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The Deceivers of Truth, or the Real Spiritual Oracle of Truth?

The Deceivers of Truth or the Real Spiritual Truth? When the Truth is known, it's Time to Choose. It's time to Change

Following my last psychic reading editorial It's time to get serious about the spiritual arts. It's time to move away from self serving psychics who believe in celebrity competitions that do not represent the highest good.

Ego Driven Psychic Empires

Over the last 30 years there has been a lot of emphasis on psychic entertainment, which has devalued the Oneness teachings from the higher realms. I am guided the real oracle of truth has been tainted by disconnected beings who have altered the spiritual teachings to create ego driven psychic empires. Instead of helping others to find their own truth, they use their position in society to be considered the authority of psychics and collectively use all political means at their disposal to be considered relevant.

Some of the associations are male orientated or rather, they are overbalanced with yang power energy whether male or female, and this has resulted in our world becoming out of balance with the peaceful, nurturing Yin energy generally associated with the feminine.

Yin and Yang - Out of Balance

When one energy either Yin or Yang is the dominating force, the result is an out of balanced energetic planet. This is how the industrial age and what has followed, has resulted in the Yang dominance taking centre stage and destroying our beautiful environment.

People who have too much Yang energy in their auras, are inclined to see that the world is only about economic growth, without taking nature or anything else into account. They are disconnected from the greater good and only think about their own business interests and direct family.


The Oneness enlighteners see past the dense teachings to 'all that is' and identify each person and animal is the same as each other. They know the flora and fauna and elements are energetically aligned with all energies on our planet. They know the whales and dolphins in our ocean have their own families and energetic languages that are similar to the human languages we use, as do all animals from nature.

I am guided the world people are opening their eyes in 2014. Before the end of the year 2013, I entered into a light trance to be guided what I was to concentrate on in 2014. The spiritual prophecy I received was about helping you to get in touch with your own inner knowing and to reveal the Deceivers of Truth.

What do the Deceivers have to do with Psychics?

I am guided that some of the deceivers are financially connected to the entertainment psychic sector and have built their million dollar empires by using the media in association with secret society groups in all areas of government and industry.

I haven't received guidance about the specific identities of individuals involved in Yang-energy power clans, but I was guided that if you find what they all have in common it will lead you to the truth.

Greed and Power Corporations

I was asked recently by a new customer if the Illuminati are behind the greed and power that has created environmental and climate change in our world. Go further than this, and ask who is energetically behind the greed and power corporations? Ask what Yang-energy-only groups exist and how do they collectively support business and political ambitions and ignore the feminine (Yin)? How long have they been operating under secret membership and why are they able to influence all areas of society?

The male (yang energy) groups have failed to have any direct connection with the feminine nurturing energy on our planet, and this has resulted in severe imbalances in industry and mining, overfishing the oceans, allowing animal species to decline rapidly and the list goes on and on.

False Spiritual Teachings

False teachings within the religious scriptures have allowed the feminine to be subservient to the masculine. We are witnessing how failing to take into account the feminine nurturing energy has also resulted in abuse of the spiritual arts.

I always guide that you do your own research on the guidance offered by the higher realms. Look over history to determine how many decisions in the financial, banking and political sector affecting your children's future were made by elite business associations in secret meetings.

The Good News

The good news is 2014 is the year we start to unravel how the dominating male energy has been behind all that has created division in our world. The real Oracle of Truth is shown behind the deceivers who have used financial institutions to support war and suffering in our world.

May your journey lead you to the spiritual visionaries who help you to enter the Stillness of Knowing. Look further than the power psychic associations and their connections and ask do these organizations represent the greater good of the higher realms? When the student is ready the spiritual teacher will appear. Go to your own inner spiritual knowing and ask is this by the deceivers or is this in the greatest good?

Love and Light

January 12th 2014

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