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Online Psychic Editorials > Christmas Psychic Readings & Gratitude to All
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Christmas Psychic Readings & Gratitude to All

'Tis the Season to do our Christmas psychic reading editorial and say how grateful I am to our Aussie and world online psychic reading clients for your loyal custom.

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Gratitude to all, and sending beautiful loving energy to you over the holiday season.

Reflection on the Year that Was

2013 has been a year in which we have witnessed my loving Spiritual guardians channelling about climate change coming true. The need to be more aware of our true influence on the environment has been obvious with all of the extreme weather events and loss of life.

Prayers for Remembering the Loss of Loved Ones

Christmas can be a time to remember the loss of family, friends or work colleagues who have passed over. It can be difficult to get enthusiastic about Christmas celebrations when our hearts are heavy with grief. Your loved ones in Spirit are aware of your thoughts and will try to offer comfort when you communicate with them in the energy of 'Stillness'. Still your mind and share with them you miss them. Spirit is omnipresent and your thoughts will be found in the heavens.

Christmas, the Time of Giving without Knowing Who Gave

There are many people struggling to make ends meet. Not everyone is feeling euphoric at Xmas and this is why I guide if you can offer your services or donate to a charity or even leave a gift for your elderly neighbour or the poor, it will bring you much joy doing something where nobody is aware of who was the giver.

Giving is Receiving

Spirit is aware of those who are pure of heart. The real gift of giving is about the joy you receive from offering your Oneness love. Try it and see what it feels like to be a secret Santa. I guarantee your heart will feel so much brighter for doing something special where nobody, but you, knows about it.

Holiday Season - Beware of Online Psychic Scams

Sometimes people are unaware their actions or deeds are karmically recorded. The people who try to scam us are emotionally detached from their highest good and unfortunately the psychic sector is where you can find a lot of frauds and sales people trying it on, to get you to purchase email and SMS psychic readings and a wide range of other fake products like love spells, murky Ouija readings etc..

You might find they'll up the ante at Christmas time to get your personal details. It would be fantastic to report that online psychic scams are losing ground, but unfortunately more and more people are trying to get you to consider they're a reputable psychic. The 'buy one get one free' psychic offers are really nothing more than sales fluffery and unfortunately a lot of people are taken in by them. I hope you avail yourself of our Find the Right Psychic Checklist over the holiday season by visiting the Karma Lounge Forum.

Covert Hypnosis Psychic Readings - Be Cautious

Please be cautious of people who claim to be the modern day psychics, but use mind altering techniques (eg hypnosis) on you during a reading. Your ethereal aura is precious and anyone who knowingly uses covert hypnosis on you during a psychic reading or a video hook-up, is breaking the Karmic laws. Unless you agree to have professional hypnotism, nobody should be crossing your spiritual boundary doing NLP covert hypnosis psychic talk, even if they have good intentions. Be discerning of ALL people around the world using these techniques and falsely calling themselves psychics and mediums.

Vine Psychic Readings Line has been attempting to help the public identify online affiliates and psychic scammers over the years, but it is up to YOU, the buyer, to research the psychic service and to view the over the top marketing from afar and see if the psychic has genuine spiritual skills.

There are people who are spiritually gifted and then there are people who have the gift of the gab and can convince you to believe they're psychic. If someone clling themselves a psychic but comes-across like a shonky used car salesperson, or tries to charm the pants off you or to get you to sign up to private Facebook email readings or free offers etc., I caution you to see past the hype - look beneath the surface.

The spiritual arts aren't about over-the-top selling, they're subtle. The gifted lightworker will help you find your own truth, not sign you up for dating or financial advice. Ask your higher self, is this someone who can spiritually assist me, and you will intuitively be given a yes or no to your question. Trust in your own inner voice.

Paranormal Psychic Readings - The Dangers

Don't fall into the trap of experimenting for the sake of experimenting. If your psychic isn't available at the time you want a reading, wait until they are. I caution you to avoid electronic paranormal psychic readings where the inexperienced are attempting to get lower entities to communicate with you. This is spiritually dangerous. This guidance is directed to teenagers who are always pushing boundaries to see if they know better than the higher realms. You don't. Avoid doing anything silly that you will regret.

How Can I Find the Right Psychic?

Still your mind and ask your higher self to guide you to credible Lightworkers who can do the work they advertise. Normally if you allow your heart to guide rather than your head, you will find Spirit will point you in the right direction.

Love and Light

December 24th 2014

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