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Vine Psychic Podcast Tips

Psychic Radio Tips a Hit - Giving You Truthful Answers

Vine's Psychic Radio podcast - 'How to Find the Right Psychic' was received well by the Australian and International readers of our psychic reading editorial. I've had several readers take the time to share their own experiences. I would like to thank everyone who sent emails or phoned my psychic line to say how helpful you found the audio tips.

I had to laugh when one Melbourne commentator said she was used to psychic radio shows with long, rambling introductions. "But yours was right to the point and you went straight into providing practical help. It was great to have useful tips."

Another commentator from Brisbane told me the research and security tips were clear and concise and easy to follow. They followed the tips and found a Facebook page that had an iStock photo of a model posing as the psychic. She told me she followed the trail by tracing the email address to a large psychic line in Perth that had many domains with fake psychics.

My Next Audio Psychic Tips

The next audio psychic tips I'll be publishing will help you know how to tell the difference between real psychic testimonials and affiliate testimonials and reviews. In the Mind Body Spirit sector in particular, there's been concern about the amount of online business reviews with no credibility. I've received requests to cover the best psychic reviews networks and affiliate paid reviews and why local customers are none the wiser when reading mass produced reviews.

It's unfortunate that affiliates and networks have infiltrated the psychic sector and are using paid psychic reviews to legitimise their websites and social media sites. Suspect individuals are targeting the public through fake psychic review sites.

But it's no different to what's going on with paid Black Hat SEO used to stop credible psychics articles and websites being found.

This week one of my psychic prediction readers contacted me on social media to advise a celebrity psychic in Canada was using black hat SEO to leave the impression that none of my spiritual prophecy (guided by the higher realms) was equal to her predictions.

The abuse of the spiritual arts isn't something new. Celebrity psychics who believe in holding onto fame, can stoop to unscrupulous practices to be seen in high esteem by their audience. Sometimes the same celebrity psychics scrape the original content (steal it) from competitor websites and rewrite the same predictions on their website to appear relevant. It is why I was spiritually guided to place a date next to my psychic predictions and provide complete transparency. Other Australian and International astrologers and prediction experts are regularly seen to be altering their websites to match current events in the news.

Yes. It can make the best of us feel disheartened that ego can be the motivator of celebrity astrologers and psychics. But there are lightworkers who shun the celebrity status and stand up for the integrity of the spiritual arts.

Cyber Attacks on Businesses

Over the last seven years there have been several online attacks of my psychic predictions. Someone from Western Australia was systematically using my predictions word-for-word and was hiding behind a proxy website that couldn't be traced. It is disturbing that people who appear to be spiritually aligned, are the same ones perpetrating these type of attacks on other online businesses.

Many small and large businesses are encountering cyber attacks from unknown sources to stop them being found in web searches. They are constantly having to deal with cybercrime and Black Hat SEO hired by competitor websites.

An online business isn't the same as running the local corner store where everything is out in the open. Today, small business owners are being targeted by overseas criminals and are dealing with a variety of concealed attacks. It is why I get a lot of startup and established businesses guided towards me for business psychic readings seeking out practical spiritual help.

Unscrupulous psychic businesses believe anything goes when it comes to attracting online clients. I'll continue to give the information you need to easily spot them.

Also some good news for my psychic prediction followers, I will be releasing new prophecy this week. I know a lot of Australian and world clients have been waiting for new prophecy. If you record the predictions and date you can check on them later. My team constantly verify my online spiritual predictions if they are reported in the news. It is important to have full transparency to reveal the angelic realms do reach out and help us when we need it. Once again thanks for taking the time to say how helpful the psychic radio tips are.

Love and Light

July 6th 2015

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