. The playful men that you dreamt of and then met in real life celebrating a buck's night, might remind you that life requires a sense of fun and to look up and smell the roses instead of allowing your business life to dictate the terms of your social life. Running a business can consume all of your time and energy. If you are failing to take care of your well being, your higher self needs to find a way to get you to be aware.

The dreams that stay with you after you wake up are important. Your higher self is reaching out using your subconscious to get you to be alert. There are other types of dreams that don't require you to ponder for too long. For example flush dreams are similar to turning your TV screen to different channels when you can't make up your mind. They are released from the subconscious to not clog up your ethereal aura.

Additional Dream Support Using Spiritual Breath Technique

I tune into my customers dreams using a breath technique to identify the vibrational emotional tones of the dream. If your aura is sending out a certain signal when you break down the dream, it helps send a signpost about the underlining issues going on in your life. I don't only interpret the dreams to differentiate if they are precognitive, telepathic or symbolic; I also pick up the mood of the dream.

I am not a great believer in dream books or dream encyclopedias, because dream dictionaries attempt to describe a one-size-fits-many dream interpretation. In fact, there are many layers in dreams that need to be considered.

I am happy to help when you’re struggling to understand the messages of your dreams and which dream category they fall into. However, never rule out that the meaning of your dreams may be complemented by swapping from clairvoyant future visionary messages of the Akasha, to what is going on in your life right now.

Love and Light

February 22nd 2017

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