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Online Psychic Editorials > Do Psychics Help Police in Missing Person Cases in Australia?
Finding Missing Persons

Do Psychics Help Police in Missing Person Cases in Australia?

This week my psychic reading editorial explains how I assist in missing person cases and how as a Spiritual Medium, I provide insight about traumatic loss of life. I also warn about not being taken in by psychic expo profilers who use magician-like tricks to pretend to provide medium readings.

I sometimes receive calls from people in Australia and throughout the world asking for help to find loved ones. I need to stress that I don't work with the Australian police because in Australia the police do not accept psychic help.

I'm often surprised to read claims by psychics in Australia telling how they helped in missing person cases. I know of no State, Territory or Federal police force which has publicly allowed psychics to assist in missing person cases. However, if a genuine spiritual medium approached the police with information in missing person cases, they may be inclined to record the data, in case something shared was crucial to the case.

There is one historical case in Australia where an aboriginal women in Sydney, who obviously was genuinely psychic, spiritually guided the NSW police to the burial site of a missing person. At the time, police were looking for a young girl in the same location. Instead of locating the young girl, they found another missing person who was a cold case.

This is a verified true account of a psychic leading police to a burial site. It was reported in the media and the police acknowledged the psychic, who stepped forward after she had a remote vision.

Finding the Right Spiritual Help

There's a lot of false advertising in the psychic field, so if you're seeking spiritual help to find somebody who is missing and you come across a psychic claiming to have worked with the police on missing person cases, be careful to research and verify that there is factual evidence to support the psychic's claim.

I don't help in missing person cases unless I receive direct requests from the family and friends themselves. For privacy reasons I can't list the cases I've been directly involved in, but I can reveal generally how I help distressed families unravel the mystery of family member's deaths, suicide and sometimes I help in murder cases.

How I Help in Missing Person Cases

I always tell my clients not to reveal any information before I begin a spiritual medium reading. A spiritual medium should never be told in advance why a reading is required, or spoon-fed any prior information, especially when it comes to missing person cases. A fake psychic or a cold reader could use that information to appear to be psychic, and even a genuine psychic may be influenced by knowing too much beforehand.

There is no way I ever do cold readings. So all of that is ruled out when I help in missing person calls (or similar).

I use a spiritual breath technique which allows me to make direct contact with your aura and to allow your loved ones to come through should they choose to use a medium.

As a medium relaying the guidance, sometimes I am shown locations or see a remote vision which makes no sense to me, but does mean something to the person having the reading.

How I Receive Remote Visions

For example, I had a reading from a distraught mother trying to locate a missing item belonging to her son. I was shown a remote vision of a road which wasn't a main highway, a tree and a car accident. I didn't know what that had to do with the missing item but the person I was giving the reading to then revealed that her son was involved in a car crash in which he lost control of his car and smashed into a tree. Her son did not come through to speak with me directly because he had only recently passed.

In another spiritual reading I've done which involved a murder case, I saw a vision of the person who was directly involved in the murder. I described the physical appearance of the remote vision I was shown and other important information. Not long after sharing this information a serial killer was apprehended and charged with murdering several missing persons.

As a medium, your loved ones in Spirit often come to me with valuable information, but at no stage can I guarantee that I can connect with the departed of your choice, because the spiritual realms are universally connected to free will.

I know there are a lot of mediums making elaborate claims about always being able to tune into the departed, irrespective of whether Spirit is willing or able to. But I know these claims are completely fabricated. They are made to draw-in vulnerable and often grieving people who are unfortunately being misled by so-called psychics who are more interested in putting on a good show than giving an authentic spiritual reading.

Demanding Spirit to come to you during a seance, psychic expo or platform reading is a stage act.

Can You Get Real Help from Entertainment Psychics?

Most of the psychics and mediums who do entertainment readings ask direct questions to an audience and use all the names of the alphabet before getting one name right. Or they come up with a general scene that someone in the audience is bound to be able to relate to.

If you're sitting in an audience where a psychic or spiritual medium has either requested you to leave notes in the front foyer to pray for someone to come through before they tune in, or ask you direct questions when they are on stage, you're being fooled.

There are many spiritual mediums who find psychic entertainment cringeworthy and dislike how emotionally vulnerable people are taken advantage of by clever marketers who falsify their psychic skills.

NLP Soul Coaches who use Covert Hypnosis on their Audiences

Worse still are the false psychics who charm their audience using covert hypnosis profiling to get you to tell them what to say.

What is a Cold Reading?

For Example, if you ask a question like: "I am wanting to know did my niece suffer in her passing?" the question itself tells the profiler many things about your reasons for attending.

It tells them your niece has passed, and that she may have suffered. If no one knows whether she suffered, it tells them about the circumstances under which she may have passed. It tells them you are grieving. It helps them to know what words to relay to give you a sense of peace, and to make them seem psychic.

The direction that the charismatic profiler or NLP soul coach takes in the reading, is inherent in the question itself. The profiler could start talking about any of the things you've just told them in the question that you asked, and make it seem like they are psychic when they are not.

Some of the most famous psychics and mediums throughout Australia and the world are doing this without their audience being aware they are being used in cleverly staged platform demonstrations.

Cold reading, which is directly related to covert hypnosis and mentalist and magician's tricks, is now being used by countless so-called psychics to trick you into believing they are genuinely communicating with your departed loved ones.

Hereafter (The Movie)

I recommend seeing the movie "Hereafter", which touches on why genuine spiritual mediums and seers are less likely to be in the spotlight and not seek fame or fortune. In it a young boy seeks out a psychic so he can talk to his dead brother, but instead finds only frauds. Eventually he finds a real psychic (played by Matt Damen), but only after discovering that most of the people claiming to be psychic were con artists.

But I know there are other spiritual mediums like myself who were born with their gifts and who can provide credible spiritual guidance to help in missing person cases.

You just have to be careful to find a genuine psychic, rather than one of the many people who have done a short course and then been told it's OK to call themselves a psychic.

What has happened over the years is that psychic entertainers and hypnotists have been falsely claiming that anybody can be a psychic or a spiritual medium simply by doing a course.

Normally they will use a rapport method to attract you online. The online profilers who say, "You can ask me a question on anything", are the same psychic expo platform readers who will have convinced you that asking leading questions, which contain the answers, is what credible psychics do.

In fact this is a distorted interpretation of what genuine spiritual mediums do. These mass produced psychic expo mediums are catering to vulnerable individuals who have lost loved ones to suicide, traumatic deaths and really don't have any idea they are being sold a lie.

If you have a charming charismatic spiritual medium, confidently directing questions at you in an entertainment setting, and using NLP rapport methods on you, you won't know that your subconscious is being triggered by NLP hypnosis techniques.

When you've been singled out by the spiritual medium and been made a part of the show, you'll be less likely to want to upset the success of the show. But if you took a video of the spiritual medium and viewed it later from a distance, you would identify how they used NLP on you.

It is the reason why I don't do spiritual platform work because it's more a stage act then anything else.

The good thing about my phone psychic readings is I have no way of knowing the person contacting me. I cannot see your body mannerisms and therefore can't read them, and I don't ask you to reveal why you want a reading by asking leading questions. This immediately rules out any insincere non-psychic techniques. Vine Psychic Line does not do cold readings or use NLP on you.

My clients can attest that at no stage do I ask leading questions, and I discourage my customers revealing too much information beforehand. It's crucial for the integrity of the spiritual arts that spiritual mediums don't abuse the Universal Laws.

If you're looking for a spiritual medium to help you find a missing person, realise you may have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Don't be fooled by the fake claims on websites or by entertainers who have a charismatic presence.

Your loved ones in Spirit know that their passing causes a lot of distress to family and friends and this is why they will seek out real spiritual mediums to help with specific guidance relative to their passing.

Love and Light

March 23rd 2014

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