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50,000 Psychic Readings

My Cathartic Journey from the Beginning of Psychic Lines

How many psychic readings do you think you have done Vine?
This question came up during a phone reading with one of my clients, and do you know it had never occurred to me to do the maths and calculate that.

After that telephone reading I did a quick calculation of the number of psychic phone readings I've done by conservatively estimating how many readings I've done every week for the past 20 years. The number I arrived at was 50,000 psychic readings.

That's in 20 years of doing phone readings, without taking into account my personal bookings. That amount surprised me and brought past memories to the surface. It made me think of the time I was guided by my spiritual guardians to work on the first Australian psychic line and how different it was then.

The Rise of Psychic Organisations and Networks

Way back when I began doing spiritual readings, the psychic movement was in its infancy in Australia. There were no psychic networks, chat groups, tarot and medium guilds at that time. The large psychic organizations you find today have evolved from many different industry sectors. Often they had business and advertising backgrounds, but with no interest in spiritual guidance, in other how much money they made from it. Therefore, not all of them have been of benefit to people seeking credible spiritual guidance.

There are hundreds of stories I could share about the people behind the psychic industry, but for obvious reasons I cannot name the most prominent people who have altered their public personas over the years.

Needless to say, most of the spiritual readings that you found online didn't have a very spiritual feel to them when I began to do phone readings. There were people who worked in the government sector or Telecom (now Telstra) who resigned from their positions to open service provision companies for 1900 psychic readings.

When they began to see the data of how many people were prepared to call psychics, they went into direct competition with real psychics without any regulation from any governing body in Australia. It is why a lot of good psychics walked away, and the multinational companies with no genuine spiritual interests, began to rule the online psychic networks. The Australian government didn't know what they were doing and didn't realize they had been played by cowboy Service Providers.

Psychics Treated Poorly

This is where the idea for the original psychic chat lines came from. The essence of psychic chat was, can you talk to someone on the phone, and keep them on the phone for a certain length of time. There was no spiritual movement back then, I can assure you. It was all about making money and some of the psychics employed were treated badly. For historical reasons I believe it is important to be honest about the psychic movement and not gloss over some of the ugly side of the industry.

I recall that one psychic company I worked for docked me $700 because they believed I had missed some calls. At this time the phone used to ring only four times before it stopped and went to the next available operator. Most of the times if you missed a call it was because nature was calling and you couldn't help it. I was actually penalised for that.

But nevertheless this was how some unspiritual psychic companys pulled out the big stick to their keep psychics in line and pay them as little as possible. Psychics were contracted and any protections about contract employment were non-existent in Australia. I decided I would challenge the company who stole my earnings and I was told by the management that I had no rights. Needless to say I didn't stay with this company after this incident.

I know which psychic company owners were treating their psychics this way, and which ones have now changed their public image to draw customers in. But do I believe they have converted to the light? I would like to think so, but I'm guided they have altered their public images simply because it served a purpose to appear to be more angelic and spiritual. Being at the top of internet search results was the motivator for image changes, rather than because they suddenly became genuine Lightworkers.

Spot the Fake Psychic Photo

For the same reason you find psychic businesses using fake photos to display non-existent psychics on their web sites and advertising. They believe they have to look like they have more psychics and are more popular than they really are to draw the prospective customer towards them.

So they use photos of interesting looking men and women from photo stock sites like iStock to act as psychics. They are purely fictional. Why do some psychic services do this? Because they believe they have to compete with the live psychic networks. But does this have any integrity behind it? None at all.

Psychics Forced into Unacceptable Working Conditions

Psychic employees of these companies were expected to keep their hours up and not miss calls. If you did, you would have to 'explain' in a weekly meeting why you didn't keep your hours up. There were psychics who were not meeting the targets and were contacted during their days off to be chastised and made to feel insignificant. I can remember consoling a psychic who worked on another line after she was close to having a nervous breakdown because she had been working weird hours to earn a living.

I was the spiritual rebel and did my spiritual readings in my own way. I have never swayed from using my breath technique even during the years I worked for other psychic businesses. My clients called because I was giving them real clarity and therefore I was meeting the business sales target and I was left alone.

I never had to have one of those 'please explain' weekly meetings about keeping my hours up.

Although this is still happening, the majority of these practices have waned because the large multinational psychic lines are now offering 24/7 psychics from different countries and time zones. Let's not forget the same business owners were the ones perpetrating these types of practices in the past. They now have life coaches, counsellors and a wide range of non-psychic people working for them to keep customers on the line. If you throw in a modality here or there, it means they will still refer to their operators as 'psychics' when in fact there is nothing psychic about the readings being offered.

The spiritual protective breath technique I use doesn't require any modality. My customers called back and recommended me to their friends and family and this was one of the ways I was able to build up a loyal customer following.

When I moved from one psychic line to the next, my customers would follow. I can share during the time I worked for all the psychic companies I never used their customer data base to begin my own business. Even so, I used to be watched like a hawk. Some psychic service owners would get their friends to call me and ask for my personal number to see if I would break their policy guidelines. What they found was that I stood in authentic energy and was loyal from the time I started in their employment.

The way my clients found me was by my name, and being guided to my business. I can proudly say I have never swayed from my spiritual message about helping my clients find clarity and giving them the spiritual tools to find their own voice.

I am grateful for the love and support of all of my clients over the last 30 years. Some of you have been with me since the first reading I ever did on a psychic line. I know how far you've come from the time you were guided to pick up the phone and have a spiritual reading. I can tune into your energy and see you are in healthy relationships, have taken your career to the next level, went out on a limb and started your own business. I know you have cried many tears, grieved the loss of your loved ones, and found that after making contact with the departed you could accept their passing and begin to live quality lives.

With this knowing I can see how far we have come together and I am grateful for all of the learning. I know karma exists and I know that the psychic services who treated their psychic employees appallingly in the past will have a life review that they will have to answer to one day.

It is not for us to judge why people treat other people with such a lack of respect, but we should be wary of those who are separated from their highest good.

50,000 psychic readings later I know genuine Lightworkers and star seeds are benefiting from the foundation laid out in front of them to do their work.

Many Lightworkers have gone before you, to help you be found and for your messages to be known. We may have worked on some seedy psychic chat lines but we knew this was only the beginning.

When you realize we are all of spiritual service to one another and work together, it can allow the pure essence of Oneness to be known.

Love and Light

May 5th 2013

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