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Spriritual energy of dancing

The Spiritual Energy of Dance

Embracing the Energy of Dance

It feels as though you're the only ones on the dance floor as your body intuitively connects to the rhythm & beat of the music. You find yourself entering a light trance and the Oneness consciousness that allows your body to melt into the moment. You know there are other people dancing next to you but you're oblivious to all but your partners step as you merge intuitive consciousness with one another.

Now you're embracing the energy of dance. You no longer have to count the steps as before when you painstakingly tried to follow the dancing instructor. That's all far behind you, as you begin to understand how nature has a magical essence that binds all tones and vibrational frequencies together.

When you allow yourself to be free as a bird and to move your body the way nature intended there is no stiffness or concentration. The energy release from your meridians into your chakras will encourage the natural rhythm of the dance. Even a doubter or disbeliever who feels that they are uncoordinated can let go if they stop the mind chatter telling them otherwise.

This is the spiritual energy of dance.

Vine Psychic Swing Dancers

Some time ago, on my nights off from doing psychic readings I was invited by my girlfriends to catch up at the Copacabana in Melbourne. I spiritually manifested a loving partnership while dancing at a Latin night club in Collingwood. My partner was a fantastic Lindy Hop swing dancer who was used to dancing to songs like Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Sing Sing Sing and doing cool and sexy West Coast steps. He energetically stood out at the Copacabana because he was also a fantastic Latin dancer.

The first thing you need to learn about dancing Salsa is that there are set rules about who is the lead dancer and who is the follower. Normally the masculine energy is the leader and the feminine energy is the follower. Similar to the Tao there is a masculine and feminine energy which allows the dance to flow.

I am a dancer without fear. I am the first one to jump up and begin to dance and I don't care whether I look out of place or my style is out-dated. I love to dance. I will dance the night away and only stop for a reviving cocktail or mocktail depending on my psychic booking schedule.

My friends and I usually have a chat before the dancing starts and straight after that we're moving our arms and legs and giggling like young teenagers. It is one of the best ways of cleansing my aura after I've been doing spiritual medium readings and helping people to connect with their departed loved ones.

Spiritual Empaths like myself have to find an outlet so our ethereal fields don't get flighty. We need our core to be earthed for the variety of readings we're required to respond to. The spiritual energy of detachment is necessary for natural Sensitives, because we work in the spiritual arts and need to recharge our batteries. A great way of doing this is to move away from our day job and not talk shop.

Me Time

I avoid conversations about my work when I go out with my friends. Nobody wants to talk shop 24/7, it doesn't allow balance and can make you burn-out if you don't give yourself some me time.

I embrace my me time and my partner and I will head to the beach or take a walk throughout the local parks and riverside. There you can hear the natural music of nature. Listen to the ocean's waves as they break on the sand. Allow yourself to be Still as the birds sing in spiritual unison and the trees sway to the light breezes touching their branches and leaves.

Historical Energy of Dance

The spiritual energy of dance has been embraced by all different cultures around the world. Aboriginal tribes around the globe will collectively jump up and down and chant words about wildlife and sing songs handed down from one generation to the next.

Historically the energy of dance and its spiritual qualities have been known to all people. Each style of dance has unique vibrational frequencies. The passionate dance of the Tango is a sensual dance which combines the sexual energy of the base chakra and the love energy of the heart chakra as female and male dancers entwine their bodies around each other. If you ever get a chance to watch someone letting go of their thoughts as they dance, you will notice how the mind chatter ceases to exist. The dancer will enter a light trance and allow the subtle energy tones of the musical instruments to release a kinetic code which then automatically creates sensational movements.

No Fear

When you hesitate to dance because you allow fear to control you, this is the ego encouraging a great dialogue and unnecessary mind chatter. A natural dancer will not allow the mind to create fear when they dance, the same as a natural singer will push the nerves away and breathe through the fear.

You can gain a lot of spiritual knowing through the energy of dance and movement and train your mind to be still. Contemplate the guidance about this energy and try to switch off the mind as you take to the dance floor.

Love and Light

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April 15th 2013

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