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Special Guest - Animal Communicator

Each week I normally allow spirit to guide the topic I'm going to write about, and this week nature herself literally flew onto my shoulder and whispered it into my ear.

I love all of nature's creation and sometimes I attract wildlife and lost pets to my door because they know I honour their spiritual essence and will look after them. Last night I left the balcony glass door of my apartment building open because I enjoy a natural breeze and wanted to keep the apartment cool before another hot day. At sunrise, waking up from a dream i could hear the beautiful sound of birds chirping and singing. I sleepily got out of bed to look at the greeting birds to firstly see a large black and white magpie who seemed to be happy to attract my attention with his divine magpie song. Sitting next to him on the railing of my apartment I saw an exotic green and red parrot (an Alexandrine Parakeet).

The magpie let out a final greeting and flew away, leaving just the parrot on my balcony. I went to wake my partner up to show him our colourful guest but returned to find the bird was nowhere to be seen. Thinking she had flown away I walked back into our bedroom, and there she was, a female (i think) Alexandrine Parakeet sitting on our bed looking very relaxed walking all over my nature-green doona. I sat gently down next to her. There was not an ounce of fear as she slowly walked towards me. Then she flew up onto my left shoulder and rubbed her beak into my uncombed hair.

Little Priestess from Nature

Spiritually she had chosen me to look after her until we found her owners. In my work as a psychic I receive calls from distraught owners looking for missing pets. I use my spiritual vessel to find out what happened to them. This time I had a loved pet that had been tempted to fly away with some wild birds and came to land on my balcony. I immediately went onto the lost and found pets site on the Australian website to see if someone had reported her missing. There were several Alexandrine Parakeets that were missing, but she wasn't one of them. A lot of pet owners had clipped the wings of their birds and that just made me cringe.

I phoned a women who shared that her bird had got out of her cage and the wings were not clipped enough to stop her from being able to fly. She suggested if I couldn't find the owner she would be interested in having her because her bird had a male companion and he was fretting his female mate was missing. I thanked the woman but knew my bird didn't want her wings clipped. She was perfect exactly as nature intended.

Surprise Guest for Psychic Phone Callers

I promised Australian customers I would be available on Sunday to take calls on my live psychic reading line. I started to get calls coming in early on Sunday morning and my tame parakeet flew onto my shoulder (via my head) as I went to answer a call. I normally greet my customers by saying hello this is Vine speaking. The next thing I knew I heard my parakeet saying "hello" for me, as she affectionately curled into my neck. Suffice to say, my phone readings were quite surreal.

My Australian clients were told about my special guest making herself right at home as I did their readings. The joy this added to my client's readings can't be measured. They were amazed and wanted to talk to her, but as soon as I put the phone near her beak she started to chew the telephone cord.

She eventually nodded off to sleep using my shoulder as a perch. If anyone saw her there just a few hours after she flew into my life, they may have thought she was a long time family pet. She was energetically able to determine she was in good hands and no harm would come to her.

Animals know instinctively who they can trust. They are intelligent and experience emotions like we do. How the human race believe animals are only for our convenience is beyond arrogance. When I use my voice as a spokesperson for wildlife and animals I do so knowing they are equal to us. My blood boils when I see politicians making rash decisions about culling sharks in Western Australia, or not protecting the world heritage areas of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, or delisting large areas of Tasmania's World Heritage area for logging.

I feel sorry for anyone who is emotionally detached from their real connection to nature. I couldn't imagine living a life without embracing nature in the highest. It must be an empty life for someone who just sees a tree as being a resource, or a majestic mountain as a place for mining. The subtle energetic energy of nature aligns with the spiritual human being's energy field. If we disregard the energy of the environment we automatically alter Gaia's magnetic field.

Without a doubt, the most important issue our world is facing is climate change, and the destruction of all that is precious about our environment is a driving factor behind climate change.

We have to radically rethink the way we relate to the environment in which we live. The traditional view that we exist apart from nature and can do anything we like to it, is wrong. We are a part of nature and anything we do to her, we do to ourselves.

Early this morning mother nature sent me a messenger who flew to me on the night wind. Like Nature herself, she is strong, she is mischievous, and sometimes she lets us know who is boss. And so until I can find her owners again, I think I'll call my beautiful Alexandrine Parakeet, Lilith the mythological priestess who flew away of her own choosing because she wasn't prepared to allow the feminine to be subservient to the masculine order, similar to what has happening in our world now.

Love and Light

UPDATE: Best News

After letting the RSPCA know about our beautiful Alexandrine Parrot priestess visitor, we recieved a call today from her owner, who described her perfectly and was able to tell us the words that she speaks, 'Hello" and "What are you doing".

One extremely happy teenager and her mum came to pick-up our angel this evening, and all ended well.

The best of possible outcomes. She came into our lives for two days, and relayed to us the toughest of questions from mother nature - "What are you doing?"

February 2nd 2014

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