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Vine Psychic - Environmental Choice and  Understanding Earth Changes

Environmental Choice

Vine is finely in-tune with nature and natural balances. Over 34 years ago she was informed by Spirit of the great environmental challenges we face. She was told that our world would enter a time of major change (the changes we are beginning to see now) and that her path was to help enable people to deal with these changes by helping them to gain clarity in their life and a greater awareness of their true purpose.

Vine's greatest calling in this lifetime is the soul-by-soul healing of our planet.

Links Extreme Weather to Climate Change

"We Can't Say Have A Nice Day"

For many years now, Australian Clairvoyant Medium and Earth Seer Vine, has been warning of the coming changes to our Planet due to Human made climate change.

In her general psychic prediction for 2013, Vine told how she had previously been guided to warn our planet that our global economic framework needed to take nature into account and that world economies would fall if they didn't address rebuilding infrastructure in sustainable ways after natural disasters.

"The lesson" Vine wrote, "is in spiritually seeing nature's unbalanced energy in our severe and unusual weather and how our unbalanced lifestyle is causing this. This is now affecting our financial sector and our governments' ability to pull themselves out of debt."

The message for 2013, Vine wrote, is about our life on Gaia and coming to a spiritual truth about our reasons for BEING. And about how our present infatuation with HAVING (rampant consumerism, and continual economic and industrial growth) rather than BEING, has led us to an environmental precipice.

In short, Vine says that the extreme weather of 2012 and 2013 would lead to 2013 being the year we will finally come to realize that we are facing an environmental disaster of our own making, and that the extreme weather we are now seeing is a manifestation of the unbalanced lifestyles we have been living.

The recent Face the Nation (CBS) discussion about the links between extreme weather and human-made climate change, was a welcome indication that Vine's prediction for 2013 came true and that we are finally coming to terms with the fact that our climate change problems exist, and that we are responsible for them.

The discussion prompted host Bob Schieffer to finish the discussion with "We can't say have a nice day".

Quotes from the Face the Nation climate change discussion:
"We have now baked-in another 50 parts per million of C02 in the atmosphere. Even if we turned everything around now, what’s in the pipeline already is going to increase up to 450ppm at a rate of 5.4 billion tons of C02 the US puts into the atmosphere every year and 2.4 million pounds per second that the world pumps in.

We’re getting a level of consensus on thousands of peer reviewed studies over decades that have established the connection between human activity and this kind of climate change. And we have to face the reality that the problem exists and now we have to address it."

In Britain, the Government's chief scientific adviser Professor Sir John Beddington said that climate change will bring greater extremes in weather.
"I think you only have to look at the last few years to see how that is actually starting to manifest itself even in the UK." He said there were "massive problems" for the world in food, water and energy security, all of which would be exacerbated by climate change.

According to Vine, whether or not we can avert a complete and unsurvivable environmental disaster, depends on how fast we can learn to live in balance with nature. And on whether we continue to define our lives around HAVING, or BEING.

Alternative Energies

1963 Steam Powered Falcon

Many world economy problems are caused by the energy of greed. The lack of foresight from large corporations because of conservative ideology, makes them lose sight of the risk taking approach that created the car industry in the first place.

The automobile industry is the perfect example of how entrenched attitudes and the failure to keep up with the changing requirements of society, contributes to our economic and environmental problems.

The enormous government/public bailout packages to large car companies during the world's recent economic crisis, came about because companies ignored the writing on the wall concerning our oil and associated environmental problems. These problems have been well known and ignored for many years.

For an example of this see the video below about viable steam powered car technology that was ignored by the large automobile companies more than 30 years ago...

Whether the future of cars is steam, electric, hydrogen or another solution altogether, isn't really the central issue.

To find the real reason we are taking so long to wean ourselves off our dangerous reliance on oil, we need to look inwards. The more our belief systems are entrenched in conservatism, greed and fear of losing what we have, the more we hold on to out-moded ways of doing things.

Bernie Krause

Understanding Nature Through Sound

We see what we believe, and so it's at the expense of our environment that we don't believe we are destroying it until we see the destruction. But if we take the time to listen, maybe we can hear it.

One person who can hear it is musician Bernie Krause, who has spent most of his life recording and listening to the sounds of nature.

Born in 1938, Bernie Kruase started out studying classical music. He played various stringed instruments, violin, cello, bass and viola before discovering the guitar and going on to work as a studio musician on jazz and Motown sessions. When Pete Seagar left the Weavers in 1963, Bernie Krause was his replacement until they disbanded a year later.

This was a time of advancements in synthesized music and Bernie went to San Francisco to study electronic music.

He met Paul Beaver and together they formed “Beaver and Krause” to develop their interests in synthesized music. Their first instrument was a Moog Synthesizer, the keyboard-based modular synthesizer invented by Robert Moog.

Hear Bernie Krause talk about the Moog here.

Their experiments with this type of music soon attracted the attention of the popular music world and they played on recording sessions with some of the the biggest names in music. In 1967 they played Moog Synthesizer on the Monkees hit “Star Collector” and later influenced George Harrison (Electronic Sound – 1969) and through him, The Beatles.

The relaxing and spiritual qualities of their album “In a Wild Sanctuary” 1970, an album containing a fusion of music with sounds recorded from nature was a forerunner of “New Age” music, and the fusion of music and samples from the real world has influenced many others. The Beaver and Krause influence on English hip hop-electronica-jazz fusion outfit “Keaver and Brause” is self explanatory.

Recording Nature

After Paul Beaver died in 1975, Bernie Krause began to concentrate on recording the sounds of nature. Over the years he has recorded and archived environmental sounds from all over the world. Along the wayhe llearned how to gauge the health of an ecosystem by listening to it’s sounds, and has been able to determine the depth of degradation of an ecosystem by comparing sounds recorded before human activity with those recorded after.

Bernie Krause and his team recording in the Arctic Circle.

Many of the environmental habitats in which he recorded sounds have since been destroyed or severely altered by human activity and the recordings are all that remain of them. But in some slightly altered environments the sound recordings reveal major changes to the ecosystem, whereas little or no visual changes are apparent.

He also sees the connection and similarities between music made by humans and music made by the natural world, as exemplified by his recordings of the singing tree. See Bernie Krause speaking about the singing trees here.

In this video Bernie Krause talks to Beatles producer, George Martin who had known of Bernie ever since George Harrison introduced his experiments with synthesised music to the Beatles in 1969.

From a spiritual perspective, the energy is the same. Energetically we are all connected with each other and we are all intrinsically connected to the environment in which we exist. When we harm the environment we harm ourselves. The more we destroy our environment, the closer we come to destroying ourselves.

Bernie Krause has been listening closely, as we destroy the very ecosystems that made and sustain us.

Black Saturday Bushfires, Victoria

After the Fires - Re-Building the Towns Green

How did we go with sustainable re-building of towns like Flowerdale and Kinglake after the Black Saturday fires in Victoria?
A few weeks after the Black Saturday fires in Victoria we wrote about the opportunity of re-building the devastated towns green - We dreamed of whole towns selling green electricity back to the grid rather than buying electricity from it.

In that article we noted that the opportunity to build whole towns from scratch in an environmentally sustainable way does not come along very often.

The experience we would gain from attempting to make a whole town 100% sustainable would propel us down the road towards making our large cities pollution-free and in-harmony with the natural environment they exist in.

According to a United Nations report, our cities are responsible for 70% of emissions, yet occupy only 2% of the planet's land cover, so it is particularly important to make our towns and cities green. The UN report warns of a "deadly collision between climate change and urbanisation" if we don't take action now.


The technology to build model eco-towns has been around for many years, and in our previous article we explored the Earthship technology & design developed by Garbage Warrior Michael Reynolds in New Mexico. He has since built many Earthships in natural disaster affected areas around the world, and the rammed-earth method of construction is ideal for dry fire-prone areas like Victoria.

Earthship - example
Earthship designs are very suitable for bushfire prone areas.

The only reason we haven't employed sustainable building methods like these on a large scale here in Australia is because we lack the will to do so.

The people of the town of Flowerdale in Victoria, which was completely destroyed in the Black Saturday fires, should be commended for trying some environmentally sustainable re-building.

Follow the progress of people in Flowerdale who are Building-it-Back-Green.

It's not their fault that Government and industry are made only half-hearted efforts to support the willingness of the people of Flowerdale to build back green.

The total amount of green rebates easily available from Government was $5300 per household, made up of:

• Solar Hot Water Rebates - up to $1600
• Heat Pump Rebates - $600
• Rainwater Tank Rebates - $1000
• Grey water System Rebates - $500
• Appliance Rebates - $100
• LPG Gas Conversion Rebates - $1,500

Total Rebates available per household - $5300

More financial help and incentive is needed from Governments who are stricken with fear of a backlash from big businesses that are actively fighting against the needed changes.

Inability to change with the times and the short term view of fossil fuel power companies is a major cause of the economic problems the world is facing today. For environmentally sustainable living to be achieved, a fundamental change in the focus of human nature is required.

In this Age of Aquarius we need to begin focussing on our spirituality; especially concerning our direct relationship with nature and maintaining life on Earth in the face of severe climate change.

The Environment from a Spiritual Perspective

From a spiritual point of view, our arguments over whether or not climate change is due to human intervention are just a sideshow. The noxious fumes of unchecked and greedy industry are a manifestation of one fundamental problem:

Our lives are out of balance - Koyaanisqatsi

In the Hopi language, the word Koyaanisqatsi means "crazy life, life in turmoil, life out of balance, life disintegrating, a state of life that calls for another way of living"

It is easy to see that things like poverty, violence, wars, polluted skies, radiation, poisoned water and plastic-chocked oceans are caused by the people of this planet and are the direct consequences of our out-of-balance lives. But further to this and from a spiritual point of view, the symptoms of our out-of-balance lives also include the melting ice caps, rising sea levels, green house warming, and the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and extreme weather events that we are now experiencing.

From a spiritual perspective, the longer we delay the imperative changes to the way we power and live our lives, the more often and extreme will be the natural disasters that we will manifest and have to endure.

In Australia we witness many other countries around the world utilising innovative sustainable building technologies much more than we are presently doing here. We lack the same willingness and cooperation from all the relevant government bodies, associations and business trades to allow the technologies to be employed.

It's been over two years since the Black Saturday fires devastated so much of the Victorian countryside, and during that time our land of sweeping plains has turned from drought to flooding rains.

How many more environmental disasters will we have to endure before the penny drops and we realise that our present way of life is actually creating the imbalance that causes the disasters?

Earthship information & photos reprinted with permission - Earthship website

7th Feb 2009 - Black Saturday

Phoenix From the Fire?

Sustainable Re-Building after Victorian Fires
Over 2,000 houses were destroyed in the Black Saturday Victorian bush fires. Whole towns were wiped off the map with tragic human cost.

The Black Saturday fires have given us a graphic experience of extreme weather events soon to become more frequent with global warming, but out of that tragedy also comes a once-in-a-lifetime clean-slated opportunity to re-build whole towns in an environmentally sustainable way. To experiment with new ways of sustainable living on a mainstream township scale.

Black Saturday Fires - Destroyed Homes
Because the effects of global warming destroyed the homes, it would be ludicrous to rebuild them in a way that will make global warming worse.

We have a chance to ensure that the deaths of so many people in the Black Saturday fires were not in vain. We have a chance to completely eliminate environmentally harmful household emissions on a township scale, by building environmentally sustainable houses that will also be far more likely to survive bush fires intact.

So far, as a nation we’ve done absolutely nothing to halt the effects of global warming on a large enough scale to make any difference what so ever, apart from making things worse.

It makes sense that houses destroyed by the effects of global warming should be rebuilt in a way that will not cause more global warming, and it would be irresponsible of every Australian and the Australian Government not to get behind environmentally sustainable rebuilding of all houses destroyed by extreme weather events.

Here is a chance to experiment with environmentally sustainable living on a large enough scale to make a difference and to show the rest of Australia and the world how we all urgently need to be living. And we aren’t talking about ugly, institutionalised, fire-proof bunkers; Rather we must build beautifully designed, comfortable, liveable and personalised homes that are loved by the people who are to live in them.

Inside an Earthship
Inside an Earthship - The aim is to build a whole town; Environmentally sustainable, off-the-grid, beautifully designed and liveable.

It would cost Australia some money, but if we can contribute to the problems of the world with $4.4 billion dollars on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or mismanage $1.32 billion for 24 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets to last just a few years between the end of the F-111s in 2010 and the expected arrival of the F-35s in 2013, then we can certainly find considerably less than that to help save the world.

After the Bushfires ­ How do we Re-build?

Whether or not the new buildings are fireproofed isn’t the only concern in relation to the rebuilding process, it’s only one of the factors involved. The fires that destroyed the towns and houses were caused by an extreme weather event, which was in turn the result of our unsustainable living practices and house & building designs.

Re-building the houses simply to survive future fire is no longer good enough. Right now, out of the ashes of Black Saturday, we have the opportunity to re-build whole towns with self sufficient housing – houses containing their own Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling, Solar & Wind powered electricity, self-contained Sewage Treatment and with their own Water Harvesting and Food Production facilities.

We need a multi-disciplined environmentally integrated approach for re-building our burnt out towns, and a corresponding spiritual approach to living and life.

We can learn from the many groups of people already forging ahead with sustainable designed and constructed houses and buildings around the world. One such group is Earthship Biotecture (Taos, New Mexico)

Earthships Houses

Earthships are environmentally constructed and sustainable houses.

Green Earthship - Taos, New Mexico
Earthships vary in design, but all contain sustainable solar/wind power, heating and cooling, and their own water collection/recycling and sewage treatment.

Earthship homes create their own electricity from solar panels and wind; Heat is absorbed into the home through large, correctly orientated double-glazed windows; Earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate through contact with the Earth. The planet Earth is a thermally stabilizing mass that delivers stable temperatures into the home without wires or pipes.

Earthship Water recycling system
Earthship grey water is treated and recycled on site

Earthship water is collected from the roof and heated by the sun or natural gas. Earthship plumbing systems can be configured so that the "graywater" from sinks and showers is filtered through large indoor or outdoor gardens and used again to flush the toilets. Earthships contain, use and reuse all household sewage in indoor and outdoor treatment cells ultimately contributing to food production and landscaping with no pollution of aquifers.

Packing Earthship tyre walls with earth
Making Earthship walls out of old tyres packed with earth

The home itself is built largely with recycled materials most of which are easily available and free. Used steel-belted automobile tires, packed solid with earth, become giant 400-pound bricks that create soundproof, fire and earthquake resistant, fortress-like walls. Earthship homes cause no conflict, no stress, no depletion, and no trauma to planet Earth.

We are presently living on this planet as if we are not a part of it.

This must change.

Vine's Connection with Nature

Vine's Spiritual Connection with Nature

Vine's fine-tuned connection with nature and natural balances allow her to feel our planet. She can feel major earthquakes and earth happenings as/or before they happen, and knows that the increased frequency of natural disturbances we are now experiencing is caused by the magnetic interferences of our own vibrational energies.

Vine's channelling from Spirit concerning the environmental problems we face, leave her in no doubt that the human lack of connection with nature not only risks our own human existence, it also risks the existence of other worlds as well.

Our environmental and social problems can only be solved from inside each person on the planet. A fundamental shift is required in the hearts and minds of enough people on our planet to tip the balance of the status quo. When enough of us restore the balance with nature in our own lives, the over-all balance will tip towards healing, rather than destroying our Earth and physical home.

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