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Vine Reviews The Water Diviner

Vine Reviews

and Guides about the Energy of PTSD

April 20th 2015

Because it's Anzac day (2015) and the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli in 1915, it seems appropriate to review the world acclaimed Australian film, The Water Diviner.

The reason I've selected this particular film about the Gallipoli Campaign is because it shows both sides of war. It looks at the aftermath of the terrible World War I experiences from the viewpoints of both the ANZACS and the Turks, and addresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) of war veterans.

Russell Crowe stars in and directs The Water Diviner. It was written by Australian screenwriters Andrew Knight, whose grandfather fought at Gallipoli, and Andrew Anastasios, whose grandfather was a water diviner.

The Water Diviner is destined to be one of Australia's most memorable films because it gives Australians a view point of the Gallipoli war that we haven't seen before. Rather than try and make any moral statements about the reasons for or against war, The Water Diviner tells its story in terms of spiritual ONENESS.

It may leave the viewer pondering the futility of war, but more importantly, as Australians, we see the story of Gallipoli from the Turkish point of view as well as the ANZACs. The enemy is given humanity, just like the Aussies and New Zealand diggers. We see that we are all ONE. The Water Diviner takes us to Turkey just after the War ends, and for the first time we begin to see the WHOLE picture.

It is a story about three brothers who enlist into the Australian army at the beginning of WWI, and they end up at Gallopili. Their father played by Russell Crowe is a water diviner. At the beginning of the film we see him looking for water in a parched land. He finds water by using steel rods that energetically reveal a magnetic vibration. (I'll write about water divining as its own topic soon).

The writers bring together the spiritual aspects of life and the physical reality of war in the Water Diviner.

We are all Earthbound spiritual beings, all ONE, and the effects of war are felt by both sides.

The Trauma of War

The Water Diviner helps the viewer to see how war veterans who experience and witness the atrocities and brutality of war begin to have an energy breakdown with post traumatic stress.

The soldiers and medical staff who have experienced wars throughout history have experienced severe mental health issues. In the Water Diviner, the emotional emphasis is on one of the sons suffering from a mental breakdown. It reveals the mental anguish of losing family members and friends to war.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
What An Empath Does

As an Empath who regularly tunes into spiritual trauma on your ethereal field I can share that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be identified on the ethereal field. The aura is energetically fragmented and needs time to heal after severe mental trauma.

The Kundalini explosion on the ethereal field will immediately influence the nervous system and create a nervous breakdown. The involuntary shaking that people experience during a nervous breakdown will effect the mind and the physical body. This is what war veterans and military personnel encounter when they witness death, or are responsible for violent acts etc.

Most people who experience a life or death situation who are inherently a loving being, will naturally go into a post traumatic energy release on their aura.

PTSD - BBC Investigation into NLP Side Effects on UK War Veterans

The essence of your aura needs to be handled gently. This is why, as a spiritual Empath, I warn about any type of mind manipulation or severe psychological therapy, as it can result in the complete breakdown of the energy field.

NLP Used on War Veterans

War veterans from the United Kingdom raised concerns about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) on the aura after the symptoms of some veterans got worse and some became suicidal after treatment. The BBC News service took the issue seriously and sent undercover journalists to identify why war veterans were having adverse mental health effects.

In Australia the same level of journalistic research on unorthodox therapy like NLP isn't being employed on people who suffer from severe post traumatic stress. But some Australian war veterans suffering from PTSD are being sent to therapists who are using similar type of covert hypnosis treatments as the one's in the UK. They are unknowingly aware of the severe side effects of NLP techniques.

There is no government regulation of NLP so any counsellor, cross over therapist or life coach can regularly use half-baked hypnosis techniques on the person on the street, or emotionally wounded war veterans.

Why the Water Diviner Movie Matters

As spiritual war movies go, this is a classic because unlike other war movies that glorify war veterans, it shows the reality of the aftermath of war and how it affects the families who are left in limbo not knowing what happened to their children.

When the father uses water divining, it shows us the energy connection that we all have to our planet and to one another.

I regularly leave a spiritual message on Twitter for two WWII veterans I was destined to meet many years ago, to learn about the futility of war.

Each year I leave a tweet to honour their memory. One of the war veterans I came to love, described war as being, "nothing to be glorified".

The Water Diviner reveals how both sides of war have to pick up the pieces of their lives again and how love of culture and human decency is the only way forward.

Love and Light

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